Breakup Fashion: 7 ways to look sexy after a breakup

break up fashion
Never cry for that person who doesn’t know the value of your tears. Source – quotabulary

Sipping coffee, listening to ‘Mere Sayyain ji se aaj maine break-up  kar liya’ and working on this exciting fashion post….

As I write this, it is all backed by personal experiences. Break up and heart breaks are traumatic. You are left shattered and feel as if it is the end of the world. But darling, you need to move on. Sooner or later, with or without a couple of shots.

break up fashion
Never cry for that person who doesn’t know the value of your tears.
Source – quotabulary

Fashion is such a personal thing, and taking a fashionable way out of a break-up is an interesting idea.

Read on to find 7 ways to fashionably bounce back after a break-up.

1.Don’t live in your pajamas

I know living in pajamas is the ultimate luxury, especially after a breakup. But you have to step out of your pajamas and step out in the world. Cry your heart out, build a bridge over the tears, cross it and move on.

what to wear after break up with boyfriend
Get out of those pajamas and you’ll see that life isn’t that sad after all.
Source – bloglovin’

Dress up in your favorite denims or that little black dress and go meet your friends. It would do a lot of good to your heart. Or how about catching up with bestie over coffee and gossiping till contentment!

how to dress your way out of a breakup
The hottest love has the coldest end. That’s me, Kritika!

2. Get a haircut

Letting it go is the best way to heal your heart after a break up. And what better way than letting all that excess baggage off your head.

how to dress your way out of a breakup
Chopping off those luscious tresses can be therapeutic sometimes.
Source – whowhatwear

Ask for a trendy haircut, something out of your comfort zone. For the ones who are even more daring, you could even color your hair. Happy hair days are always the best. And with the new hair cut you’ll feel happier!

changing your look after break up
I didn’t have the heart to chop off my hair after a break up, so instead I curled them for a new look.

3. Switch to heels

Killer heels and their charm.

When you step into heels you transform yourself. A simple outfit looks classy when paired with heels. Also one exuberates the boldness and confidence that can never be matched to flats.

what to wear after a breakup
Chase your dreams, in high heels of course.
Source – ladieshighheelshoes.blogpost

There are high chances that you give in to temptation and make a wrong choice with the heels. Don’t do that. Be a smart shopper. Pick a neutral color that can go with a lot of your outfits, and a style that you’re comfortable in. Although stilettos would heel your heart, I don’t want you to twist your foot. So buy a high pair of heels that you’re comfortable in.

how to look hot after break up
Ladies, keep your head, heels, and standard high.
Source –

4. Experiment with your style

A break up gives you amazing life lessons. Not all those we lose are a loss. It also gives you an opportunity to revamp your style.

what to wear after a breakup
Experiment with your look to rediscover yourself.
Source – refinery29

If you’re someone who doesn’t like wearing traditional Indian wear, try with something light or an indo-western look. Make your way into the boho world and give it a go. Or try the cool high waist pants that you were so skeptical about.

after breakup outfits
Channel your inner boho Goddess and look super sexy!
Source –

Experimenting gives you a fresh perspective, and then you never know what might become your new favorite.

5. Trust the power of red lipstick

This is my favorite of the lot – Red Lipstick. If you’re someone who has always shied away from the gorgeous red lipstick, then now is the time to take the plunge. There is a perfect red for every skin tone.

Lipstick Love is the real love.
Source – quotesnew

There is something in the color red. It makes you feel alive, more confident, and gets those #bosslady vibes on point. One stroke and you’d feel a lot better.

how to get over a break up
A dash of red is all you need to feel alive and happy!

You could start with a coral red and then gravitate towards charismatic deeper reds. Always remember to use a lip liner if you don’t want your red lipstick going all over your face!

6. Oversized pullovers get a big YES

If that douche bag has left you, and you’re craving some cuddles then an oversized pullover or a hoodie will set you in the mood. Ideal to dress up casually yet have that chilled out feel.

breakup outfit ideas,
Post break-up therapy – Fav denims + Oversized pullover 🙂
Source – amazingoutfits

Oversized pullovers are an epitome of comfort and style. Wear them with skinny jeans or slouchy track pants and you’ll make an effortless chic style statement.

P.S – Also if you’ve binged on Nutella or ice-cream to get over your break up, oversized pullovers are perfect to hide that tummy fat and extra kilos (Just until you get your dream summer body back).

what to wear after a breakup
Mustard is the color of the season. And this cozy knit is love at first sight.
Source – stylishwife

7. Indulge in expensive lingerie

Some of you might find this overrated, but when you buy beautiful lingerie, you get that ultimate satisfaction. Comment down below if you have similar feelings.

what to wear post breakup
Sexy, sassy, and badassy!
Source – etsy

Indulge in sexy expensive lingerie after a break up. Those whimsy lacy ones or a smokin’ lingerie set, it will uplift your mood. When you wear good lingerie, your clothes fit well and you feel so much better.

post break up fashion
The combination of sexy lingerie and killer heels is all you need to get over that break up. 
Source – alyanna by alexandra

I hope these tips help you get over that break up a tad bit faster and in a super stylish way. If you’ve still not joined Let’s Expresso sisterhood, then do that to know more on fashion, self betterment, and lifestyle. Follow us on – FacebookTwitterInstagram.

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