10 Best interview tips for a sure shot job

interview tips

Congratulations for the interview call!

Getting prepared for an interview can be slightly intimidating. But if you have the right guidelines, you can surely succeed and make a strong first impression. Here are the 10 interview tips that you need to keep in mind. Follow these and get the job of your dreams.


best interview tips
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  • Be an early bird

It’s always good to be early than showing up late. Excuses of being struck in traffic, not getting the way to the location etc. sound very lame and are a big no-no.

Always keep some buffer time so that there is no last minute running and you don’t have to worry. It is a good idea to have a fair idea of the location so that the last minute of trouble of finding the place can be avoided. Whether travelling by public transport or your own vehicle, leave early, you never know of the manic traffic.

  • Dress up smartly

Your clothes make a huge impact on the interviewers. Make sure you are dressed smartly. Wear crisp formals and pay attention to grooming.

Minute details like unpolished shoes, shabby hair, or mismatched socks and shoes can have a negative impact. Step in confidently and carry yourself well.

  • Do your homework of research

Before going for the interview do your basic research about the organization. The more you know, the better you can market yourself. Find out about their philosophies and ideologies, study their website and various social medias to get a fair idea.

  • Don’t forget to follow up

A lot of candidates don’t follow up after the interview. It is important to keep in touch with the team at every stage of the interview. But don’t overdo it. If they say they’ll get back to you, you must give them time. Sending polite reminders work best.

  • Don’t lie

This is one of the most important commandment – you don’t have to lie. The information you provide about yourself should be fully true. It is verified and checked, we live in the era of technology so nothing can be hidden.

Be upfront and give a non-defensive explanation rather than telling a lie or making up stories.

  • Don’t speak bad about ex employers

Speaking ill about ex-employers or coworkers portrays you in a bad light and you should not do this. If you have an opinion about your ex-boss, keep it to yourself and do not publicise it. Bitching about your ex-employers will not fetch you any brownie points.

  • Ask questions

Whether it is about office policies, taking a leave or any other matter, ask questions. Don’t assume things. Discuss the terms and conditions clearly so that there isn’t any hassle later on.

  • Be prepared

You should go for the interview prepared with all the requirements. Take copies of your resume, passport size photographs, certificates, portfolio, pen etc.

Also you should be prepared for any and everything. Remember if you don’t clear this one, there’s always a next time. Don’t lost hope and bounce back stronger.

  • Be very specific

Give specific and crisp answers. Telling stories or narrating irrelevant instances are of no use. Remember that your interviewer’s time is very precious.

Promote your strengths and explain the employer about your career plan. Share examples of exemplary work done in the past.

  • Don’t ignore the signs

Body language is a very important part that is often overlooked. Make eye contact with the team, walk with confidence, sit upright in the correct posture and have a firm handshake. These are just some of the things that can be of great help.

Speak clearly and do not mumble. Don’t move your hands too much and avoid making facial expressions.


Follow these some of the best interview tips and couple them with your skills to crack any interview. But remember one thing, life moves on. If you are unable to crack an interview, don’t worry. Examine what would have gone wrong and take the correct actions for the next one. Good luck.

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