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It give me a great pleasure to tell you about my awesome student Dolly. She has made a lot of progress with her English in a short span of time. She has turned her life for better in only 30 days. Here’s what she accomplished.

  • Overcame her hesitation and fear of speaking in English
  • Understood how to use tenses to speak effectively
  • Learned how to structure her ideas to communicate her message clearly and without hesitation
  • Brilliantly learned how to use idioms and proverbs to sound natural and fluent
  • Added 50 phrasal verbs to her vocabulary
  • Developed a routine to study English that saves time and reduces stress
  • Most importantly, made learning English FUN and STRESS-FREE, rather than frustrating and stressful.
  • Became a part of my active English community where she gets to use and enjoy her English daily.

Dolly did all this in 30 DAYS. 🙂 It’s not a long time. How did she do it? Very simple. She took action. She took the responsibility to change her life. She knew she wanted to feel confident in English, she took the action and joined my Personal Premium Online Coaching.

learn english with Tanya

As a teacher, it’s always a pleasure to work with students like Dolly. Students who are go getters, dedicated, motivated and take action. And this is just the starting. If Dolly did all this in only 30 days, imagine what she could achieve in 60 days…. or 90 days…or 1 year.

Dolly has opened the world of opportunities for her. She is aiming to shift overseas and make a rising career for herself. All these opportunities are available to her because she took action. She improved her English which helped her in improving her communication skills. She can converse, write impactful emails and talk in public fluently and confidently.

I invite you to take an action right now as well. Change your life. If Dolly can do it, so can you! All you need is the will to succeed. Dedication, hard work and motivation are the by products. And once you join, you’ll meet me online and learn more about Dolly’s secrets to success. Click the link below to join my online classes. I’ll be your personal coach who will take you on a mesmerising journey with English. Open your wold of opportunities now.

Course detail:

  • 30 Hour course
  • 8 hours of Face-to-face training online. I will give tips and strategies to become a fluent and confident English speaker. I will check your work and give you feedback on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. I will give a detailed feedback on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • 24 Digital tasks for self learning.
  • Cost: Rs 7,999/-

I’m excited to have you on board!

Your teacher, 


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