How to be more compassionate and lead a happy life?

tips to be compassionate
Treat others nicely and you’ll surely receive the goodness back manifolds. Source – association for psychological science

In a world filled with negativity, hatred, and anger, compassion is that one quality which is needed the most. Compassion is the feeling of empathy that we show towards others. Be more compassionate – you’ll feel you’re not just helping someone but also cultivating positive vibes for yourself.

be more compassionate
Practice compassion to help others and heal yourself.
Source – ted

Follow these 5 tips to be more compassionate and lead a happy life.

1. Treat others as you want to be treated

Sounds preachy, but this is the golden rule of being compassionate. Treat people the way you want to be treated, and you’ll automatically turn a tad bit more compassionate. A genuine thank-you for the salesman, sorry to a friend you weren’t there for, or a smile for your liftman goes a long way!

tips to be compassionate
Treat others nicely and you’ll surely receive the goodness back manifolds.
Source – association for psychological science

2. Listen Genuinely

When a person is going through tough times, sometimes all they need is someone who can just patiently listen to them. Be that kind of listener. There may be times when you cannot find a solution, but listening without judging will also be a great help.

practice compassion
Make your presence felt and just be there completely for the person.
Source – fab after fifity

3. Perspective Flip

You can only truly empathize with a person when you put yourself in their shoes and try to understand their problem. We’re all going through something, so why not help each other sail through. Ask yourself –

  • What would I have done in this situation?
  • How would I feel in a similar situation?
  • How would I react?

A change in perspective helps you understand the problem, and you can also assess what the other person might need or expect and be more compassionate towards them.

how to cultivate compassion
A little change in perspective is all you need for better understanding.
Source – kid101

4. Heal yourself to heal others

Be a self healer and only then can you help others. Talk to your parents or friends or seek professional help if you’re going through any kind of emotional/mental stress. Take control of your situation and you’ll see that compassion comes automatically. You’ll start feeling the pain that the other person is going through and also help them!

compassion and empathy
Heal yourself and only then can you be more compassionate towards others.
Source – body awareness studio

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5. Let go of judgements

This can be a tad bit difficult, but once you start practicing this with an open mind, things will fall in place. Don’t limit things in ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Flow with what’s happening and let go of judgements to be more compassionate. Life is hard and everyone is trying to put their best foot forward.

how to be more compassionate
Let go of the shackles of judgment to be more compassionate.
Source – lovethispic

6. Count your blessings

Appreciating what you have and being grateful for it will only cultivate positive energy. You’ be able to see how privileged you are and be more compassionate towards the ones who might be struggling.

We all have tough times, but when you understand that someone’s problem is bigger than yours, that’s when you’ll be more compassionate in true sense.

Count your blessings, not your problems.
Source – quote ambition

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When you do good for others, you receive it back which leads to peace and contentment. Put aside anger and ego and be more compassionate in your everyday life.

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