9 Top Tips for Stronger Bones

The youth is a breezy story. Middle age is the real test. I don’t want to go beyond that. Health is wealth and I can’t stress enough on it. So here are 9 top tips for stronger bones that don’t cost a dime.

9 Top Tips for Stronger Bones

  1. Ditch the escalator wherever possible. Try taking the stairs as much as possible. As you get stronger, increase your speed.
  2. Try balancing exercises like standing on one leg till you shake and then shift to the other. The shakiness challenges your balance and improves it.
  3. Park your car a little far in a car park to make yourself walk that much. Every step counts.
  4. Use a backpack to carry your stuff. This will lead to the pull on the muscles and bones, thus making them stronger.
  5. Brisk walk for 30 minutes minimum everyday to build your overall fitness.
  6. Exercise outside to get some fresh air and vitamin D. Get some sensible sunlight exposure but ensure you don’t get sunburnt.
  7. Combine walking and jogging. Walk for a few minutes and then follow it up with few minutes of jogging and so on.
  8. Try doing a few low level jumps if you feel fit to do them. Don’t go high, just a few inches off the ground is good to make a positive impact on your bones.
  9. If you spend a lot of your time on the laptop, try standing up every time you get a phone call. Take deliberate frequent breaks, walk around, stamp your feet and move your body. Like we say, every penny counts.

Make your bones stronger without going to a gym with these tips. Well, if you can manage the time for a gym, great. Covid has taught us the importance of being self sufficient. You can apply these tips anywhere, anytime. From the comfort of your home to the discomfort of your office, these tips work.

Hope you’ll make full use of these 9 top tips for stronger bones.

Good luck!


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