professional email etiquette rules
Tips for better email etiquettes for greater success at workplace.

Using email has become one of the most common ways to communicate, especially in the professional setting. To make sure that you have a strong and impactful impression, it is best that your email etiquette is on point. Follow these 7 professional email etiquette rules at work for greater success.

Here are 7 professional email etiquette rules you should keep in mind.

1.Have a specific subject line

It is important to know why you are sending the email and make sure the purpose is reflected in the subject line. The recipient should get the idea of what the email is about by simply looking at the subject line.

Mantra to success – mind your email manners!
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2. Use professional email address

If you’re sending work related email, always use your professional email id. It gives a better impression, especially when you want to discuss official and confidential matters.

3. Proofreading is your best friend

Always proofread your email before you hit the send button. Spelling mistakes, wrong name, incorrect designation, or grammatical errors look unprofessional and you don’t want that to happen. You can also use online correcting tools to check sentence formation, grammar, spellings etc.

4. Use formal salutations only

‘Hey’, ‘Heya’, ‘Yo’ isn’t professional no matter how well you know the recipient. When sending business emails make sure you use formal salutations only like – Hi or Hello. You can use the person’s name in the salutation like Hi Tanya, Hello Kritika, but don’t shorten their name unless you have a special permission to do so.

Sending professional emails is now easy, just follow these tips.
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5. Always acknowledge emails

One of the best tips for perfecting email etiquette is to always acknowledge emails. Whether or not the person is emailing you for response, it is your duty to acknowledge emails and send a prompt reply. It’s just a gesture of courtesy but gives an empathetic and professional look.

6. Be careful about attachments

When you have to say ‘please find attached the following – ’ make sure you attach the attachment. Also, if you’re sending large sized files, ask the recipient whether doing so is okay or not. You can also send them as compressed files.

Professional email etiquette rules to make life easy!
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7. Sign off in style

Having a professional email signature is a good idea and is considered a great tip for perfecting email etiquette. Email signature can be considered as a digital equivalent to your business card. Format the email properly and end it with your signature. Don’t use multiple fonts and styles. Go for something simple and standardised for a more professional look.

These tips will put your email game on point. Share these Professional Email Etiquette rules with your friends, colleagues and anyone you think would be benefitted. This is important for everyone’s professional growth.

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