7 Legit Ways to Kick Away Monday Blues

how to get over Monday Blues
Monday is here! Don’t forget to be extra awesome! Source – cpm one source

Are you also a victim of Monday Blues? If yes, then we feel you. Starting of the week can bring sadness and this is quite common. Monday Blues is actually an emotional condition and is affecting an increasing number of people.

how to get over Monday Blues
Monday is here! Don’t forget to be extra awesome!
Source – cpm one source

Described as a set of negative emotions people experience at the beginning of the week, if they aren’t satisfied at work is what Monday Blues actually means.

Sharing with y’all 7 Legit Ways to Beat Monday Blues.

1. Look sassy

Excited to wear the new dress? Save it for a Monday morning. The excitement to flaunt new purchases in a new week will set your mood happy. You could also jazz up your mood by adding hints of red.

beat Monday blues
Get Up
Dress Up
And Never Give Up!!
Source – okchicas

A bright red lipstick, red heels, or the easiest of them all – red nails for a Monday morning is a great way to kick those blues.

getting through Monday
Trust the superpower of red nails.
Source – beautygal

2. Get enough sleep on Sunday

Try going to bed a little early on Sunday. When you get enough sleep, you’ll wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. You might also want to try waking up 15 -20 minutes early on Monday.

Monday blues meaning
Recharge for the week to come.
Source – homify India

Spend time with your pet, enjoy a cup of tea in the balcony or garden, or just wade through a relaxing shower to prep yourself for the day and kick away Monday blues.

what are Monday Blues
Those 10 minutes to snuggle up are the best!
Source – imgfave

3. Listen to your favorite playlist

What better way than to cheer yourself up with your favorite songs? Be it Jazz, Metal, 90s Bollywood, or International Pop, there are these few songs that have a special place in our heart. Compile a happy playlist and listen to it while on your way to work. It’ll definitely cheer you up.

ways to beat Monday blues
The drive may not be this pretty, but your Monday morning mood can be.
Source – wanderlog

4. Smile and be positive

This might sound cliché, but it works wonders. Smile to yourself and to people around especially on a Monday morning. Have a positive and cheerful vibe, so that it transcends and makes your day brighter.

how to get over Monday Blues
Just what we need for Mondays!
Source – lettersforrainstorns

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5. Make someone else happy

Just like you, a lot of your colleagues and friends might feel low on Monday mornings. A bright smile, happy morning wish, or a compliment about their look will lighten up the mood and bring so much joy! Try it.

get through Monday blues at work,
Spread the cheer!
Source – loren’s world

6. Take Small Breaks

The first day of the week may seem extremely long when you stick your nose into the laptop and gulp innumerable cups of coffee. Move around and take short breaks at regular intervals. Just step out of your cubicle and breathe some fresh air, take a small stroll outside with your friends, or just relax for 10 minutes.

no Monday Blues
Take small breaks and enjoy some Me Time…
Source – gogocoffee

7. Treat Yourself

There is nothing more motivating than a reward. When you work hard towards a goal, treating yourself with something special will boost your confidence.

Treat yourself to a piece of cake or scoop of ice-cream. Do some online shopping during the lunch break, or make a plan with your special someone for an after office date.

beat Monday blues
Let the motivation for the reward keep you going!
Source – tumblr

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