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7 English words to describe the summer weather

7 English words to describe the summer weather
Improve your vocabulary with me.

The season of summer is a season of beaches, watermelons, sunglasses, long days, colourful clothing and lots of fun. 

The word summer radiates positive energy and warmth.

Here are 7 English words that you can use to describe the summer weather. This is advanced vocabulary so take notes, remember the meanings and use these words the next time you talk about the summer season. Improve your vocabulary by actively using new words.

7 English words to describe the summer weather


Torrid means very hot and dry.


Summer in India is torrid.

It was a torrid afternoon.


Muggy describes hot and humid weather. This kind of humidity causes irritation and a lot of sweating. 


It is a muggy evening.

It was muggy last evening.  


Summer is also beautiful and bright. The days are clear and longer and everyone’s out in the parks.

Summer is my favourite season. It’s so beautiful and bright.


Sweltering means an extreme hot or humid weather which is marked by sweating or even faintness. It’s uncomfortably hot.


It’s sweltering in the basement.

It’s a sweltering summer day.

Source: Thesaurus.plus


The sun is so bright during the summer season that you can use the word golden to describe this weather. Colours can always be used to describe a particular weather. 

The sun is golden and at the peak right now.


Serene means calm and peaceful. It also means an expanse of clear sky. Summer days are usually serene and serene days are beautiful. The sky is mostly clear and it feels serene and beautiful. You can use the two words together to describe the summer season.

The sky is serene and beautiful than usual.


It means very hot.


It’s a scorching summer day.

I don’t want to go out in this scorching heat.

There are more than 100 words that can be used for summer conversations. These 7 words will help you gain an edge while talking or discussing about the hot weather. Add these words to your vocabulary and use them enough to make them a part of your active vocabulary.

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