6 Steps to setting boundaries in relationships

steps to setting boundaries in relationships
Friends, siblings, in-laws: Any relationship requires respecting each other’s boundaries.

Setting boundaries in relationships and friendships can be a challenging process. You want your relationships to be smooth and fluid, yet there needs to be some discipline. It is important to set boundaries in relationships for them to succeed and not become suffocating. We list below 6 steps to setting boundaries in relationships.

Healthy emotional boundaries are key to a successful relationship. Do relationships need boundaries? Yes! Crossing the line in a relationship leads to many fallouts. Boundary violations in relationships is a NO. Read on to maintain strong relationship boundaries.

how to set boundaries
Set healthy boundaries in friendships and relationships. Source – bliss health coaching

Here are 6 steps to setting boundaries in relationships.

Clarify your personal boundaries to yourself

Emotional boundaries can be difficult to create. And if you’re not sure about your boundaries then how can you expect others to follow them?

Do an in-depth self introspection session to know what is that you expect of a relationship, what do you dislike, how do you see the relationship flourishing etc. Have a clarity about your boundaries in your mind. This way you can stick to them and make others follow them too. It will lead to peace in your mind.

Tip: Adjustments are part of all relationships. Don’t forget- we all faulter. Nobody is perfect, not even me. (Read again)

Communicate your boundaries

Your partner or friend is not a mind reader. Therefore, you need to communicate the boundaries in a polite and clear manner. Let them know if you find something uncomfortable or unsettling. Setting boundaries in romantic relationships is good in the longer run. Respect each other’s boundaries.

Boundaries to set in your relationship differ as per the relationship. A brother-sister relationship has different boundaries than a husband-wife relationship. Even friendships have different boundaries.

relationship boundaries list
Communication is the key to success for any relationship. Source – womenpla

Financial boundaries

This is particularly important for couples. You should be clear about how the finances need to be managed. Money talk can often become negative and create differences, so better to have clear boundaries and rules. Talk to your family or partner clearly on this aspect. Financial fights can turn really bad so set these boundaries in the beginning for a smooth sailing.

Respect differences

Whether it is a friendship or a relationship, the beauty is that two people even if they are poles apart in choices can click. Respect the difference in opinion, choice, and ideology for your friend or partner and you’ll see how strong the bond becomes.

There are different types of boundaries in relationships. Every boundary has to be respected.

setting healthy boundaries in relationships
True that!
boundaries to set in your relationship
Even friends have boundaries that must not be crossed.

Give space

Clinging to your partner all the time can be a major roadblock for growth of your relationship. It is important you give each other time off. Let your partner chill with his/her friends, go on solo trips, or just spend time alone. That quality ‘me- time’ is much needed and will make your relationship stronger.

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Discuss your goals

When you get into a relationship you might not realize that your goals might not match your partner’s goals. And that’s perfectly normal. What’s important is that both of you find a middle ground so that each of your goals can be accomplished and your partner is there to support you.

how to set boundaries in friendship
Talk openly and discuss everything clearly. Source – board and life

Unhealthy boundaries in relationships

These were some healthy boundaries. But on the contrary there are various unhealthy boundaries that you might be overlooking.

  • Feeling incomplete without your partner
  • Relying on your partner for happiness
  • Jealously
  • Manipulation
  • Unable to let go

Stay true to yourself and your relationships. Give your 100% and the chances are you’ll succeed in every relationship. How to keep a relationship forever is no rocket science. People often ask- “What rules should be there in a relationship?” Each relationship is special and needs its own boundaries and adjustments. Think sanely and you’ll be able to figure out a lot of things and take better decisions.

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