5 Ways to build your confidence and appear more attractive

how to look more confident
Bold lips, bolder you!

Confidence is something that comes from within. When you feel good about yourself from inside, it automatically shows outside. But many times your confidence seems to dip and that’s when you need these genie tips. Super easy to implement, these 5 ways to build your confidence and appear more attractive will change your life.

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Here are 5 Ways to build your confidence and appear more attractive.

1.Be mindful of your body language

Your body language speaks volumes and many times you tend to overlook it. Keep your back straight, maintain a good posture, stop slouching, make eye contact, be firm with handshakes, and exuberate that boss vibe! These are the best tips to improve your physical appearance.

People often ask- How can I improve my physical appearance?

Our answer: Eat healthy, exercise, take regular baths and think good. All these combined will improve the physical appearance.

2. Wear clothes as per your body type

Wearing well fitted clothes that suit your body type will automatically make you look a lot more put together.

How can a woman become more attractive? Make sure the fitting is just right, be it your top or bottom wear so that it accentuates your curves!

How can a guy look more attractive? Same way! Wear sharp fitted clothes. Don’t wear slouchy trousers to work. Keep your shoes polished always and your shirts well-ironed.

Ways to Build Your Confidence and Appear More Attractive
That’s Tanya! Always in well-fitted clothes, always attractive and high on confidence.
how to be more confident
Don’t be bothered by negativity. Build a positive shield around yourself. Hi, I am Kritika.

Here’s our complete guide to wearing clothes as per your body type.

3. Fake it till you make it

This is a little hack that I’m sure will go a long way in enhancing your confidence. Act confident and pretend to be on top of your game even when you’re partially dying inside. This will give you that much needed push and you’ll look more confident and attractive.

4. Bold lipstick

This is my secret trick and always works. On days when you’re feeling bleh and want an instant upliftment, put on a red lip or a bright fuchsia. It elevates your mood and makes you look more confident.

Ways to Build Your Confidence and Appear More Attractive
Bold & Beautiful Tanya.

Girls ask us often- How can I feel more attractive? How do I become more confident in myself? How to be more attractive? Well, confidence and being attractive is a sum total of a lot of factors but a bright lipstick is an instant fix me up. When Tanya was at her all time low, her lipsticks were her weapons to feel confident and attractive. It worked for her.

If your confidence is at an all time low, include these foods in your diet and give it a boost.

5. Wear your smile

Everything will fall in place, just wear that big bright smile of yours and be ready to conquer the world. When dealing with a difficult situation it’s easy to get caught up, but it’s easier to smile and let it pass! Smiling people are considered to be more attractive. Nobody wants to see a broody face. Cut to questions like- How to be more attractive? How to be confident? How to look beautiful and attractive naturally? A smile is the answer to all these questions. It works, 100 %.

Hope you’ll implement these tips and your confidence will shoot through the roof.

Good luck…xoxo

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  1. Awesome work, the one I liked the most is wearing a smile. I think a smile is the basic ingredient of confidence. The best part, it is free of cost to wear. Keep the good work. An inspiring newbie likes us.

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