5 Ways to let go of worries and set yourself free

let go of worries and anxieties
Deep breathe and everything will be fine. Source – insight international

Stress and worries seem to be a complimentary gift of our modern lifestyle. But instead of fretting over them and ignoring them, it is best that you accept the situation, be mindful, and work towards bringing a positive change in your lifestyle. It is time to let go of your worries with mindfulness.

Something as small as catching up with a friend and venting your sorrows out, going for shopping, or eating your favourite dessert can be so uplifting. We have listed below steps to reduce worrying and anxiety. Letting go of worry will become easier with our practical steps.

Here are 5 easy ways to let go of worries and set yourself free

1. Identify and Accept

You need to identify what triggers your worry cycle and stress. Once you know it and are mindful to take control of it, it’ll be greatly helpful. Try and stay away from these stressors, walk away when you feel you’ve reached your limit, or just simply sleep over them. For instance, I know my trigger points. One being late in delivering my work. Over a period, I have worked on myself and ensure that I finish the work one day before the deadline. This has kept my worry and anxiety level at bay. This is the best tip on how to let go of worries to be free and happy.

2. Learn to let go

I know it’s difficult, especially when you’re angry or disheartened. But I’m saying this with personal experience, that letting go is the best for you. Release that ball of tension, let go of ego and grudges. You might not want to forgive, but it’s best to forget.

letting go of fears
Forgive and move on for peace! Source – michael-bonnell

Why worry about what others are saying about you. Do more of what makes your heart happy!

3. How to stop worrying? Give yourself time

You have all the time in the world to figure things out, so why be harsh on yourself. Things might look complicated at present, but instead of worrying why not put that energy into use and find a solution. It might take time, but something or the other would fall into place to make everything beautiful.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself!
Source – this is adult life

4. Understand you’re a survivor

Look back at all that you’ve gone through – death of a loved one, a nasty breakup, or losing your job. When you can be strong through all of this, I’m sure you can sail through this bad patch as well.

Prove to life that you’re more than those things that hold you and threaten you! Come out victorious, even if it is in small ways and takes a little extra time.

5. Ask for help to let go of fear and anxiety

We always recommend that you take care of your mental health. If you feel that things are going out of hand and your anxieties and fears have overtaken your life, it is best to ask for professional help. Go for therapy and it’ll all be better eventually.

Tip: First look for help at home, family and friends. Mostly you’ll be sorted there. If you are still in deep waters, consult a doctor or a counsellor.

Asking for help is a good thing. Don’t shy away from it.
Source – nbc news

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