5 Ways to be Zen and stay away from social media chaos

how to not let social media affect you
We’re all special in our own way! Why compare and steal the joy of life.

Vacationing in London, enjoying a food festival, out with friends for coffee! Wondering what this is? These are just some snippets of social media stories that I saw. While everyone else seems to be enjoying life, I’m here stuck at work with life problems. There are so many times you might think the same.

But have you ever thought that when you were vacationing or enjoying a day off, maybe someone else was going through a hard time. Getting affected by social media is normal, but letting it affect your peace of mind is something I don’t let happen.

social media and self esteem
Don’t let social media affect your self esteem. Follow these 5 tips. Source – purecontent

It is time to take charge. Here are 5 ways in which you can be zen and not get affected by social media.

1.Know your self-worth

People tend to put their best versions on social media. Thanks to editing and filters, everyone’s life seems a bed of roses. Perfect bodies, eating out all the time, travelling to exotic locations, shopping and more shopping, and stunning skin – these are just some of the things that bother people the most.

how to not let social media affect you
We’re all special in our own way! Why compare and steal the joy of life.

Don’t get affected by this myth. Realise that there’s so much in your life that’s beyond these materialistic things and be thankful for them. Nobody has a perfect life, and that’s what you should understand.

2. Eliminate negativity

Putting your life on social media has its share of yays and nays! The good thing is that you might connect with like-minded people, people who’ll encourage you for your efforts and work. But there are so many negative people waiting to pounce and attack you on the internet.

How to not get affected be social media
Get rid of that negativity and focus on what’s good! Be thankful for it.

Trolling, bullying, and hate comments can be so disturbing. Nothing is more important than your peace of mind and mental health. If you feel a person is not adding any value to your social media interactions, get rid of them. Unfollow, mute, block – do whatever makes you happy! You control what you see, who you want to see on your feed, and with whom you want to share updates, so why worry.

Here’s how you can eliminate negativity at work.

3. Train your mind and be in-charge

If there’s something that’s bothering you, then it’s not the other person who’s at fault. You’ve given that entity so much power that it can upset you.

how to avoid negative social media
JOMO – Joy of Missing Out is the need of the hour. Source – woolly magazine

I’m saying this with personal experience. Since the past few months there were updates from some people that bothered me a lot. They made me anxious and even jealous sometimes. But slowly I trained my mind to look at these updates as just another piece of information. I’ll not say that I’m totally zen and nothing affects me now. But working upon yourself is a process and I’m happy to have started it.

*JOMO is an acronym for joy of missing out. It describes the pleasure of taking a break from social activity–especially social media–to enjoy personal time.

4. Take a break

Okay! I know this is the most difficult. But trust me this is also the most satisfying. Take a break from social media to clear your headspace and get those thoughts aligned. What we see on social media has a huge effect on our mind.

how to not get affected by social media
Relax, unwind, and take a break without your phone!

So why not gain a fresh perspective by introspection? Start by taking small breaks and then you can do a full-on digital detox as well.

5. Share positive content

If you share positive content, comment encouraging words on people’s post, they will automatically reciprocate in the same way. Try and be empathetic and not share negative or derogatory content.

social media and mental health
Share happy and positive thoughts and they’ll reflect in your attitude as well.

If you feel positive and happy, you’ll be less affected by all the mess on social media. That small happy cocoon of yours will be enough to bring out the best in you.

Read more about the perks of digital detox and how you can do it effectively.

It is so important to understand how to be zen and not get affected by social media chaos.

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Love all the way from me & Tanya!

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