Golden rules for marriage: 5 things a new wife should keep in mind for happiness

things wife should do to make her husband happy
A new wife should always keep in mind these 5 things for ultimate happiness.

In India, you don’t marry a man but you marry a family. As a new wife you have so many responsibilities. But sometimes handling all these responsibilities becomes a tad bit difficult. So sharing all the gyaan that my mother and elders have given me! Follow these golden rules and your life will be easier.

things wife should do to make her husband happy
A new wife should always keep in mind these 5 things for ultimate happiness.

Here are 5 things a new wife should always keep in mind.


As my mom says, patience is the most important virtue for a new wife. You’d be witnessing so many new things and the one thing that’ll help you stay grounded is patience. Give your new family and your spouse a little time to understand you, your likes, preferences and tastes.

things a new wife should do
Patience is the most important. Take time off with a cup of chai. Spend time with your pet to make your mood light!

Also, be patient with the new lifestyle. Each home has a different setting, and now that you’ve moved into a new home you have to mould yourself. Take one day at a time, go slow, and you’ll be able to make a place for yourself.

2. Communication

I always believe that communication is the key to any relationship. Be it with your friends, spouse, or family, you need to have an open communication channel. Express your thoughts and be open to listening to other people as well.

how to be a good wife
Work towards building an open communication channel where you can freely share your thoughts and ideas. Source – Tony Robbins

It isn’t always that you’ll like the other person’s thoughts and ideas, but there is a way to disagree. Make sure you talk to your new family about your likes and dislikes and understand their point of view as well.

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3. Not taking everything to heart

In a new setting, there might be times you’d not like a particular thing. The best way to stay calm and happy is to not take everything on heart. Just like your parents scold you sometimes for doing wrong, your in-laws might also. Don’t take everything to heart or else you’ll not be able to enjoy one of the best phases of your life.

4. Respect

Respect is something that can make or break a relationship. Give your partner and his family enough respect so that they can reciprocate it with love, affection, and more respect.

Respect both elders and youngsters in the new family, and also respect their privacy and personal choices. Love them but give them space to grow and understand you. Another thing a new wife should keep in mind is boundaries. Respect the boundaries of every relationship and don’t cross the line.

respect in relationships
Respect everyone! Source – the respect institute

5. Not losing your individuality

When you go into a new family, you are expected to become a part of them. But I feel you shouldn’t lose your identity and individuality in the process. Have an opinion, express it in a humble yet strong manner, and don’t let anyone overpower you. Don’t be rude, but don’t take bullshit.

Rightly said that homes and relationships are not made in a day. After such a big transition in your life, you as a new wife, need to take it slow. Be cautious of your actions and don’t let negativity lure you. With the understanding and love of your partner, it’ll soon become smooth sailing.

how to manage new relationships
Be yourself. There’s no match for originality. Be a part of the new family, but don’t forget your identity.

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