5 Simple tips for improving your communication skills

tips to improve communication at workplace
Unleash the power of good communication. Source – WP ERP

Communication is considered a life skill. It is needed at every step of your life. The way you communicate with people defines you and your personality. It is important that you’re able to put your message forward in a clear way so that the audience understands it without any ambiguity. Here are 5 tips for improving your communication skills.

improve your communication skills
Improve your communication with these tips.

5 Effective tips to improve your communication skills

1. Be a good listener

One of the most important things that most people tend to overlook is to be an active listener. Patiently listen to what the other person is saying, take time to assess it, and then respond. Ask for clarifications to avoid misunderstandings. This is one of the best communications skills for workplace. People are only interested in speaking what they think is right. Listening to others is very important. This helps to know their mind and take right decisions.

2. Keep your audience in mind

Always keep in mind whom are you talking to. Make sure the message is formulated in such a way that it can be easily understood by everyone. Think about the language you’re using, avoid using technical jargons or acronyms that people might not be aware of. Keep the language simple and easy to understand. One of my strategies to improve communications skills is to say in a manner which is easily understandable by others. A good communication is as good as the message clearly received and acted upon.

tips to improve communication at workplace
Unleash the power of good communication. Source – WP ERP

3. Work on non-verbal communication

Non-verbal cues are an important part of communication, and if you want to improve your communication this aspect cannot be ignored. Take care about your gestures, tone, hand movement, making eye contact, body language etc. How you dress is also very important. Dress formally and sharply at work to make an impact. Dressing is a part of non-verbal communication and always have it right. Avoid loose clothes and be always well groomed.

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4. Be brief and specific

In today’s time nobody has the time and energy to listen or read long communications. It is best when you communicate your ideas and thoughts in a clear manner. Make sure you don’t make your conversation boring and redundant, be accurate and to the point. The idea is to provide all the information and yet not go overboard.

tips to improve communication
Avoid these mistakes! Source – maven training

5. Ask for feedback

Communication is a two way process and one of the best ways to improve your communication skills is by asking for an honest feedback. This way you’ll know whether the audience is understanding what you’re trying to say and how can you improve. The feedback is an essential tool to gauge the power of your communication and further give you the motivation to communicate better and strongly.

Hope you find these tips useful and will implement them to improve your communication skills. You can also improve your communication skills at home by using these tips.

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