BFF Love: 5 Reasons she is your best friend

qualities of a true friend
Cherish loyalty in friendships.

It is a blessing to have a best friend in your life as your pillar of strength. There are so many things our best friends do for us, and we don’t even realize it. As I write this, sipping my cup of tea, I am so grateful for my best friend. Knowing the fact that just her presence makes life easy!

5 reasons she’s your best friend
Sail through life with your bestie by your side. Source – the independent

Here are 5 reasons she is your best friend.

1.Is your saviour

Whether it is PMS mood swings, fight with mom or with a colleague, help with college project, or setting up a date, you can rely on your best friend for being your saviour.

2. Listens to all your rants

On days when you want to rant about your boss, a shitty day at work, your boyfriend, or just life, she’s there to listen to you patiently. She might not be present in person, but your best friend is always a call away and that chat session is irreplaceable.

reasons why you are my best friend
True that! Source – ezyshine

3. You connect on all levels

When your frequency matches with someone he/she becomes your soul mate! But when your frequency, madness, and weirdness matches with someone, she becomes your best friend. It’s true that she might fight with you, but deep down you both are connected and that bff bond is forever!

4. Gets happy for your happiness

The most important reason that she’s your best friend is that she becomes not just a part of your happiness, but owns it like her own. Be it your achievements at work, you getting married, a new relationship, or just small joys of life, your bestie is there to share these moments and make them memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

I love my best friend
Love your bestie and the world is a happier place. Source – elite daily

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5. Gives the best advice

Whenever you’re in need for advice, you rely on that person for the most honest opinions. And that’s precisely the reason she is your best friend. She’s the one who can help you shop, pick the right outfit for that first date, give great advice and scold you when you do something wrong, and even get angry with you if you don’t follow her advice.

If you’re also remembering your bestie after reading this, do give her a call and share this post with her.

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