5 Life changing questions to ask yourself when you feel low and lost

why do i feel lonely
Take time off! Soak up some sun and wind to unwind. Source – firmex

Life is a beautiful journey! There are ups and downs, highs and lows and all of these come with a lesson. When things get low and you feel lost and lonely about life, it is upon you to motivate yourself. You have to help yourself and only then will the world look a better place. If you feel the purpose of life is missing, ask yourself these 5 questions and you’ll be able to handle the situation in a better way.

why do i feel lonely
Take time off! Soak up some sun and wind to unwind. Source – firmex

5 questions when you feel low and lost.

1. What is my ultimate goal?

The present situation can be difficult and might drain your energy, but in the process are you deviating from your ultimate goal? Ask yourself what’s that one thing that’s most important for you? It can be fame, mental peace, wealth, health, or any other goal that you’ve set for yourself.

ask yourself 5 questions when feeling lost
Do more of what makes you happy!

You’ll be surprised to see that you have a lot more control on things than you think you have. Take ownership and don’t feel helpless. Remove negative energy, divert your mind with work or leisure activities and get back to your goal with renewed energy!

2. What makes me feel happy?

It can be spending time with your family, an outing with your pet, reading, painting, or playing your guitar. All of us react to situations differently. Similarly we all have different ways to cool down and take some time off.

how to overcome loneliness
Happiness is a choice and we all should make it. Source – pictolio

When you feel lost try to do more of that thing that makes you happy. Think of all the good times and happy memories that you spent doing your favorite activity and you’ll automatically feel a lot better.

Mental health is so important, but many people ignore it. Here are ways in which you can take care of your mental health.

3. Am I doing enough?

There’s a difference in being busy and being productive. Being productive is amazing, but doing extra things and taking extra responsibilities will ultimately wear you off. Be active and engaged, but don’t get overworked.

5 questions to ask yourself when feeling low and lost
A breather now and then will help you stay motivated! So relax and unwind.

You cannot do everything, something or the other will be amiss. It is best to enjoy things that you do and make the most of them. And always remember to take small breaks every now and then to recharge yourself.

4. When was the last time you connected with yourself?

In the rat race of concrete jungle we often tend to overlook our wellness and mental health. Do you remember when was the last time you did something for yourself that made you happy? Many people feel hesitant to spend time alone. But there’s a difference between being lonely and enjoying your own company.

important questions of life
Go out with yourself, it’ll be worth it.

When feeling sad and low, it is best to spend time with yourself. Introspect and find answers to those problems. Go out for a date with yourself or just sit in a coffee shop with your journal and book and take it slow.

Read on to find how you can enjoy your own company.

5. Who can I talk to?

We all have a circle of people whom we’re most close and connected to. It can be your best friend, cousin, or spouse. If you feel depressed, it is best to talk to someone who understands you and will patiently listen to you.

And if you think that even after talking to family and friends is not helping, you can always consult a therapist. There is absolutely no shame in talking openly about mental wellbeing.

5 questions that'll help you find purpose in life
You can talk to your circle of people, write your thoughts, or talk to a therapist.

Hope these suggestions help you! Share it with someone who’s feeling low and needs some motivation in life.

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