Speak with confidence: 5 effective ways to get rid of your inhibitions

good vibes
There is light after the darkest hour!

Our inhibitions stem from the need to fit in. When trying to be accepted in a social group, we tend to be inhibited and reserved about our behavior. This starts affecting our personality and confines us to a bubble. Read our 5 effective ways to get rid of your inhibitions in the post below and gain confidence in life. 

get rid of your inhibitions
Stay positive, Think positive!

Some of the most common inhibitions include –

  • Feeling shy
  • Low self confidence
  • Low self esteem
  • Having trouble in communicating
  • Inability to share your emotions
  • Sexual inhibitions

Here are 5 ways that would help you get rid of your inhibitions & speak with confidence.

1. Assess and face the situation

The foremost thing to do is to be aware of the situation and face it with an open mind. Say for example you are at a social gathering, so how is your behavior? Shy and reserved, or the life of the party? Do you feel too conscious to mingle with new people?

let go of your inhibitions
Why restrict yourself when the world is waiting for you?
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If you are placid and aloof, it can be signs of inhibitions. Take control of your life and break free from your inhibitions and make a strong move. Start a small conversation with someone sitting next to you. And soon you would see people joining in and you having fun.

2. Inhibitions stem from fear

Fear is a major blockage that can make you uncomfortable. Understand what your fear is; is it the fear of new places, fear of facing a crowd, or just general nervousness.

good vibes
There is light after the darkest hour!

It can be said that inhibitions are a part of you trying to limit yourself to be accepted. Don’t let that part of you overpower your brain. Face the fear, do what makes you jittery. It would be easier facing it the next time. And with time you would improve and face your fears hands on.

3. Communication is the key

As humans we are social animals and want companionship. Communication is an integral part of our life. We also communicate at an emotional level as well.

believe in yourself
Believe in yourself, and you’re halfway through.
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To break those stubborn inhibitions you need to take charge. Stay away from abstract thinking and start getting things done. Focus on the result and you’ll find a path to get there. Talk to your friends, or someone close and share your thoughts.

4. Be you

Accept who you are and half the battle would be won. Why be ashamed of yourself? You are a gem, embrace it!

Be the princess of your own fairytale!
Be the princess of your own fairytale!

Don’t let go of your natural behavior. React to situations like you would usually do, and don’t change your behavior for others. People will love and respect you for the free spirited, love, and vivacious you, so don’t let that go for anyone!

5. Say yes to participation

Whether it is participating in a debate at your college, or a party at your workplace, learn to say yes. Mingle with people, let go of your fears, and you’ll see your inhibitions taking a back seat. You can call a few friends over and host a party. This would set you in the mood of socializing and kick away your fears.

get rid of your inhibitions
When life gives you lemons, squeeze them and make a face pack!!
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I know it is easier said than done, but trust me it’s just the first step that is difficult. Take that step and you’ll enjoy the journey.

If you’ve taken the plunge and would want to share your story, feel free to share it in the comments section below.

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  1. How to handle the person who tries to talk evil about others and tries to befriend the person whom she talked about ill to you?

    1. That’s a tricky one, I know what you mean. Just stay away from such people and the mess they create. Live your life with the good people and goodness around……take care and hope it helps.

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