5 Easy ways to inculcate Self Belief

In this digital age that we live in, self belief is so important. Every day we face new challenges, have to show a brave face on social media, brave comparisons and what not. Amidst all this, if your self belief is low, then you might feel worthless and nobody wants that.

Self Belief is the biggest motivation. Source – sales consultancy

Self doubt starts creeping in – Am in good enough for this? Can I do this? Success is for others, not for me etc.

Inculcate self belief with these 5 easy ways.

1.Work on your weaknesses

As preachy as this sounds, it is one of the best way to build self belief. Start working on your weaknesses and try to be a better version of yourself. We all have attributes that need improvement. A person is considered wise when he recognizes those weaknesses and turns them into strengths.

start believing in yourself,
Work on your weaknesses until they become your strengths! Source – pablo

If you think your confidence is dwindling, it is time to include these foods in your diet.

2. Affirm yourself

Affirmation is one of the biggest incentives to work towards a goal. A few words of appreciation will boost your self confidence. So talk positively to yourself, say ‘you can do it’, give yourself a compliment. It’s a great way to inculcate and build self belief.

3. Overcome your fears

Do one thing that scares you every day. This way you’ll overcome your fear and be ready to face the challenges of life. Life starts out of your comfort zone, so step out and explore new boundaries.

how to build self belief
Sometimes taking risk is the best feeling. Source – fear quotes

4. Be your own life coach

Life is not always a path of roses; you might have to tread through ups and downs. Finding motivation around yourself can sometimes become difficult. But when you find motivation within yourself, it leads you onto the path of success. Build your self belief by being your own life coach.

Here’s how you can be your own life coach and keep your motivation high.

5. Focus on your achievements

In life there’s always something that’ll remain unachievable. Instead of focusing on the negative, be happy with the positives. Make a list of your achievements and you’ll feel much stronger and confident about yourself.

For some success and achievement may be becoming the head of a company, while for others success can be growing your own kitchen garden or learning a new language. Don’t think your achievements are small, just celebrate them.

Write down your achievements and celebrate them with a coffee.

Self love is the best kind of love. Love yourself just the way you love others. Practice self love with these easy tips.

Hope these tips help you inculcate self belief and you find a new meaning of life. Share it with someone who needs this the most. And don’t forget to join the Expresso sisterhood on all our social media – FacebookTwitterInstagram.

  1. Thanks for the post, mujhe bahut hi positive enery mili, bahut low feel kar rahi thi, per ab accha lag raha hai

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