5 Easy ways to live happily always

5 easy ways for healthy heart and soul
Walk away from negative energy and worries. Source – livezorba.com

By now a lot of you would know that the Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 is Greenery. In the concrete jungle of today, greenery is indeed a burst of freshness. Green is the colour of balance and growth. It also signifies harmony and energy. Don’t be green in envy, be green in love this year and forever. Here are 5 easy ways for healthy heart and soul.

5 Easy ways for healthy heart and soul
Keep Calm and Go Green!
Source – Pinterest/ Whitney Justesen

Here are 5 ideas to incorporate greenery for heart and soul and be at peace.

  1. Plant trees

As cliché as it sounds, planting trees is the need of the hour. Plant saplings in the memory of your loved ones, and that feeling of seeing it flourish is truly unmatched.

plant trees
We all should pledge to plant more and more trees.
Source meansconnect.org

Plants bring a lot of good vibes and positivity, so try and surround yourself with greenery whenever possible.

You could also get potted plants for your balcony or garden and make your home happy and green!

Adding an element of greenery to your living space will elevate your mood.
Source – housebeautiful.com
  1. Eat Green

Switching to eating green is an amazing life choice. It would lead to a healthier lifestyle and you’ll feel better.

Eat Green
A plate full of goodness!
Source – honeyandfigskitchen

Simple steps like including larger quantities of green in your daily diet will go a long way. So it is time to say yes to all the leafy green veggies.

Green Tea
Switching to green tea for a healthy you! Source – lifehack.com

For all you non-vegetarian lovers, this might be a big change. We suggest you take small steps. Do a detox day once a week or a vegan day once a week. And once you get used to it and start liking it, you can always take the plunge.

Eat Green
Who says eating green is boring? Innovate with cooking and add a touch of healthy greens.
Source – wellandfull.com
  1. Make peace with past and present

Carrying the burden of past would only make your present and future heavier. Learn to let go. Let go of negativity, ego, and anger.

True that!! Source - happier.com
True that!!
Source – happier.com

You’ll feel happier and at peace with yourself. Appreciate the small joys of life too, and make peace with past and present.

Spread happiness and positive energy!
  1. Wear soothing colours and fabrics

In a country like ours that is predominated by hot & humid weather for most time of the year, wearing soothing colours and fabrics is a much needed relief.

Opt for soft breathable fabrics like cotton, mul, organza, and linen.

pantone colour of the year 2017
Crushing over this pretty olive colour.
Source – The Loom

And to pick soothing colours, there is an unlimited choice. Pretty pastels, rustic khakee or a bright pop of lime green with contrasting hues, there is a lot to experiment with. So go all out and enjoy the colour play.

  1. Yoga and Walk

Yoga and meditation is a great way to cleanse your system. It’ll also help you find your center amidst all the chaos and hustle bustle.

Take time out to meditate for 15 -20 minutes a day, and you’ll surely see a change in yourself.
Source – shareyouressays.com

Go for a walk in the morning, soak up the crisp sunshine, fresh breeze, and you’ll feel refreshed and energized.

5 Easy ways for healthy heart and soul
Walk away from negative energy and worries.
Source – livezorba.com

Whether it is walking or yoga, do what makes you happy. And until next time we meet, stay happy and stay positive.

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