Strike a better work-life balance with these 5 easy tips

how to strike better work life balance
Follow these 5 tips to strike better work life balance. Source – start up stories

We all are juggling with our personal and professional life. It’s important to excel at work and show your strengths, but it is equally necessary to live life and enjoy it. Your life also exists beyond those working hours at your desk. It’s time that you learn the tricks to strike a better work-life balance.

how to strike better work life balance
Better work life balance is achievable. Source – start up stories

Listen to us and follow these 5 tips to strike a better work-life balance.

1.Prioritize your work

There’ll always be lots of tasks that need to be completed. Attending a meeting, making that presentation, understanding the new research module for work… and the list is endless. But what’ll be of great help to strike a better work life balance? Prioritise your work and make to-do lists.

This’ll help you understand the priority of the task and you can align your energies accordingly. Urgent and important work should go first and the lesser in importance should wait. You’ll also be able to analyse which task can be postponed to the next day. This way you can wind up on time and head home to catch a movie or dinner with your spouse.

how to strike a balance between work and life
Organize and simplify your work. Source – fleetowner

2. Take out time for yourself

This is the most important. You should know, that it’s okay to cancel plans sometimes because you want to relax and unwind. Sometimes a cup of coffee with your best friend will take away all the stress.

Do things that you like. Learn something new – baking, dance, swimming etc. Or go back to your interests. Spend time with yourself in a café reading a book or watch Netflix at home all alone. The idea is to enjoy your company and take out time for yourself.

maintain life balance
Spend time with friends, pamper yourself, and take time to unwind. Source – manmadecoffee

If you’re someone who has never gone out for a date with yourself, here are some tips that’ll help you enjoy loner time.

3. Delegate work

It is impossible that you complete all the tasks yourself. Learn the art of delegating work, so that it becomes easy for you. Be it at work or at home, share the work load and strike a better work life balance. Ask your colleague to help at work, and at home take help of your parents or spouse.

4. Disconnect

Have certain timelines for work and try to disconnect from your work and office after that. I know it’s not easy, but you have to take some steps for your happiness. Get back from work and simply disconnect. Enjoy your personal life and make the most of your time with friends and family.

work life balance tips for employee
Disconnect to connect; because offline is the new luxury. Source – offlinepeace

5. Learn to say no

Saying ‘No’ is an art. You don’t need to be rude, just say it in a polite yet firm manner. You’re the best judge of your limits. When you know that you’ve pushed beyond maximum, you should politely refuse. This will save your personal as well as professional life.

Learn how to say no without feeling guilty in this post.

Apply these tips and you’ll see significant changes in your life and the unattainable work-life balance will be achieved.

Good luck! Is there anything you want to say? Most welcome in the comments below.

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