5 Books every girl should read during the grumpy PMS

books to read during PMS
Chemical reactions like these are more than welcome! Source – Krystal Sutherland

On those PMSing days when the world seems to be against you, there is one thing that can calm you – staying in bed all day! While you are grumpy and maybe an emotional wreck, reading some whimsy happy books can cheer you up.

books to read during PMS
Say no to PMS grumpiness with these cute books…
Source – playbuzz

Here’s our pick of the top 5 books every girl should read during the grumpy PMS.

  1. Eat, Pray, Love (Elizabeth Gilbert)

Eat, Pray, Love is all that a girl needs. The story speaks to you and makes you question your own life sometimes. It’s a perspective and you may reckon along. The book is not a fairytale setting. The heroine is questioning herself throughout. She has a failed marriage and packs her bag for Italy. The book questions one’s reality and is divided into 3 parts: Eat (Italy), Pray (India) and Love (Bali). The exotic locations of Bali and the food romance in Europe is great to lift your mood. Life gives you a second chance and that’s what the book is about.

Eat, Pray, Love – that’s what the motto of life should be!
Source – harini.me

PS – For days when you’re extra cranky watch the movie and soothe your soul. Keep a box of tissues and a tub of ice cream handy…

  1. One Plus One (Jojo Moyes)

Is it just me or do all you girls dream a tad bit extra of prince charming during PMS? Well, Jojo Moyes tells a tale of family relations and how Mr. Perfect fits into this chaotic family.

YA books
Kick away all the PMS blues and woes with this uber cute read! Source – Kritika Manchanda

It’ll give you love infused blush vibes throughout. Jess and her kids redefine life. It is heartwarming to see them triumph. And Ed is #goals.

  1. Our Chemical Hearts (Krystal Sutherland)

Rekindle your faith in romance with the beautifully written Our Chemical Hearts. The chemistry between Henry and Grace is so relatable. It teaches how being broken is okay. Romantic and whimsy, it has feels on fleek.

books to read during PMS
Chemical reactions like these are more than welcome!
Source – Krystal Sutherland

It is mushy and will melt your heart. You’ll want to be bundled up with a hot chocolate and this lovely read.

  1. Finding Audrey (Sophie Kinsella)

If you feel that boys in books are better, then you should read Finding Audrey to ascertain it! The light and breezy writing makes it a super fun book to read.

romantic books
The right amount of happy feelings and romance is all that you crave for during the grumpy PMS.
Source – Kritika Manchanda

Audrey and Lucas are adorable. You’ll want to steal Lucas and make him your main man. Let Sophie Kinsella’s magic work wonders and take away the PMS blues.

  1. Because I’ll Never Meet You (Leah Thomas)

A coming of age YA (young adult) book that connects two friends who can never meet. Ollie gets seizures near electricity and Moritz has a pacemaker fit. Both Ollie and Moritz find solace in each other.

romantic books to read during PMS
Warm and fuzzy, love this one!
Source – Kritika Manchanda

There is an underlying sadness, but the spirit of friendship and emotional connection between the two boys makes you believe in friends forever.

Make your PMS bearable with these reads. If you have a happy read that’ll make that grumpy PMS a little more tolerable, let us know in the comments section below.

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