15 Weather idioms you must know

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15 Weather idioms to speak English fluently and stylishly.

The weather is always changing. It was summers a few weeks ago, now the rains are here and soon the winters will be around the corner. Talking about the weather using idioms sounds fun and very stylish. Some weather idioms also help to express our ideas, state and condition accurately. Here are 15 Weather idioms you must know.

15 Weather idioms you must know

1) As right as rain

Meaning: This idiom means to feel fine and healthy.
Example: After the operation I am as right as rain.

2) Be a breeze

Meaning: Something that is easy to do.
Example: Our assignment was a breeze.

3) Be snowed under

Meaning: As the idiom suggests, the phrase means to be overburdened with work that you find difficult doing it all.
Example: I’m snowed under with work at the moment.

4) Calm before the storm

Meaning: The quiet, peaceful period before an upcoming problem.

Example: This is just the calm before the storm; when the boss gets back, this office will be a chaos.

5) Chase rainbows

Meaning: When someone tries to pursue unrealistic or fanciful goals, things that are impossible.
Example: I think she’s chasing rainbows if she thinks she can lose weight in a week.

6) Come rain or shine

Meaning: Doing something no matter what the circumstances are.
Example: She will attend your party come rain or shine.

7) Get wind of

Meaning: To know something that was suppose to be a secret.
Example: She got wind of a plot being hatched.

8) Full of hot air

Meaning: Talking a lot without saying meaningful things.
Example: Many people are full of hot air. They make promises, but don’t keep them.

9) To rain cats and dogs

Meaning: Very heavy rains
Example: The roof is pounding. It must be raining cats and dogs outside.

10) Have your head in the clouds

Meaning: Being detached from reality. One doesn’t know what the reality is and fails to be practical in life.
Example: He has his head in the clouds if he thinks he can clear the exam in one attempt.

11) On cloud nine

Meaning: Extremely happy to such an extent that it gets difficult to control the joy.
Example: I was on cloud nine when I won the lottery.

12) Fair-weather friend

Meaning: A friend who is only with you during the good times (good weather) but disappears when things don’t fall right (bad weather).

Example: Stay away from fair-weather friends.

13) To know which way the wind blows

Meaning:To be able to anticipate how a certain course or situation is likely to develop.

Example: John knows which way the wind blows regarding office politics, and he behaves accordingly.

14) To rain on someone’s parade

Meaning: To spoil someone’s plan or to prevent someone from enjoying their plans or events.
Example: He didn’t mean to rain on John’s parade when he disappeared from the party.

15) Every cloud has a silver lining

Meaning: There is something good even in a bad situation.

Example: I am really sick but I get to stay at home and work on my assignments. Every cloud has a silver lining.

So these were 15 idioms related to weather. Hope you enjoyed them. Learn these idioms to talk about daily situations at work and home.

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