10 Bollywood inspirational movies you shouldn’t miss

Bollywood inspirational movies

There’s a little bit of Bollywood in all of us. Whether you are a Ranbir Kapoor fan or an SRK lover, we cannot deny the fact that Bollywood and movies inspire us in more ways than one. There was a time when Bollywood movies were stereotyped. But Bollywood is not only about commercial masala movies. There have been some amazingly inspiring movies that have won millions of hearts.

If you are a Bollywood fan and are looking for some motivating and inspirational movies, this is the place to be. Read on to find our list of favourite top 10 Bollywood inspirational movies.

  • Udaan

Udaan is a coming of age story of a boy and his relation with his abusive and oppressive father. Rohan returns to his hometown from boarding school and then the struggle begins. He also finds out he has a half brother.


Bollywood inspirational movies


Rohan wants to become a writer but his father forces him to study engineering. At every step, they clash and the overflow of emotions is amazingly depicted. What wins hearts is the bond between the two brothers and how they finally take the ‘udaan’ to a happier life.

Although each character is beautiful, Ronit Roy does an excellent job as the aggressive father and is the star of the show.

  • Anand

‘Babu moshai, zindagi badi honi chahiye lambi nahi.’

Rajesh Khanna, suffering from a rare disease and Amitabh Bachchan as the doctor, give unbeatable performance and win your heart from the first scene.




Anand’s character is so full of life and he lives every moment as if it is now or never, is an inspiration for everyone. And the melodious music makes Anand an evergreen classic that shouldn’t be missed.

  • Black

A masterpiece by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Black is a new level of motivation. How a deaf and mute child is taught lessons of life and beyond by her great teacher is to reckon. Rani Mukherjee and Amitabh Bachchan have put their souls in the characters.


Bollywood inspirational movies


You’ll cry, you’ll laugh and you’ll also feel proud. The emotional connection between the teacher and the student is enticing to watch. More than inspiration, Black gives us teachings in gratitude. To be thankful for what we have in life is the biggest joy.

  • Rang De Basanti

‘Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota, use perfect banana padhta hai.’

Rang De Basanti takes patriotism to a new high. It is effective and strikes the chord of your heart.


rang de basanti


The undertones of friendship, love and emotions and amazing performances by every character make this movie a favourite of many. The freedom struggle is shown in a different light and it inspires us all to do our bit for the nation.

  • I am Kalam

There are some movies which don’t get their due, yet are a masterpiece. I am Kalam is one of those movies. It’s a fine example of inspirational Bollywood movies.




The movie celebrates and exhibits how human spirit survives beating all odds. It also highlights the importance of education, especially education for the underprivileged children. A perfect balance of emotional and soulful content, I am Kalam will inspire you to do something for the society.

  • Lakshya

Rich spoilt brat with no aim in life joins army and is transformed into a new person altogether. Hrithik Roshan portrays every phase so effortlessly. The binding between soldiers is inspiring to see. It inspires you to find the ‘lakshya’ (goal) of your life and strive hard to achieve it.




Lakshya also teaches us that when you have a goal set in life, every step you take is in that direction and ultimately sooner or later, you’ll succeed.

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  • Swades

If Swades doesn’t give you that proud Indian feeling, don’t know which movie will! Shah Rukh Khan as Mohan Bhargav comes to India and meets Kaveri Amma in her small village and is moved by the apathy of the village conditions.




Lack of electricity and other facilities make him realize what they all are missing. He decides to generate electricity in the village through a hydro-project.

Even when he returns to USA, the way he cannot get over the love for his country is so poignant and heartwarming. Watch it and you’ll get those vibes on point.

  • Iqbal

How a deaf and mute boy dreams of making it to the Indian cricket team, strives hard at every step and achieves his dream, is what Iqbal is all about.




Nagesh Kuknoor’s amazing vision made Iqbal an exhilarating and heartening movie. It is encouraging to see how people around Iqbal accept him, his sister being the biggest support system and his coach, Naseeruddin Shah polishing his talent.

The feelings are well caught in the movie and the melodious song ‘aashaein khilein dil ki’ is the icing on the cake.

  • Guru

The story about courage, having the heart to take risks in life and succeeding, Guru is a very powerful and impactful movie.


Bollywood inspirational movies


It’s good to see how Abhishek’s character believes in himself even when the world doubts his abilities. It teaches us to listen to our heart and keep moving ahead. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan portrays the character of his wife and is a constant pillar of strength through all his ups and downs.

  • Manjhi: the mountain man

One man vs. a mountain, now that’s what is called real motivation. Manjhi is based on a true story of Dashrath Manjhi, a poor labourer from Bihar. He carves out a road through a mountain, all by himself.


Bollywood inspirational movies


After his wife passes away crossing the mountain, he decides that carving a path through the mountain will be the aim of his life. He struggles at every step, faces hardships and after 22 years of back bending effort, he finally makes a path. The love for his wife keeps him going. You sympathise with him and feel his pain through the movie. The movie is a well representation of will and courage.

If you have other Bollywood inspirational movies, share them in the comments section below so that we all get to see some great cinema and our dose of inspiration.

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