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Welcome to an exciting and exclusive Giveaway by Cointreau India! They are celebrating the visit of their international Brand Ambassador, Dita Von Teese on Tuesday, 20th November 2012. They will have a classy evening of Cointreauversies & Cocktails and the day would also include a Cocktail launched by Dita herself.

Dita Von Teese

#BeCointreauversial and 2 lucky winners of this Give Away will win an exclusive Cointreau Cocktail Shaker! All you got to do is answer this simple question :

According to you, who is the Most Cointreauversial Woman in recent time and why?


Cointreau Cocktail Shaker

So guys, hurry up and answer this simple question and you never know, you might be the lucky one!

Let’s get Cointreauversial!

Contest rules : Very Simple .

– Only one entry per person.

– Like us on Facebook and write your answer here. If you have already Liked us, then just smile and post your answer here.

– The contest is open in India only.

– The contest will run from 16th Nov’12 till midnight 22nd Nov.

– The winners will be informed via their email address. If the winner doesn’t acknowledge within 48 hours, then the next winner will get lucky.

– We will validate all the entries before declaring the winner.

– If you face any issue, then mail me at and I will respond to you at the earliest.
Well, I am excited with this Give Away and can’t wait to have the winners. I am equally excited about the party and meeting Dita Von Teese in person. Pour in your entries and keep smiling. This is just one of the Give aways, there are many more to come. So keep visiting and keep participating. We are raining gifts and surprises. This is a forum where each one of us can get lucky!
Let’s Expresso and #BeCointreauversial!
  1. I think Sherlyn Chopra is the Most Contreauversial Woman in recent time because she nude photo shoot for American adult magazine Playboy, and says she remains proud of her decision. She has come out with another blatant confession that she slept with people for money.

  2. According to me Kirsten Stewart has been quite a controversial figure this year. So was cheating on her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson (who apparently has been voted as the hottest man on earth) with a much older married man!
    She then apologizes in public to ger back her boyfriend and in between goes through depression, goes high on drinking & smoking.
    But finally they are back and trying to work out their relationship and get it back on track. Both look great together and I hope they stick on!

  3. Sonia Gandhi … try to open a newspaper she will be there atleast as a cartoon….. try to watch TV news again SHE IS THERE ….. Mother of all Cointreauversis !!! 😀 Why she herself din’t become PM back in 2004 is still da biggest cointreauversy among everyone on the planet… !!! Recently most of the cabinet ministers are from AP and many seniors din’t get the chance which made her role more COINTREAVERSIAL !!! 🙂

  4. The recent controversial woman is Pinky Pramanik who has been declared to be male. The athlete has been charged of rape and that she is not a female athlete.

  5. The most Contreauversial woman is Parmeshwari Godrej,she is a bunch of attitude ,grace & poise ,she is the force behind the group Godrej led by Mr. Adi,she is the host /member /guest in all high voltage Mumbai party circle, she is style statement .

  6. Sonia Gandhi is the most controversial woman in terms of the regressive impact she has had on the lives of a billion plus population of India. Though Italian , her exact antecedents/background are shrouded in mystery. Was she a model? Did her family have mafia connections as alleged by opposition? Was she responsible for the Bofors scam and letting Quattrochi get away? How much has she looted at the central govt and the states where Congress is in power? Was she responsible for Rajiv’s assassination? How much did she make off all the billion dollar scams?A shrewd strategist and schemer to the core ( Manmohan Mute Singh is testimony to her political canniness).These and many such questions and secrets will always remain buried deep in the corridors of power but alive in the conscious of people who care to question!!!

  7. Lets take a minute and remember the LV dotting Mayawati i.e. Ex- chief minister of Uttar Pradesh ! good press or bad press the lady did top the headlines during her regime ! Given the humble roots that she comes from and to emerge as the leader of the unruly state was commendable ! right or wrong apart she has hit the sidlens after the recent defeat in the state elections , however it would be interesting to see her return come next elections !
    My vote to the desi-est answer to being brash and right in the face ! Mayawati !

  8. Rakhi Sawant- the head of controversies..didn’t marry the man who won her on the show on ndtv imagine. Did a TV show as a host- the most horrible show of all times.

  9. Rakhi Sawant wins hands down the title of ‘Most Cointreauversial Woman’ actually she would win anything, anywhere with the word ‘controversial’ in it, and anyone who need to know why, just doesn’t know the firecracker- self destructive-pataka we are talking about . 😉

  10. I would vote for ‘Ms. Mayavati’ for this title, is there any controversy in the recent times that doesn’t seem to lead to her ???

    😉 😉

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