RakshaBandhan Contest Giveaway! 3 Auravedic Face essential kits to be won.

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Hey girls

Time for another of my blog giveaways. Festivities are on and this give away is dedicated to the most pious of relationships, Brother-Sister. Welcome to the RakshaBandhan Online Give away.

How to win: Just answer this simple question- “The cutest prank that I have played on my brother is..

Based on the contest entries, 3 winners will be given the Auravedic Daily Face Essential kit which includes Auravedic Destressing Moisturizing Lotion and Auravedic Pure Calming Face Mist.

How to enter the giveaway:

1. Leave the answer below in the comments.

2. Like the Let’s Expresso facebook page .

3. Also, like the Auravedic Facebook page.

That’s it!

The contest opens today and will close on 18th August’13. Open to Indian residents, the winners will be informed via email and will be declared on this page aswell. For any query, you can mail me at t4tanya@gmail.com and I will respond at the earliest. 

P.S: I have by now played a zillion pranks on my brother. The cutest being putting colors on his face while sleeping on Holi. When he woke up and saw himself in the mirror- the look was priceless. Such cute little things have a strong remembrance. Such innocence and the purity in love while being kids is to cherish throughout life. We both are married now and super busy in our lives but our bond is still special. I miss those days of being together, going to the school together, studying together, sleeping together, infact doing everything together. Those fights, that care for each other, bullying to the core, and yes helping in every thick and thin makes the relationship so strong and close. This is the first Rakhi after my wedding and it feels a little weird that I’m no longer in that house and that I’ll have to plan ‘formally’ to meet him. But I guess that’s life. Having said that, I’m truely looking forward to Rakhi this year. Hope all you sisters have a great day with your dear brothers. Online giveaways are great.

P.S: The winners for this contest are Praveen Gola, Divya Kapoor and Bidisha Banerjee. Enjoy the hamper girls.

  1. I played the cutest prank on my brother on the occasion of April Fool Day last year. My younger brother is very much afraid of insects and lizards. So, I decided to make him afraid. I bought a plastic lizard and attached it to one end of a rope. I kept the lizard on his body, while he was sleeping. I was waiting outside his room holding the other end of the rope. In the morning, when he opened his eyes, he was almost frightened to see the lizard on his body. He jumped up from his bed. He was all the more shocked to see the lizard moving around the room with him. I enjoyed the scene, pulling the lizard with the rope. He started shouting and our parents came hearing his shout. My parents and my brother were angry at first, but they forgave me, considering it as April Fool day’s prank.

    The memory of this prank brings smile to our faces even today when we remember it.

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

    My Email Id : bidishabanerjee@live.com

  2. The cutest prank I have played on my brother is messaging his friends about a party at home from his number. They all turned up and my brother was caught by surprise only to realise the prank played by me.

  3. My brother ordered a big Dominos pizza on his way back since he was very hungry. The pizza cam just 5 minutes before he cam home but I ate it along with my 2 friends before he entered home. He got so angry but looking at my friends simply laughed over it. But I sol loved the whole prank.

  4. My brother loves me so much, he even had told me about his gf.
    2 years back on the rakhi day he had to give me a titan watch and unke batane se pehle hi mene dekh lia or watch chupa di.. 😉 jab mene unko Rakhi bandhi toh m unse apna gift mangne lagi, wo gift lene gae but unhe mila nahi. Mei phle hi unki gf ko call kr chuki ti or unko ghar ane k lie kaha tha.
    mere bhai bht pareshan the qk me gift k lie tang kar rhi ti.
    thodi der bad doorbell baji, unki gf thi or mene chupke s unko gift de dia or unse bhai ki shikayat krne lgi. wo bhai ko pyar se daatne lagi ki wo mera gift ku ni dete par bhai kuch keh ni pa rahe the.
    fir unki gf ne gift nikal kr mujhe dia to wo shocked reh gae, unhne shockingly mje dekha, mene cute sa naughty expresn dia or fir hum sab hasne lage..
    now he is doing job but still he always come on RAKSHABANDHAN with my gift.

  5. We were having summer holidays,so me and my brother spent our time playing games.Our favorite was playing hide and seek.It was my brothers turn to hide and he went and hid in the store room.Afraid of being caught he did not even put on the light.Just then the doorbell rang and at the same time I heard the sound of a crash from the store room.I knocked at the door to find if everything was okay.My brother opened it but it was difficult to recognize him as he was fully covered with paint which had been stored in that room.Thinking it to be some stranger I ran shouting for my mother and the strange looking guy ran after me shouting.I only stopped when I reached my mother.It was then discovered that the strange looking person was my brother who on hearing the bell had crashed into the can of paints.Even today when we talk of that day and remember the paint covered guy we cannot stop laughing.

  6. i played this naughty prank on my brother,,, I sprinkled some salt all over my brother’s toothbrush and when he was brushing his teeth..he was completely grossed out.. hehe..he was realllyyyyy pissed and we still laugh at my prank,,

  7. Hey Tanya,

    Thanks for such a lovely contest. I am a brat and my brother an angel, so u can guess what happened regularly at home. One of the most memorable pranks i played on him goes like….

    After playing holi a few years ago, we freshened up had our lunch and were then relaxing in the living room. My brother was off to sleep in a jiffy and kept snoring so loudly as he was very tired. Even though i was super tired, an idea just pooped in my head. I put on some real horrid make up on my bro’s face and painted both his finger and toe nails with a nice bright pink color. Then a genius idea struck and I painted the soap with a clear nail paint too….

    When he woke up he was furious and rushed to wash his face….he kept rubbing the soap like crazy, but to no avail! He was totally zapped.

    Finally he gave up and used shampoo to wash his face and then rushed off to have dinner with his girlfriend.

    When he met her she laughed and teased him as he had not removed the nail paint I had put on his finger nails. He returned home in half an hour! Evidently he was so furious that he would have actually kicked the living daylights out of me! But thankfully I had better sense to make his favorite sweet, gajjar halwa and offered it to him as soon as he entered the house!

    And that saved my skin and so you should award me one of the kits to celebrate.
    What a day it has been. amazing.

  8. The cutest prank I played was last year. I called my brother for a nice coffee with lunch at a nearby mall. He reached the place only to find me with my 3 friends and he had to pay the bill for all of us. He thought he only had to treat me but when he saw my friends, he freaked out. The bill was huge which further freaked him. Hahaha

  9. I hv played many cute funny pranks on my bro on his birthday office in his room . My bro alws used to say I m the coolest i m nt afraid of anyone nt even his girl friend so one day I met his Gf for d first time n took wrong name oh she is… In front of my bro 😀 she stared at him n asked me I m … Nt d person whose name u r referring 🙂 thn I told bro yeh ek Teri Aur new Gf Woh Pehle gai 😀 she got so angry n started shouting on my bro hahaha he kept on convincing her n telling me tu samjha isse lolz thn finally I told them truth tht I ws jst kidding 😀 thn n my bro ws abt to kill me n v both started laughing:-)


  11. Hey Tanya! this contest is apt for Raksha Bandhan. We all know that girls are afraid of cockcroaches but my younger brother is even more afraid of it. If i simply said that there is a cockcroach flying near you he will run out of the house panicking 🙂 (on seeing his reaction i will start laughing 🙂 however to maintain this act i will controlling myself) after only confirming there is no cockcroach he will step inside till that he will stay outside. This was the ultimate fun i had 🙂

  12. The cutest prank I have ever played on my brother is when we were small kids we were very close to each other and after we grown up we are still very close but since we live together everyday is a prank.

  13. The cutest prank that I have played on my brother is to compelled Him to finish the vegie of “Bottle Gourd” just for ten rupees and when He did that I refused Him to keep my words.He became very angry as He didn’t like that vegetable but I made Him fool saying that that was similar to “Dum Potato” .Though my motive is to teach Him the Importance of vegies but my decision went wrong and from that day He began to hate from the “Dum Potato” too.But to make that prank an alive one …..each and every Raksha Bandhan I myself cooked that “Dum Potato” vegie and keep in front of Him. I know He will ignore but I really enjoyed the beautiful face of my brother when He avoided the same after stating that……”Its oily and spicy….so avoiding.”

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