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With the onset of wedding season, there is a certain whiff of love in the air. With couples tying the knots and walking hand in hand, the aura is ‘crazy in love’, I must say. To celebrate this togetherness and the Festive season, Let’s Expresso in collaboration with Elle 18 brings forth today’s Giveaway.

The eye makeup range of Elle 18 helps in getting ready in no time. Just a dash of kajal and a color liner gives you the edge of beautiful eyes in 2 minutes. So whether it’s getting ready in the morning for work or college or an afternoon coffee or an evening dinner, just get ready in 2 minutes with eyes that talk. I, myself have a special love for eye makeup. Some color here and there and I am good to go.

So let us know your trick for a 2 minute eye makeup in the comments below and get to win this hamper. 5 of you can get the Elle 18 hamper of eye makeup goodies. The hamper has the water resistant kajal and eyeliner, nourishing almond oil kajal and the 4 shades of color pop liners. Isn’t the hamper worth the effort?

How to win this Blog giveaway? Simple. Just follow these easy steps.

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  4. Answer the question in the comments below.

The Contest Giveaway opens today and will close on 27th Nov’14. Open to Indian residents, the winners will be informed via email and will be declared on this page aswell. For any query, you can mail me at t4tanya@gmail.com and I will respond at the earliest. Have fun with these online giveawaysAll the Best

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My trick is simple. Lots of kajal and a thick color liner gets me ready in less than 2 minutes. Simple, suave and classy.

* The winners are Nancy Gupta, Shikha Jain, Pallavi Rohtagi, Saachi Garg and Komal Agarwal.

  1. MY trick for a 2 minute eye makeup

    1: 45 Sec: I Apply eye pencil to eyelids to outline the eye
    2: 45 Sec: I Apply mascara as this makes the look refreshed.
    3: 30 Sec”: Give fine tune to the eye makeup and i alwyz use the branded products for my eye makeup that give appealing touch to my eye with perfect care .

  2. My trick for a 2 minute eye makeup is simply place the scotch tape along the outer part of your eye- use your lower lash line as a guideline. Take your bent liner brush or any super small makeup brush and apply the eyeliner along the tape, connecting it to your upper lash line. You want to fill it in to form a triangle shape- this is what gives the illusion of winged liner. If you have an extra minute take a pencil brush and smudge a dark brown eye-shadow (or any color for that matter) on top of your gel liner.

  3. I firmly believe that eye makeup is the only thing to make woman look fabulous. I love eye make up and regularly apply eye liner to make my eyes beautiful. My tricks are here
    1. Hold ur eye from corner and stretch it. It will give you ease to draw an eye liner without any zigzags or edges.
    2. My second trick is apply some skintoned mascara and thn apply eye liner. It gives you a perfect liner in short time as mascra would dry liner quickly and gives it extra shine.

  4. I just like to highlight my lips & eyes in makeup ..so it is so easy for me to get ready in 2 min ..
    Giving 30 second to my face & neck for applying face powder properly ( i just applying facepowder on my face & neck bcoz ELLE18 face powder is enough to gives u a glowing tone) …
    Now 1min for eyes- 30 second eyeliner applying / dry , 20 second Mascara & 10 second for Kajal .
    Now 20 second for lips- just applying ELLE18 Juicy lip blam / Lipstick
    Now 10 second for hairs- opened and conb wid fingers mesy hotch potch hairs i like …
    So now i m ready in 2 minutes ..lets go .where are u taking me????

  5. 1. Apply neutral shade of eye shadow. Start at lash line blending shadow up onto lid.
    2. Apply mascara on eye lashes for attractive look.
    3. Brush a deeper shade of eye shadow over eyeliner top and bottom.

  6. EYES CAN TALK and to let them talk our eyes need to be expessive,beautiful and pampered for sure…
    My 2 min tip for eye makeup is-
    Since i waer glasses that cast a shadow on my face my eye makeup needs to be a little loud.So i begin with a concealer followed by thick eyliner extended to eye lid corners.And some kajal is must…
    Well it should be thick to make it visible to people yeahh I’ve done something dude 😛

    And Tanya I desperately need this giveaway hamper…Weddings season is up 😛
    Being optimistic 🙂

  7. My 2 min eye make up is:

    > Apply a base eyeshadow to cover up my darkcircles then,
    > Apply water resistant eye liner then,
    > Apply mascara first coat, then dab little bit of baby powder on the eyelashes and apply the second coat so that i appears thick then,
    > Apply kaajal; i have oily skin so any kajal runs down after an hour or so. So i dab a little bit of darkest brown shade eyeshadow after apllying kaajal, so that its stay ther for pretty few hours.
    > Then wear a nude shade lipstick, so that my eyes look highlited. Stay gorgeous 😀

    Thank you,
    Silva Jakulin

  8. My trick for a 2 minute eye makeup is

    Hold on the eye pencil under the flame for one second, let it cool for 10 seconds, and now its time to glide on the gel liner for a sooper dooper smudgier formula.
    Then i use a business card or any thing that won’t bend for quick and easier straight liner which saves my time :P.
    Also i use the same card holding up along the inside edge of my lashes and sweeping the mascara brush against it with the other hand.With this my lashes can’t bend out of the way from my brush and it ends up coating every lash all the way to the tip. Clean and clear. No mess in the eyelid.
    I have dark circles under my eyes or wenever i have bloated eyes beacuse of overnight work.. i make a habit of applying concealer in a triangular formation which hides the puffiness ..
    This is the way ,i make myself ready for the show quick and perfect isn’t it..;)

  9. my tricks for eye make-up
    white eyeshadow a secret weapon for “brightening up the eye area.” Apply to the inner corner of the eye, then dot on centre of eyelid and under eyebrow arch.

    For more eye definition, extend the liner all along the lash line and smudge it lightly.
    if u have time you can Play up your eyes even more with classic, neutral shadows for smoky eye shading.
    its done, eyes that talk much more than your lips

  10. Eye make up makes a huge difference in the appearance…
    I would use a color kajal or eyeliners and match it according to the dress so in 30 secs you are set for the day…
    Metallic blue or green really lifts your face anytime so try it..

  11. Hey..
    My trick for 2 min eye makeup is simply to apply a nice line of kajal in normal routine because that gives my eyes an attractive and broad look.
    And on occasions I like applying a broad eye liner as well with some mascara.
    I believe eyes speaks so we must keep them vibrant and attractive.

  12. 1- Apply foundation or concealer on the eye lids
    2- Apply eyebrow pencil using light strokes, gently color over your brows to add emphasis..

    Now you need – a light eye shadow, a medium and a dark.

    3- Dust the lightest shade eye shadow across the whole of your eye, lid and socket.
    4- Use the medium shade and apply this to the eye socket and the outer corner. Blend well using your finger.
    5- Take the darkest shade and using your sponge applicator, apply a thin line of this along the top lid and around the bottom as close to the lashes as you can get. Blend well using your finger another applicator or a cotton bud to create smudgy line.
    6- Apply lashings of mascara and eye liner
    7- Apply Kaajal for a final touch to your eye makeup

  13. If girl doesn’t wear any makeup at all, it sounds cliché, but it proves that she takes care of her skin and is confident in herself because she doesn’t need to cover her complexion up with foundation or anything like that. Eye Makeup is only for given shapes to your eyes. I love smoky eye as its look very sexy and mysterious. “RULES OF EYESHADOW”
    According to me:


  14. Eye make up give u complete look .just hi light your eye is enough some time ….just apply kajal and eye linear and light shade of eye shadow is for daily make up. ..but for party look were matching eye shadow and mascara and good shade lipstick

  15. 1. Apply primer to your eyelids(optional). Primer or base smooths out your skin and gives the makeup something to stick to.
    2. Even out the skin tone around your eyes.
    3. Apply eye shadow.

  16. Eye makeup is something that can make you look gorgeous even with just a simple line of Kajal. I am addicted to Kajal, can’t step outside without it. Have been using it since I was a teenager!! My simple steps to look gorgeous are:
    A: Single line of Kajal on lower lid of eye.
    B: Thick eye liner on upper lid.
    C: Smudge a little to give magical effect on eyes (I do it once in a while)
    D: Simple humble mascara can add volume to Lashes.
    On a regular day its always my Kajal to rescue.
    Hope you like my Entry 🙂

  17. Hi Tanya

    Awesome Giveaway!!!

    My trick for beautiful and soft eyes
    I line my upper lash line with black eyeliner and the bottom lash line with brown eyeliner. I works amazingly
    My Twitter link: twitter.com/ManjuNihalani/status/535430617463132163
    My facebook link : facebook.com/manju.nihalani/posts/1023644950995545?pnref=story

  18. I love doing eye makeup and i keep trying different tricks that save my morning time.. 🙂
    My 2 minute eye-makeup trick is:
    1. First apply thick kohl on lower lash-line and then tight-line my eyes… It gives natural kohled look instantly.
    2. then i apply colored eyeliner on my eye loads… love dark blue, green and golden shade..
    3. at the end i just apply one coat of mascara and tada I’m done… <3

    Fb name- Mansi chauhan
    Fb link- facebook.com/mansi.chauhan.77/posts/800873519969666?pnref=story

  19. You touch someone’s heart. with your beautiful eyes.Little effort make your eyes more beautiful I think.I use eye liner but most of time red colour in party time..I use concealer to make skin more beautiful and. so my eyes more shine.

  20. I guess This is the perfect giveaway for me :)One part which I love to highlight are my eyes..My 5 min eyes makeover starts with metallic glitter eye shadow and pigment powder..Along with it A thick stroke of eyeliner for those cat eyes :)Also I have a huge collection of Colored eyeliner pencils which goes well wid contrast attires..After dat A thick bold stroke of kajal to make my eyes luk bold n intense and last but not d least..I apply compact powder under eyes so dat my kajal does not bloat away 🙂

  21. I use eyeshadow on my eyes after i put on eyeliner on my eyes than mascara on eye lashes.my eyeshadow match with my dress.i do this in only 5 min.i lv do eye makeup coz i hv beautiful eyes…

  22. My way of highlighting eyes is by doing right eye make up…1st of all I apply eye shadow. .if the dress is of two colours I give a touch of the base colour matching with the shades…then i apply one or two strokes with kajal pencil after that I apply eye liner n atlast maskara :)And I end up gettin perfect bold eyes 🙂 Eyes are sumthin vich speaks ur heart so all it needs is a perfect makeover 🙂

  23. Trick for a 2 minute eye makeup is apply mascara & kajal,liner than apply smokey eye shadow, thats the perfect look to turn heads.

  24. 2 minute Eye

    1)Apply your EYE CARE FORMULA Remember to pat it on, never rub.

    2)Apply a soft, neutral shade of PURE COLOR EYESHADOW. Start at lash line, blending shadow up onto lid, then buff colour out in the crease with the EYESHADOW BLENDING BRUSH.

    3)line the eye with EYE PENCIL along top lash line. Blend the line into base of lashes with the soft tip of the pencil. A soft smudgy effect looks more natural than a hard, straight line.
    And sweepthe MASCARA in Black over top.

    SIMPLE is always beautiful perfect for casual day looks and weekend..

  25. Hi.

    My 2 minute eye makeup trick is same as yours.
    “Loads of kajal”
    I love wearing kajal & specially dark. 🙂

  26. 1)Apply your EYE CARE FORMULA Remember to pat it on, never rub.
    2)Apply a soft, neutral shade of PURE COLOR EYE SHADOW. Start at lash line, blending shadow up onto lid, then buff color out in the crease with the EYE SHADOW BLENDING BRUSH.
    3)Line the eye with ARTIST’S EYE PENCIL along top lash line. Blend the line into base of lashes with the soft tip of the pencil. A soft smudgy effect looks more natural than a hard, straight line.

  27. Apply your eye care formula Remember to pat it on, never rub,Apply Double Wear Stay-in-Place EyeShadow Base to lids to help your shades last,Apply a soft, neutral shade of pure color eyeshadow Start at lash line,blending shadow up onto lid, then buff colour out in the crease with the eyeshadow blending brush,Line the eye with artist’s eye pencil along top lash line. Blend the line into base of lashes with the soft tip of the pencil. A soft smudgy effect looks more natural than a hard, straight line.Then, stroke your pencil along base of lower lashes, ending 2/3 of the way. Smudge line to soften,Brush a deeper shade of pure color eyeshadow over eyeliner, top and bottom,Apply more of the deeper shade to outer corner in a sideways “V” shape from crease to lash line, to contour and lift. See on the eye diagram above where shadow looks darkest,Brush a very light shade of pure color eyeshadow under browbone to lift and highlight,Fill in brows with automatic brow pencil duo, using short feathery strokes, like natural hairs,Sweep Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara in Black over top lashes. Apply lightly to lower lashes.
    general eye tips

    For clump-free lashes: Wipe any excess mascara off brush, then apply by stroking over top of lash, then under, up and out
    Cheek colour, perfectly placed, balances your eye design and lifts and brightens the whole face. Use the tip of the nose and the middle of the ear as your guide, blending blusher towards the nose tip. Always start with a small amount and build colour up. It’s easier to add than take away

  28. Hey..awesome giveaway…have done all steps..

    Okk now my two minutes eye makeup trick— I moisturise my eyes before doing any eye makeup.. Then just apply a thin water proof liner on my upper lash line and then apply 2-3 coats of my fav mascara and done.. That’s my regular 2 minutes eye makeup..

    Thank u.

  29. Thanku so much Tanya for such a wonderful giveaway…
    My two.minute eye make up will include applying Kajal.. as Kajal is a must for eyes.. it lights up the eyes and face too. . Nextly, i apply mascara to give my eyelashes a little bit of curl.and definition… and thats it.I am done…. My eyes are ready for hypnotising the world… 😉

  30. Hey, Tanya..
    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway and best wishes for years of blogging ahead of you!
    I prefer my eye makeup to be simple rather than very elaborate and dramatic.
    First line the upper eyelids with Elle 18 Water Resistant Eyeliner and extend that line for about a centimeter to give a winger look. Then line the lower lash-line with their water resistant kajal. To complete the look apply mascara to the lashes. For more dramatic look, apply a colored eyeliner along with the basic black one to give a nice pop of color to the eyes.
    Done following all the steps!
    Fingers crossed!
    Wish to win at least one of your wonderful giveaways!
    Saachi Garg.

  31. hi tanya…
    i think u have caught every womans’ nerve i.e. their love for highlighting their eyes, which makes them look good and stand out in the crowd as well!
    so my trick for 2 minutes eye make up is my mom’s trick which she uses when my dad shouts on her 2 get ready quickly….
    1.i apply a very dusky eye shadow usually which takes around 20 secs.
    2. then i apply eye liner with the help of a sheet ( i had cut that sheet in the shape of a winged liner coz thats my fav and its difficult to apply free hand and takes a lot of time) – 50 secs to be precise.
    3. then i apply kajal which take me hardly 30 secs, coz i apply daily so its easy doing freehand.
    4. & the last i apply mascara that too very little because i have very less eye lashes, compared to others which hardly takes me 20 secs.

  32. My 2 min eye makeup is as sample as to make Maggi.
    Apply make uo base all over.
    Apply eye kajal inside upper and lower eyelash lid.
    Use eye liner to define eyes in shape with caty eye look using Scotch tape.
    Apply thick mascara and finally ablip gloss. .perfect 2 min makeup for every day.

  33. My 2 min eye make up is:
    Apply a base eyeshadow to cover up my dark circles.
    Use an eyelashes curler.
    Use a smudge free kajal and Maskar.
    Apply a thick eye liner to give a proper shape to eyes.

  34. My trick for a 2 minute eye makeup is apply dark kajal & liner which gives amazing attractive look even without makeup.

  35. i love natural smudge kajal look so for this i apply khol in my outer and upper waterline and then apply an eye shadow of some dark shade like dark chocolate in my corners and just wipe the same brush below my lower lashes and then a thin eyeliner and finally mascara on my lashes and m done .

  36. If i have only 2 minutes left for makeup before i run out the door, I wil try to put mascara on both eyes for a big difference also I will apply kajal on lower lash line ^_^ 🙂 Tada am ready to go ^_^ <3

  37. If i have only 2 minutes left for makeup before i run out the door, I wil try to put mascara on both eyes for a big difference also I will apply kajal on lower lash line ^_^ 🙂 Tada am ready to go ^_^ <3

  38. I completely believe in the quote that “Our eyes are the doorway to our soul”. On weekdays, I don’t get enough time to do eye make-up but a simple kajal or an eye-liner is enough to highlight the most beautiful assets I posses, i.e. my eyes. But in case when I have to attend a party or get together, or want to look special and grab some eye-balls but is in hurry, few easy but useful tips always helps me and gives me the desired results. Few of them are:
    1. The most amazing trick I have ever come across is using blue kajal or liner on upper lids. It instantly brightens my eyes and makes it fresh and sparkling.
    2. Applying white kajal on the lower water line helps in giving the fresh and sexy look to the eyes and adds an ex-factor on my face.
    3. Applying any bright colour lip balm on the lids with finger tips helps in saves me from using eye-shadow and gives me some extra time to get ready.
    4. Black kajal on upper water line and golden liner/kajal below the lower water line and some mascara and some more mascara and my naina are ready to rock.
    I am very bad in doing a complete eye makeup and most of the times my hands start shaking like a 60 year old man while applying liner, but thanks to these easy peasy tricks, they always saves me from totally messing up and makes me look graceful.

  39. hi tanya!!!!
    i feel going subtle can be a highlight as well!
    my 2mins eye make up would be to apply a nude shade eye shadow and a nice thick eye liner!!!! thats a done thng to look different!

  40. Hi Tanya
    Apply some under eye concealer if u have dark circles and use white color kohl to make ur eyes appear fresh and young this trick is used by me always also apply mascra only on upper lashes and leave lower lsahes ! This makes ur eyes appear bigger and fresh


  41. I believe that the simpler the make-up, the beautiful one looks. I just make it a point to apply a herbal eye definer artistically on both the upper and lower lash-lines and opt for a neat, clean and traditional look. Sometimes, I go for a soft smudged look to look a bit more natural and carefree.

  42. My 2 mins eye makeup trick is….I first apply concealer on my under eye area to take away the dullness.. then i apply a light shade kohl to my waterline to make thm look bright & fresh and line my upper lid wid black kohl…I also love using green kohl as it makes the eyes look mesmerizing… 😀

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