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HiFi in Bollywood? What’s that? The first question that hit me when author Rishi Vohra sent me an email to introduce his latest book. I still remember holding my first of giveaways with him for his debut Novel, Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai, exactly 2 years back. O boy! How far I have come! But there has something always been special with Book Giveaways. Maybe my love for holding the books and reading morning- evening or the fact that books never leave you alone or maybe books become an alternate life. Well, we all have our own reasons but one thing is for sure, books are oxygen to book lovers!

Coming back to the blog giveaway. ‘HiFi In Bollywood’ is a story about an aspiring filmmaker. The dizzying heights of Bollywood. And a strained father-son relationship. The novel takes the reader from the streets of Berkeley to the film studios of Mumbai; from red-light areas to police stations, and from reality to dreams and back to reality again!

Book Giveaway
John, the so cute with the book. Go Rishi Vohra!

To ENTER the Giveaway, just answer the following question:

“Why do you deserve this book?”


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5 lucky winners to get a hand on this book, just like John 🙂

The Contest Giveaway opens today and will close on 12th Feb’15. Open to Indian residents, the winners will be informed via email and will be declared on this page aswell.  For any query, you can mail me at and I will respond at the earliest. Have fun with these blog giveawaysAll the Best.

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*The winners are Geeta Nair, Clementia, Gunjan Matah, Sugandha Dixit and Sanjay Thampy.

  1. “She reads books as if she breathes” Well that typically describes my love for books. An ardent reader and booknerd, I love reading. Since I am an author myself (December Breeze is my debut book) I love to read new Indian authors.
    And also I didn’t win the last book giveaway so I deserve this a tad bit more..pleassseee… (puppy eyes)

  2. I deserve this book because I’m a fan of Indian readers. The way they depict the characters and the locations, its as if straight out of my life.

  3. Now how do I describe myself: A bookworm, an avid reader, a collector or simply one who loves the world of letters? Well if you must know, I am a combination of all four. I read both the good and trash for I believe that to be able to truly appreciate the good you need to know the trash. Regarding genre, I prefer anything except erotica. So you see I’d really love to read this one and get to know more about a world I’m not particularly familiar with living far down south i.e. Kerala. (Yes I do watch Hindi films but that’s all). So do I deserve the book. Me thinks, ‘yes’.

  4. superbb…i wud love to win this bcoz i love reading books…wherever i go i carry my fav books along with friends call me a BOOKWORM..i can definitely do justice to do this book…thanks for this lovely book giveaway..good luck girls….

  5. how i can i say no to books…neverrr.wish i cud win this…lovelygiveaway..books are my life..cant breath widout them…thanks a lot dear

  6. I deserve this book because i started tracking my reading on the year before and its my interest towards reading automatically keeps me to buy many books …hence I’m so future-focused, reading books helps me to understand people … 🙂

  7. I deserve this book because i started tracking my reading on the year before and its my interest towards reading automatically keeps me to buy many books …hence I’m so future-focused, reading books helps me to understand people … 🙂 ^_^

  8. I deserve this book as I am a fiction lover, and reading books such as HiFi in Bollywood lets the creative imagination of my brains have no boundaries at all. These kinda books let me imagine and be immersed in the book so much that I actually feel I am a part of it. Also once I am into it there is no stopping till I reach the last page..:)

    Hope to get lucky and read this book by Rishi Vohra 😀

    All steps done 😀

  9. Firstly thankyou so much Tanya for raining giveaways on the blog.:)

    I would like to win this book as i need a break from reading love stories.I need a break from reading the books of so called renowned writers and i wanna read books of new n upcoming talented writers.I would love to read Rishi Vohra’s book as it fits both the criteria.:) Also i m gonna go on a trip in last week of Feb… so the book will be a fabulous companion…whenever i need to escape in the world of my own.I was looking to buy a new book…for the trip part.So even if i dont win…i know which book to buy.:)

  10. Hey thanks a tonns for amazing giveaways you are hosting!!!

    Well wen it comes to novels/books…m a huge fan of reading…n on d topping wen its owned by John (m damn crazy for him) i would really love to win it!!!!
    Novels be it a love story, fiction, horror stories or any genre have always been my true companions…my friends for life…my friends who wont ditch me!!!
    I love reading novels, be it written by big authors like Eric Sehgal, Amrish or new bestseller authors like Novoneel, Sudeep, Durjoy etc… And definitely i would love to add this novel to my reading list….
    New Authors definitely come up with something different and unique…as the name suggest ‘Hi-Fi in bollywood’ by Rishi !!!! First of all i would say its a truely amazing title…tempting me to read it 🙂 🙂

    So here i keep my fingers crossed and i hope to win 🙂

  11. Every year I make a resolution that I will start reading a book but never end up doing it as I never get a book that interests me or makes me wanna read a book. But this book Hi-Fi In Bollywood just makes me want to read it & interests me a lot as I just love Bollywood & the name of the book is so catchy too. And seeing John Abraham hold that book I just know that I want to read it too. Please make my resolution come true at least this year.

  12. I deserve this book because reading has always been my first love. Opening pages of a new book is unparalleled happiness for me! And once I lay my hands on a new book to read, I just have to finish it. I just dig into it, compromise on my sleep, work whatever! Wherever I go, I always keep a book with me for good company. Summing up my book love: “There is no friend as loyal as a book.”

  13. I deserve this book because, I love readings or you can say that books are my best friends. I’m incomplete without them. Whenever, I go I carry one book along with me so that whenever I get time of feel bore I start reading which keeps me fresh and entertain and I’m not like lots of others I know, I believe reading books make you smarter and it increases your ability to comprehend. Over time, it will increase your readibility. It helps in many ways. I’m just super excited to read this Hi-Fi in Bollywood book because, I love to read every kind of books and the sound of Bollywood really makes me cool to read this book. I really wish to get this book one for me.

    Facebook Id : Annu Dogra
    Twitter Handle : annu_dogra
    Email Id :

    🙂 :*

  14. Reading is my passion and of course, Bollywood is a a subject which no one can stay far away from. I had always dreamt of becoming a film maker, and in fact, I still harbor that dream even as I am busy pursuing my profession. During our study days, I along with my two friends had vowed that one day the three of us will get back together to make a movie. And believe me, I would do that, as much as I started pursuing my passion of writing at this age. HiFi In Bollywood’ being the story about an aspiring filmmaker, I feel I can relate to the story and the protagonist in it. The strained father-son relationship, the journey through the streets of Berkeley, the film studios of Mumbai, the red-light areas, the police stations is surely what a Bollywood masala would be made of, something which I would cherish to read. This book’s journey from reality to dreams and back to reality again would be something which would amaze me and bring me closer to my cherished dream. And it is for this reason, I feel that I deserve this book.

  15. Hi tanya 🙂

    I love reading books.They keep me occupied when i am alone. When i travel books are my only. companion .i am not much into listening music. So i always carry a good book to read. I am never without a book ever. Books are oxygen for me. So I deserve this book in order to keep myself going.Also i’ve had enuf of chetan bhagat, durjoy dutta , ravinder singh ……… Would like to read something new and i am totally looking forward to read rishi vohra’s book !

  16. Hi Tanya
    I am a book lover !

    A book is a integral part of our lives from our birth till the very end. They are our companion , our friend, our true soul-mate in all regards. Not only the story-line but the kind of buzz the book is creating is making me ecstatic and crazy to get my hands on it. and what better it would be for a book lover to get a piece of Rishi Vohra’s work through his own giveaway. The subject , the compassion and the innocence, dedication and conviction with which the author has created the book is already has its aura and impact on me which is making it hard for me to miss this oppurtunity to have this book. i ll be most glad to get a copy. THe magic that author has me in before even my reading the book fascinates me how much more enthralling and appalling and fascinating it would be to be really captivated in the charm the author is providing .
    Thanks Hope u see my name in privileged few to grab this copy
    Sugandha dixit
    Shared on face book
    Subscrbed via

  17. YAyyyy Super happy…congrats all d winner including me 😀 Thanks a tonn for dis awesome giveaway 🙂 Super excited to read d new novel!!

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