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Desi Belle

Hi My favourite girls

You take me by surprise with your enthusiasm for each of LE’s Blog giveaways. The last one was for book lovers and this time I’m back for all you fashion lovers. Thanks to Desi Belle, this giveaway takes an ‘Urban Bohemian’ touch. The Indo-Western brand changes the way women dress in India. With fusion wear and blending of west with east, the brand brings forward styles and silhouettes to make each woman a true Fashionista. Available in Mumbai at Central and MBO’s, Half Ticket and European Catalog in Ahemdabad, Catwalk in Chandigarh, Aristocrat in Ludhiana, Bindals, Chunmun, Vijay store, Style Fit, Follow me in Delhi and all leading online stores, the brand is fast gaining preference among forward moving women. This is your chance to win a merchandise and flaunt it in style.

1. Just answer this simple question- “My Diwali, My way! My style this Diwali will be…

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Based on the contest entries, 4 of you will be sent this stunning Palazzo pants worth Rs 1699/- in your size.

How to enter the giveaway:

Leave the answer below in the comments. The contest giveaway opens today and will close on 11th October’13. Open to Indian residents, the winners will be informed via email and will be declared on this page aswell. For any query, you can mail me at and I will respond at the earliest. Have fun with these online giveaways.

I’m a fan of fusion wear. Either it has to be an ethnic skirt with a spunky T-shirt or an embellished tunic with straight pants. The most stylish is pairing a super Indian dupatta with T-shirt and jeans or wrap in style over a short dress. Free spirited, uber chic and I am Me attitude personified! Stay in style with LE.

The winners for the Desi Belle contest are Neha Khatri, Rachna, Shumita and Jyotsna Malhotra. Congratulations girls. Enjoy your palazzos.

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  1. My style this Diwali will be very Indian, very classy. A pair of bright Anarkali teamed up with huge earrings and glittering eyes will mark my day. A pair of Kohlapuris will complete the look. Along with this, my style will adorn a smile on my face, respect for elders, love for juniors and friendship for all. This beautiful Festival is so stylish by itself that the entire city will be jazzed up in lights, love and laughter. I love Diwali and may all of you have a very happy and prosperous festival of lights.

  2. My style will be a long ghagra with a short kurti. A pair of wedges and kohl rimmed eyes will brighten up the day. A long flowy dupatta and colorful bangles will glam up the style quotient. Meeting with relatives and friends will mark the day. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  3. A nice crisp sari and bling jewellery will be my style. I’ll ditch the diamonds this time and style up in gold and silver.

  4. I particularly like Diwali among all the festivals. Diwali is a festival of lights and decoration. I feel this festival is special because it has a long five days celebration starting from dhanteras and ending on bhai-duj.
    Every festival has its own significance. And the lights and decorations associated with Diwali signify cleaning ourselves & illumining our lives with good thoughts and deeds. Diwali – the season of lights is one occasion where we dress up in all our traditional finery
    As a child, I associated Diwali with brilliant lights, fire crackers, sweets and the like. Now that I am all grown up, I still look forward to Diwali because of the brilliant lights, fire crackers and sweets, but I have yet another thing to love about it – the clothes. Diwali is the best time of the year to show off your new clothes – after all, it is the only festival where you visit all your relatives, or they visit you, thus giving you a perfect opportunity to put on a little fashion show, if you are so inclined.
    “My Diwali, My way! My style this Diwali will be… a flowy maxi skirt with a heavily embroidered bodice and to compliment my attire I will experiment with a number of finishes and textures, stones and enamel of Fusion Jewelry or may be as heritage jewelry is enjoying a revival, so this is the perfect time to borrow some bling from my mother so that I can deck myself out.”

  5. My style this Diwali will be… It’s been 4 years that I have celebrated Diwali at my parent’s home, as after marriage it was either Bangalore where I and my husband work or Rewari(Haryana) where my in laws live. So this time being at my parent’s house I am really excited and waiting to celebrate Diwali with my family and as this will also be the first Diwali of my little daughter so really this is going to be a lot different and fun filled Diwali.
    As, this time I will be at my Parents home I won’t have to wear a Sari as Daughter in Laws are asked to wear, So I will be wearing a maroon churidar with white duppata having a maroon border and completely designed in net as this will totally compliment the holy occasion.
    Will decorate whole house with different types of candles and design the temple in a whole new way and capture all the great moments of all of us together so that when my daughter will grow up we can show her how she celebrated her first Diwali. The only thing that we will be missing this time will be crackers as there are various risks involved with fire crackers and also the smoke may prove fatal for little Radha… My Daughter…
    Hope all these wishes come true and we have a wonderful Diwali this year… 

  6. “My Diwali my Way ..!! I love dis festival as it brings together our loved ones friends 🙂 This Diwali my style will be as alws a suit gifted by my mother I.e Pakistani long suit with plazo pants which are in huge trend .. I prefer bright colors during festive season as it reflect love happiness joy . I will pair this suit with my mum gold jewellery I mean long diamond danglers with Swarovski bangles I simply love them. For face I would go for bright lipper with bb cream n lil cute bindi to complete my look . N my footwear will be swarovski heel sandal to give me tht oomph effect 🙂

  7. My Diwali, My way! My style this Diwali will be Kurti in bright colours as Diwali is the festival of joy and happiness. I will pair it up with a pair of leggings of a contrast colour and some gorgeous accessories. I will wear a gold jewellery set and bangles gifted by my mother. I will keep my makeup minimal. I will apply a tinted lip gloss to my lips and a bb cream to my face. I will wear a pair of large sunglasses that will increase my style and charm during the day. Also, I will wear a pair of high heel sandals to add to my oomph. I will keep my accessories and makeup minimal and wear cotton clothes while lighting diyas and bursting crackers.
    I will celebrate this festival of lights in style with my friends and relatives.

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway and wish you a very Happy Diwali in advance.

  8. This Diwali is going to be a whole new experience for me as I got married last December so this will be my first Diwali in my in laws. Everything will be changed this Diwali for me.
    Since my childhood me and my brother used to buy lots of crackers and enjoyed burning them for continuous three days. But this year my brother will not be with me. Here I will be having lot of new people to celebrate with but my brother will be alone, this thought makes me sad.
    For Diwali I always used to wear western cloths, a trendy top and a nice skin fit jeans or a full length skirt but this time as I am daughter in law of the house I would be wearing a Sari and not any sari but a traditional Bengali sari. Here in Bengal celebration of Diwali begins from the Navratra Sthapna itself. According to my husband here we are not allowed to burn crackers so will spend time lightning the house with different types of colorful candles.
    I have also thought of making an special arrangement for a projector that I will connect to my laptop and will do video chat on Skype with my brother and Parents.

  9. My Diwali, My way! My style this Diwali will be something different! I am going all traditional this Durga Puja ! I do that every time for Diwali, But this time I wanted to have a little bit of “Ms.I-am-not-Being-traditional-today” attitude and flaunt something boho-chic. That” why I bought lots of metal bangles and a lovely feather earring! I would love to wear those “to die for ” palazzo pants and make a statement cause in Kolkata the Desi Belle outlet is not there, and flaunting a new brand , while at the same time being unique would be fantastic amidst all the lights and celebration ! It would be different as I said !

  10. My Diwali, My way! My style this Diwali will be…
    First of all Sorry to all girls out there, I know this giveaway is only for girls but still i want to participate as I want to win these stylish Palazzo pants for my Girl Friend.
    We met few months ago only, but it feels like the bonding we share is not so young… its very strong. This will be our first Diwali together. Both of our families know that we love each other. But my parents and her parents have not yet met each other so i have planned that this Diwali I would invite her whole family to visit us and I have a surprise planned for her.
    On that day after the Laxmi Pooja i am gonna propose her for Marriage and gonna gift her a nice Diamond ring in front of all, as i know this will be the best Diwali gift for her.
    Its still a whole month to go for Diwali but I have already started preparing for it from now only…. Hope everything goes as planned.

  11. “My Diwali, My way! My style this Diwali will be my sixteen year old long “Sharaara” with a short kurti and a beautiful scarf around my neck.This Palazzo pants is giving the same touch as fashion generates again and again via new looks and designs.Though That “Sharaara” will too very comfortable while using crackers and gives a latest look too.I am going to sing my Diwali Song like this way…..

    “This Diwali I will be Unique,
    B’coz I will be something different from traditional seek,
    A Desi appeal in urban style,
    But still called to be an Indian Bride ,
    My Sharaara and kurti with dangling earrings,
    Mark the beginning of prosperity and rythmic sings,
    Though the Goddess of Lakshmi will be honoured with pride,
    But I too make me presentable in an Urban devotee guide ,
    As My looks will not hurt the scenario,
    And I will enjoy my Diwali carrying Fun with biscuits “Oreo”.”

  12. fb ana amanti

    For this Diwali season my style will be to wear the best suit or kurta I own with my jewelry including a necklace , earrings , ring , and bracelet .
    I want to spend time with my husband’s family and make the best of the time spent there . I hope one day we can move from living here in Mumbai to spend time with them in the north . I miss their company and I feel better in Delhi .
    I hope my wish comes true soon hopefully this season .

  13. My diwali style this year Would be quite different.. I will be wearing a leopard print maxi dress with A metallic belt… pop bracelets, pumps and a beautiful big clutch to enhance my overall look…

  14. I look forward to Diwali because of the brilliant lights, fire crackers and sweets, but I have yet another thing to love about it – the clothes. Diwali is the best time of the year to show off your new clothes – after all, it is the only festival where you visit all your relatives, or they visit you, thus giving you a perfect opportunity to put on a little fashion show, if you are so inclined.

    My diwali style this year Would be
    Stand out against a sea of browns and reds by opting for hues like turquoise, yellows and pink tones. These are the hottest colours of the season!

    i would Opt for palazzos/dhoti-trousers. Not only are they incredibly chic but super comfy too! dress it up with big chunky earrings and pair of heels and a richly bright colored embroidered top.

    keep the make up light and Loose curls and voluminous hair work well..


  15. My Diwali, My way! My style this Diwali will be… Like always this time also I will start my day going to Mother Teresa Home for donating old cloths and then providing poor people with sweets and fruits.
    After that we will go for crackers shopping. In afternoon will decorate the house with lights and paper decorators. In evening will get ready and dress up in my new Sari that I bought for this vary occasion, by God’s grace I am already beautiful so don’t need much make up just a hint of lip gloss and eye roll will be enough and then celebrate Diwali with my family. First we do Laxmi Pooja together as I live in a big joint family then we all go to terrace and burn crackers and eat sweets…

  16. Dnt knw whether boys can participate or not…but I really wanted to win it for my sister whose bday is approaching next week…since I am short of pocket money, really hopin to win it for her…please be considerate & include mine comment as valid.

    My Diwali, My way! My style this Diwali will be Ethnic wear. Cream khadi kurta Pyjama embroidered in elegant stitching, Nehru Jacket in shade of magenta — just a bit more festive than the average black and white tux…Paired with kohlapuri chappals, frameless specs & leather wrist watch !! Gabru Jawaan in desi format 🙂

    Keeping my fingers crossed…wish to be able to surprise my angel sis 🙂

  17. My Diwali, My way! My style This Diwali will be a lot more fun as this year I will be with my family after two years. As from last two years I was in Pune and didn’t have leave for Diwali. So, waiting for the wonderful occasion. This year I will go all traditional, unlike last year’s Diwali when we all, me and my friends wore jeans and t-shirt. I have not done shopping yet but will go soon as not much time is left. Happy Diwali to you all in Advance.

  18. My Diwali, My way! My style this Diwali will be *choli suit* – lehenga pants with heavy choli cum blouse that exposes a bit of midriff., stack of wooden bangles, side swept fish pony tail, small bindi & traditional rajasthani danglers 🙂
    I just love to experiment with my looks…adding a touch of quirkiness to the ethnic wear, walking with grace and attitude that assures elegance 🙂

  19. My Diwali, My way! My style this Diwali will be…
    Floor-sweeping cherry coloured anarkali suit with my mother’s heavy bandhani-mirrored dark green dupatta….I am sure it wud look flattering and wud turn out to be a sartorial hit…. killing that daily monotonous tomboyish look. 😉

  20. My Diwali, My way! My style this Diwali will be a blue leather mini Skirt, coral spangly snug boat neck top and Fisnhet stockings. A tiny bit Taylor Momsen like, but what is fashion if not to grab attention. A sleek Ponytail, Nude dewy makeup and I am sure I nail the Rock Chic to perfection with a sparkling pendant !! 😉

  21. My Diwali, My way! My style this Diwali will be..
    A pale pink/ lime green kurti, paired with jodhpuris ! A metallic studded wrist watch with a key shaped pendant.
    The idea is to not let it just be stand alone but also not over shadow it with super brights 😉

  22. My Diwali, My way! My style this Diwali will be “A Pair Of Trendy Kurta With A Combination Of Mango & Olive Green having Innovative drapes…. Fun Tights, A Phulkari Dupatta And High heels.”

  23. My Diwali, My way! My style this Diwali will be
    Red Chiffon Saree with little sparkle in it, Backless blouse with a latkan dori…jhumki’s, kada & choti si bindi…Pure indian avatar for a newly wed birdie , me 🙂

  24. My Diwali, My way! My style this Diwali will be Simple , sober yet catching fancy of every1. Making an ideal adorning option I wud prefer to endorse the creative use of rich silk chanderi salwar kameez dupatta with gota patti work in soft pastel yet bright shade which boasts of flawless cut & understated design to complement the festive spirit.

  25. “My Diwali, My way! My style this Diwali will be…” Indian with a Bohemian twist.A black top embellished at the neck and red lehenga pants with latkan at the side.Wear my hair in a fish tail braid and bright coral lipstick and kundan earrings.Diwali for me has always been about celebrating fashion and gorging out on sweets.Being a Bong not in Kol this time but will make sure to dazzle with attitude and grace.

  26. My Diwali, My way! My style this Diwali will be… very simple. we celebrate Diwali with lots of simplicity. I have brought a new sari for the occasion, its Color is Black in chiffon fabric with embroidery, specially designed for such occasions.
    The only thing that excites me about Diwali is that during the Pooja time my whole family comes together, that happens very rarely in my family, as I have a very big joint family.

  27. Diwali always brings along loads of joy n enthusiasm …I always celebrate diwali my way n in my style…decorate d house wit a new theme each year n compliment d decorations wit a beautiful rangoli in vibrant colors , diyas n stones…I love to dress up …n its lyk a 3..4 day celebration…so I pik up alot of stuff n get a few stitched to suit d occasion…This tym i hv got neon anarkalis stitched n hv bought traditional kurtis n long georgette skirts to tem dem wit…but truly my eyes got stuck on dese awsum plazzos…dey r to die fr…n I wud luv to get dese…I cn team dem wit a trendy corset or a traditional choli n a scarf…n I m surely gng to show dis off to my friends n family…During diwali. we visit our relatives n give dem gifts…while d nights r usually fun filled with cards parties n late dinners… N dis diwali is gng to b extra special wit dis giveaway…lukin frwrd to it wit lots of excitement …n wishin lets expresso a vry hppy diwali in advance…♡♡

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