Blog Giveaway: Win this fabulous scarf from Scarves and You

Blog Giveaway: Win this fabulous scarf

My soul sisters, I’m back with another Blog giveaway. This time, the giveaway is very close to my heart- scarves. How I love them! My life is incomplete without a nice scarf around my neck or hanging from my bag. I have them in almost every color and style. Scarves totally define me and if you are in love with scarves too, you will totally understand my passion for them.

1. Just answer this simple question- “My favourite accessory is… 

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Based on the contest entries, 2 of you will get this stylish, very chic scarf from Scarves and You.

How to enter the giveaway:

Leave the answer below in the comments. The contest giveaway opens today and will close on 17th September’13. Open to Indian residents, the winners will be informed via email and will be declared on this page aswell. For any query, you can mail me at and I will respond at the earliest. Have fun with these online giveaways.

Scarves and You is a store based in Delhi and sells throughout India online. Beautiful scarves in stylish patterns and cuts are available to woo your look. From fringed scarves to asymmetrical cuts, the store has a scarf for every mood. Light and gauzy, thick and detailed, each scarf has a story to tell. You can easily shop online from their facebook page: . They have free shipping in India.

P.S. My favourite accessory is a stylish scarf. My latest love are infinity loops. They just look wow. Scarves and You has ample of them in different colors and styles. The fringed scarf from their collection is of special mention. Just wear it over a pair of T shirt and jeans and you are good to go. When I can’t make my mind on what to buy, I buy a scarf. It makes my day. I have about 50 of them and I still buy more. Sometimes all you need is an accessory or an extra piece on an outfit to totally change the look- my scarves help me in that.

The winners for the Scarves and You contest are Surbhi Agarwal and Shipra Bishnoi. Congratulations girls! The pretty scarf is on its way.

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  1. I just love this giveaway for the reason i loved your scarves in previous styled posts.
    And this is again a pretty and hot in trend stripes scarf post, totally caught my attention.
    I couldn’t stop myself from not telling you this.

    My favorite accessory is the one which can be called a hero piece of the outfit and the right choice of it can make your outfit look Fashionable and do wonders to transform your simple outfit into Smart and Stylish.

    BTW, it’s none other than A Hero piece of the outfit “Scarf”
    I talk to my clothes (i confess) and i can bank upon a trendy, stylish scarf any day to
    compliment my outfit. A nice scarf, wrapped around my neck or just bag (at times)
    will scream fashion and my sense of styling and i can’t express my love for such a beautiful
    and feminine accessory 🙂 I love styling them in many ways.


  2. Being a housewife and a married one its a compulsion for me to be traditionally covered my head with some two and a half meter long dupatta ,which not only made me awkward but difficult to manage while doing household work,exercise etc.But as the long trendy scarves serves the same purpose then definitely I opt the same as one of my favorite accessory which not only serves my traditional purpose but also made my in-laws happy to be a nice daughter-in-law. So My favorite accessory is a beautiful scarf that serves the dual purpose i.e one at home to cover my head and second while going for outing to cover my neck in a decent way to add some stars in my personality so that no one could judge me as a housewife and often asked ,”Are You working?”

  3. Hi,

    My favourite accessory is “Scarf”.

    I love the way it gives me a hug and the touch of a beautiful creation that makes me
    feel awesome. Just a wrap around me, the natural flair of the scarf in wind, the drape around my neck/waist and a tie or loop is all what i just recalled about my scarves. Seriously, Where did this come from? Tell me so that i can thank the person who brought this such an innovative styling technique to us.Among all Loop style is my favorite to wear a scarf.
    I love to get the warm hug of the scarf and i feel it when it gives me the perfect look.

  4. My favourite accessory is “handbag”

    When I just need a little something extra for my outfit, this handbag does the trick. Perfect accessory to glam up my look & lifestyle. This handbag is the easiest way to carry my attitude in style!

    Handbag is a nice accessory to rev up both my formal and casual look. It is a truly remarkable add-on to any ensemble, an ideal accessory to complete the fashionable personality of today’s ladies….bang On !!

    Bright n Beautiful accessory can lift my spirit like no other thing !! 🙂

  5. Hi Tanya,

    Thank you for this lovely giveaway!!

    Well, My fav. accessory is *STATEMENT NECKLACE*

    These pieces are the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe whether I’m roaming around town meeting the girls for cocktails or I’m lounging on the beach topping up my tan. They would go perfectly with every outfit and are so practical. I just love the statement necklaces. When I go away I usually limit my wardrobe to short dresses during the day and a simple skirt and tank top at night… so I love to pair statement necklaces with them to add a bit of color n contrast ^_^

  6. My fav. accessory is Solitaire Studs 🙂

    Reason- Nothing speaks “Lady-Like Sophistication” more than a vintage solitaire stud. They are a statement piece that speak for themselves and need no introduction. It not just catches everyone’s attention but rescues me when I am in dilemma of what to wear? :p It has always been a vibrant, stimulating fashion accessory which I love to flaunt & one that makes me really happy! 😀 They really help pull a look together and the best bit is that they actually have a functional purpose! 🙂

  7. My favourite accessory is big neck pieces in metal and stones. They accentuate the outfit and are a sure shot superstar for any party.

  8. My favourite accessory is a hair band. It gives me a stylish look and and takes care of all the fly aways. Colorful hair bands look trendy and are a definite eye catcher.

  9. My favourite accessory is a solid bangle in gold, diamond or stones on my wrist. I definitely make a statement with it.

  10. My favourite accessory is “Scarf”.

    I love to wear colourful and stylish scarves at all seasons of the year. I feel that scarves are the most beautiful fashion creation that increases my charm and makes me look more elegant.
    I love to style scarves in any fashion with my dresses – either drape around my neck or waist or around my head or even wear them as tie or loop. The loop style is my favourite, however I try innovating my looks with different other styles of wearing scarves.
    In winter, apart from elevating my style, scarves protect me from cold by giving me a warm hug around my head.
    Scarves are my all time companions and I simply cannot go out without draping a scarf around myself.

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

    My Email Id :

  11. My favourite accessory is also SCARVES as its is one of the easiest ways to perk up outfits is by adding a great scarf! Not only do they add a sense of added style to what i am wearing, it’s an inexpensive way to make sure my outfit is never boring.Even a black pair of leggings and a black t-shirt look incredibly chic when I add an attention grabbing scarf with a bold, graphic print or an attention grabbing color. Scarves are also a great way to incorporate seasonal trends into wardrobe without spending a lot of money. Just adding an animal print, metallic, plaid, floral or tribal print scarf instantly updates my closet without breaking the bank. The bolder the print or pattern on scarf, the simpler the outfit should be as not to compete.There is more than just one way to wear a scarf – with a bit of creativity and I can wear my scarf in a different way almost every day of the week! I also raid my mom’s closet for some scarves with a vintage feel and look!


    Shipra Bishnoi

  12. My favourite accessory is SHOES.

    Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. 🙂

    They completely transform an outfit from casual (flats) to business (kitten heels or high pumps) to a night on the town (dressy 4 inch-ers). Lately I’ve found a new love i.e playing with different colors ….bright n bold to sober n subtle….its surely is fun!!

    And the best part why shoes are my fav. accessory is – I always get compliments on how they brighten up an outfit….it takes me to a journey from drab to fab within few minutes !! 🙂

  13. My favourite accessory is DANGLERS.

    Earrings always do make me feel special.

    I’m a simple jewelry kind of gal, and the earrings above really spice it up for me without being too over the top and feeling like I’m wearing something that isn’t my personality 🙂

  14. My favorite accessories is my Esprit watch I bought with my then life savings when i was 14. It still looks great with everything I own almost 10 years later! Keeps me punctual, humble & grounded ! 🙂

  15. Well, My favorite accessory happens to be earrings!

    If wearing a dark color a bright pair brings color to my face and I always like color there. If wearing a bathing suit, or even just a birthday suit, I love how a pair of earrings finishes the look.

    I really feel naked without earrings, and would easily give up a ring, bracelet or necklace if I had to chose to wear just one accessory.

  16. My favorite accessories are different types of Finger Rings.

    I have lots of rings in different styles and shapes and some even DIY-ed!

    I love finger rings because they add that elegant and almost unique look to your whole outfit and are really hassle free and easy to maintain when you are in a busy schedule!

    To sum it up , it’s easy to handle , wear and you can effortlessly look better !

    I adore you ,coz you love scarves and because scarves need a different kind of poise to be carried!

    1. Hi Beenu
      The winners for the Scarves and You contest are Surbhi Agarwal and Shipra Bishnoi. They have been declared on the page aswell. Keep visiting the blog for many more contests. Cheers!

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