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 My lovely girls

Let’s Welcome summer in style. My love for palazzos is increasing day by day and I’m in the process of designing some really chic ones for all of you. They will soon be up on the eshop. Also, to add that glam quotient, I bring forth this amazing blog giveaway wherein 4 of you will an amazing hamper from Elle 18 full of bright colorful eyeliners. Let the eyes do the talking. Cast a spell this summer with mesmerising eyes and to die for attitude.

How to win? Simple. Just follow the following easy steps.

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  4. Answer the simple question in the comments below : What’s your mantra this summer to maintain skin suppleness and shine?

4 winners will get a fabulous summer hamper of bright eye color pop liners to walk and talk in style.

The Contest Giveaway opens today and will close on 5th April’14. Open to Indian residents, the winners will be informed via email and will be declared on this page aswell. For any query, you can mail me at and I will respond at the earliest. Have fun with these online giveawaysDo ensure you complete all the four steps mentioned above. All the Best. 

Play fair, Play well. Please do not copy/paste answers from other sites. All those answers will be disqualified.

My mantra is simple. Stay hydrated and stay happy. Find happiness in yourself for you are responsible for how you feel. When you are happy, the skin is happy. And when the skin is happy, it radiates and shines. Have a fantastic time and love yourself. Be your best friend. Have a coffee with yourself and do all that you love. Stay stylish and stay happy! Let’s Expresso loves all of you!



The winners are Kanika Khanna, Jaya Ahuja, Lavanya and Anikta Agarwal.

  1. drink 7 to 8 litrs water in a day for helthy n shiny skin ..always use a good sunscreen lotion before going out side ..wash ur face tow or three time with good facewash ..use more salad in ure meals colourful drink colourful .means eat colouful means vegees n fruits and drink colourful means different typs of juices like lime juice ,carrot juice etc …
    And spend ur day carefully for good and healthy skin :):):)

  2. My Myntra…
    1)Drink plenty of water
    2)Increase the intake of fruits
    3)Avoid going out during noon
    4)Bath Daily and take oil bath once or twice a week
    6)Do clean up your face
    5)Go for a casual walk
    6)Sleep atleast 8hours a day

  3. Always use a good sunscreen with SPF 30 (sun protection factor) whenever you step outdoors.A good sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

  4. Drinking lots of water to keep hydrate your skin.. frequently intake of fruits & coconut water for shiny skin…Avoiding oily items or food.. & all road side chats & snack..having honey with lemon & warm water in the morning with empty stomach & a simple walking for at least half & hour.. This is my
    mantra this summer to maintain skin suppleness and shine

  5. My mantra for this summer
    1) I drink lots n lots of water , n stay hydrated
    2) drink coconut water n other juices…
    3) I use sunscreen lotion before going out in the sun..
    4) I cover my hairs n face before going out in the sun
    5) I stay happy with my daughter n play with her all the time, make myself happy n lucky
    6) stay active n happy to be healthy n wealthy..

  6. my mantra 4 healthy and glowing skin againts dazzling sun is:
    1.drink more water to keep my skin hydrated .
    2. add seasonal fruits and salads in daily diet to fulfill the water/minerals loss through sweat .
    3.never step out without sun screen with high SPF .
    4. Avoid oily and spicey food as the hot weather doesn’t allow our body to digest it properly .
    5. wash ur face twice or thrice as in summer sweating makes our skin pores compressed with dirt .
    6.most importantly always follow cleansing toneing and moisturising routine daily .
    if we follow these steps then sun cannot be a villan agianst our supple and glowing skin .

  7. 1)drink lots and lots of water..keep yourself hydrated..if you are not carrying a water bottle have beverages like juices lemon water..
    2)at night wash your face with a good facewash,then clean your face with a toner and apply moisturiser afterwards..
    3)as soon as you wake up wash your face with cold water and apply glycerine mixed with some rose and lemon water..
    4)masks are excellent option for a glowing skin plus especially those who have oily skin..apply face masks atleast twice a week..
    5)diet plays an important roe in keeping your skin healthy..have lots of fruits and vegetable juices..
    6)donot expose your skin too long in sun..aplly sunscreen before going out..and if possible carry a facewash with you
    7)for home made remedy mix egg yolk,honey,bananas and yogurt..and apply daily if possible..
    8)rub and clean your skin (face) with tomato peels..excellent for smoothing your face and hey purify your skin..
    follow these steps for supple and glowing skin.. 🙂

  8. 1) Moisturise, Cleanse and Tone your skin daily.
    2) Drink plenty of water and juices and coconut water
    3) Use Sun Block Cream (SPF 20) daily before you go out.
    4) Exercise daily and walking for 30 mins is the best
    5) Eat a balanced diet, include lots of green leafy vegetables.

  9. Hi Tanya
    My mantra this summer to maintain skin suppleness and shine is :
    1. Have a Daily Skin Care Regimen – exfoliation, cool shower, moisturizing my skin
    2. Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices – Exercising daily, eat balanced diet, drinking lot of water and also include watery fruits and vegetables, like cucumbers, lettuce, watermelon, orange.
    3. Start habits that keep my skin from looking dull – Use sunscreen every day, Don’t wear makeup to bed.

  10. Hi Ladies,

    Please find my mantra this summer to maintain skin suppleness and shine:

    1) Drinking lots of water daily to avoid myself going dehydrated.
    2) Applying good amount of Sunscreen with longer SPF before stepping out in the SUN.
    3) If necessary i use an umbrella or cover myself with shawls when stepping out in the sun between 10 am to 3 pm.
    4) Eating plenty of fruits and veggies (rich in Vitamin C) along with whole grains.
    5) Daily cleansing, toning, moisturizing and sun protection is a must routine to keep your skin soft ,supple and glowing.
    6) Bathing morning and evening, I always find it refreshing and relaxing before going to bed.
    7) Apart from these daily routines, I Exfoliate once in a week.
    8) My skin gets tanned quickly and i have oily skin, so i apply this pack weekly to remove tan from my skin. Mixture of cucumber and lemon juice(I use it for my whole body).
    Papaya/Tomato or mixture of curd and turmeric can be used for dry skin.
    9) I apply ice cubes on my face before wearing make up to close all open pores.
    10) Weekly once i apply a clay mask (multhani mitti for face) for tightened, smooth, supple, deeply clean skin.
    11) Now and then when i have time i do simple massages to regulate blood circulation, clears out puffiness, and reduces fatigue in the skin.
    12) AND above all i always have that 8 hrs sleep whatever comes my way.

    Thank you,

  11. All you ladies beat the heat and save your skin with the following tips:

    *) Drink water,lots of water.
    *) Use sunscreen with SPF 30 before stepping out in the sun.
    *) Cleanse and moisturize your skin atleast twice a day.
    *) Sleep atleast for 8 hrs.
    *) Eat the right food which suits your skin. Avoid oily foods as your skin might breakout more in summer.
    *) Now and then apply any home made masks to remove tanned skin and to get supple and glowing skin.
    *) When permits take steam bath once in a while for a soothing and relaxed skin.

    Silva Jakulin

  12. 1.Drink a lot of water. Make it a habit to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water every single day.
    2.wash 3-4 times a day summer lots of pulpy ,juicy fruits are available, eat them and feed you skin too ,by applying and using them in face mask
    4. do not forget to step out ,without sunscreen
    5.Sleep well. Do not stay awake till late at night.
    6.Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.
    7.Follow a good skin care routine. Do not skip the exfoliation part on a regular basis as without this, we cannot get rid of dead and dry skin that accumulates and makes our complexion appear dull.
    8.Remove your makeup before you sleep every night. Yes, do this every night without fail no matter how dead tired you are! With makeup on, your skin cannot repair itself.
    8.add Vitamin A and Vitamin C rich foods in your diet. This will bring a natural glow to your skin.

  13. My mantra for dis summer is to keep myself hydrated nd moisturised…
    I follow a good skin care routine regularly to keep my skin smooth… Dis includes cleaning,,, toning nd moisturising… since i have oily skin i use astringent toner…
    Also i keep exploating my skin in regular basis…
    Apart frm dis i try to be natural… Drink lots of water nd juices…
    Nd give tym to my skin daily without fail…:)

  14. And ya how can i forget a good SPF sunscreen… without which i dnt even step out of my house…
    Dis is s must including the others which were listed in last post…:)

  15. comes summer i do the following,
    1.immerse a hand full of dried khas-khas grass in a tub full of water overnight and use the water to bath the next gives such a cool aromatic bath,takes off body heat,avoids excessive sweating and prevents rashes and prickley heat during summer.
    2.though i use a sunblock with higher spf tanning never leaves me ,so after reaching home i use a pack for all exposed skin made by mixing 2 tbl sp of curd and a spoon of cucumber juice..massage for 10 min and wash it off in cool water.
    3.drink amla juice in a empty stomach and around mid morning take carrot buttermilk(blend carrots with curd finely, filter and enjoy)both these driks give such a glow to the skin.

  16. My mantra this summer to maintain skin suppleness and shine and to beat the scorching heat of the summer is:

    1. To maintain a healthy and routine lifestyle.
    2. Drink lots of water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
    3. Use a good sunscreen lotion with high SPF while going out.
    4. Hydrate skin at regular intervals.
    5. Take proper rest.
    6. And above all, stay happy and cheerful all the time.
    By implementing all these steps, I am ready to enjoy the beautiful summer. Cheers!!! 🙂

  17. My mantra for this summer is that i will drink lots and lots of water and eat lots of fresh fruits . Fruit and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants. Moisture is very important for the skin. Personally the steps I do are : cleansing my face before going to bed and using multani mitti or fillers earth . I gave up eating junk food. I started drink lots of water and taking healthy food.

  18. 1- Apply Aloe Vera and cucumber juice to keep my skin fresh this summer
    2- Eat fresh and juicy summer fruits like watermelon, melon, lichi and mangoes.
    3-Avoid masala & oily foods in my diet add more green leafy vegetables,salads
    4- Drink Coconut Water it helps in digestion and keeps the skin glowing too
    5- Wear a hat and avoid direct exposure to the sun between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
    6- Use a sunscreen with an high SPF and carry an umbrella when I go out.7- Remove my makeup before I go to sleep
    7- wash my face with facewash which is suitable for my skin
    at-last pat dry my face and apply my night serum 🙂 🙂

  19. My Mantra to maintain skin suppleness and shine :

    1. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.
    2. Eat fruits and vegetables regularly. Avoid oily and junk foods.
    3. Apply sunscreen with high SPF to the skin before going out in the sun.
    4. Cleanse & exfoliate the skin to remove the dirt and remove dead cells from skin. 5. Moisturize the skin regularly.
    6. Wash the face with enough water after returning from outside.
    7. Have adequate sleep.
    8. Apply cucumber and lemon juice to the skin to remove tans from the skin, specially from the face.
    9. Apply papaya or curd to the face to get soft and glowing skin.
    10. Apply rose water to the eyes. It will remove any sort of dark circles from below the eyes.
    11. Apply ice cubes to the face to keep the face cool and to prevent emergence of pimples.
    12. Pamper the skin at least once weekly – by having a proper skin massage. This will enable proper blood circulation and reduce tiredness or fatigue of the skin.

  20. My mantra for this summer is I will drink plenty of water and eat fruits to rejuvenate skin. Avoid oily food. Do regular exercise which I always do. use good sunscreen before going out

  21. Also to add on Take care about the dressing in summer:

    *) Wear dresses made of materials like cotton (best) , linen and Rayon.
    *) Also go for light colored dresses as it absorbs less heat when compared to dark colored dresses. Avoid black dresses and inner as much as possible in summer.
    *) Avoid tight fittings and wear dresses which are comfortable.

    Silva Jakulin

  22. Hi Tanya,

    The sun is happy to shine on us and we should be ready to accept that ;). Maintaining the skin during summer time is one of the important work for ladies.
    I believe in nature for protecting my skin.So my mantra goes like this:

    1.Fruits nuts and vegetables are the best way that helps your body to shine and avoid our skin from sun damage.
    2.Strawberry plays a heavy role in skin lightening. Either u eat them or their juice is also good for our skin.
    3.Almonds are stuffed with vitamin E, which defend against sun damage,Two to three almonds make wonder to my skin.
    4.Tomatoes helps eliminate skin-aging free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays since it has “Lycopene” (which i studied in my school days is helping me now rather than in my exams)whoever don’t like to eat them can squeeze and apply its juice to their skin tat also helps.
    5.One of my fav juice is carrot juice which really helps to maintain my skin colour and in t removal of dead cells.
    6.I have read somewhere eat your water,yes we should have lots and lots of water that helps to hydrate.We normally cant count t glass of water we dink ,so i prefer adding as much as water content foods in my plate.Watermelon ,cucumber,radishes,cauliflower,capsicum,spinach,cantaloupe last but not least is grape fruit.Some of them are seasonal fruits,so its easy to get them. I’m not a vegetarian.So i do have fishes like salmon which reduce sun burn,or redness in the body.
    7.I do know how many of us know this Dark chocolates are really really good to our health , It reduces roughness in the skin and provide sun protection.It makes our skin texture better and stronger resistance to UV rays.And i love them 🙂

    8.Apart from intake ,i’m always catiuos about what i wear during summer to avoid sun-kisses
    If i have a long ride ,i wear cotton gloves,socks and scarves .
    I always wear Multani mitti pack once in two days to reduce sun tan,pigmentation as well as improving the texture of my skin.
    Mine is little dry skin so i prefer a pack milk + Multani mitti +almond(optional because i like to eat it rather than to apply it 😛 )

    Also buddies, one important thing which we have to keep in our mind is never ever try any new packs/creams(neither natural nor cosmetics),choose the right pack that suits your skin.If they haven’t mention any skin type in t pack,better google it n try. Also try a little portion of our body which is less sensitive like forearms or legs then try it out in ur face.This may avoid skin disease or any allergic.

    Before i forget nice giveaway Tanya,Hoping for the best(fingers crossed).


  23. I drink plenty of water daily eat fruits and salads and always apply moisturizers before leaving the home and stay relax and tension free.

  24. Drink plenty of water cover ur skin with spf 40 matt use matt lip colours wear light colour cloths enjoy eating fruits hv juices light food do swim and hangout hv great summer enjoyyy

  25. Hi i think best funda is firstly apply fresh aloe vera on ur face keep it for few minutes n wash it, it will make ur skin soft n it will glow .Secondly apply ice pack on ur face once a day .Thirdly drink plenty of water say about 2ltrs and fourthly stay happy

  26. The perfect mantra for a supple n glowing skin is firstly apply fresh aloe Vera on ur face for few minutes n rinse it.Secondly use ice pack once a day to keep the skin cool .Thirdly drink plenty of water to keep it hydrated n fourthly STAY HAPPY.

  27. Perfect mantra for a supple n glowing skin:-

    Take a warm bubble bath,
    Stay hydrated
    Pray daily
    Stay connected socially
    Eat healthy n stay happy
    Avoid worry
    Go meditative!
    Go Herbal!
    Have fun and feel relaxed n happy!
    Dress n makeup yourself perfect and feel confident with colorful eyeliners by Let’s Expresso! 🙂

    Cute summery outfits, sinful ice-creams or taking vacations

  28. hey ,

    1. drink more water and do exercise
    2. eat fruits and more green vegetables
    3. take sleep at least for 7 to 8 hrs
    4. Stay happy

  29. The perfect mantra in this summer is drinking a lot of water.apply cucumber slices and cucumber juice on my refresh my skin.apply ice cubes…take a healthy diet..avoid junk food..drink fresh this summer I follow some tips for glowing skin: lot of fruits salad.
    2.I cover my hair and face before going out.
    3.Apply curd and Honey mix well and apply on my keeps my skin glowing and shiny.
    4.starts my day with water an honey..It keeps me fresh whole day…
    so These beauty mantra i folow whole summer and enjoy this Garmi season without any tension…
    🙂 🙂

  30. Beautiful skin is the attire and desire of every woman. Every attire is to be taken care of and this is also true with beautiful skin. In summer season special care is needed to keep the skin beautiful and refreshing. Rays of sun in summer takes off the moisture from the skin which can cause acne and wrinkles. In summer secretion of sweat and oil increases. The skin loses its glow and looks greasy and dull. These also attracts dust and other pollutants. Considering all the above special summer beauty tips must be followed. Following are the must follow tips for beautiful skin in summer:-

    Hydrating:- Hydrating is must for getting a beautiful skin in summer. It is also a must for your health too. Drink a lots and lots of water(10 glasses a day is a must)and fresh juices in summer. In summer water is evaporated from the body and also due to sweat water leaves your body cells very quickly. In order to retain moisture to your skin in taking lots of water is very essential.
    Cleansing:- The first and very important tip for beautiful skin in summer is cleansing. Cleansing is of utmost important for your skin in summer. Wash your face with water several times a day. It removes the sweat and dirt from the skin. After that you should use cleansing milk or cleansing lotion for cleaning oily skin. For normal to dry skin one needs cleansing cream or gel. For acne prone skin medicated cleanser must be used.
    If you want to use homemade cleansers gram flour(besan) is the best answer. For oily skin it can be used alone. And for normal to dry you can add milk cream in gram flour. Add some water in Gram flour and make the paste. Apply on the face leave for five minutes and wash. For oily skin you can also use multani mitti(fuller earth) for cleaning you skin. It soaks all the oil and dirt from your skin. Raw milk is also very good cleanser. It cleanse the skin and also makes it smooth and supple. It also helps in reducing the effect of sun tan. Lemon is also proven to be a very good cleanser for oily skin. It also lightens the skin tone and removes all the dirt and oil from your skin. Use above summer beauty tips for cleaning your face and skin.

    Exfoliating :- The second tip for beautiful skin in summer is to exfoliate the skin 2 to 2 times a week. If you are over exposed to skin, you should exfoliate you body very often in summer. It removes the dead skin from your body.
    You can use scrubs available in the market or can make your own face scrub at home. Face Scrubs using oatmeal are very effective. You can use raw oatmeal to scrub your face or you can add milk to it if you have normal to dry skin. For oily and acne prone skin you can also add yogurt to oatmeal. It will do wonders to your skin. Grinded almonds and walnuts are also excellent face scrubs. Make a paste with water and apply on the face. Massage in circular motion and leave for 10 minutes. Again give a little massage to remove the dead skin. Wash with water. You can also add milk instead of water to make paste for dry skin. Honey is also a very good option to add in the scrub. It moisturises the skin and make it soft and supple.

    Toning :- Toning is very necessary for your skin after scrubbing especially in summer. In summer you can use a flower based skin tonic (rose, lavender etc). You can also use rose water as the skin toner to refresh the normal to dry skin. For oily skin you should use an astringent toner. You can mix astringent toner with rose water and refrigerate it. Use this toner several times a day for getting beautiful skin in summer.

    Sun protection:- Prevention is better than cure. Keep your skin protected from sun expose to keep your skin beautiful in summer. Try to use umbrella and wear sunglasses while going out. Avoid going out from 11 AM to 3 PM. Apply a sunscreen(at least SPF 30) 30 minutes before going out. And if you are out for a long time use the sunscreen lotion again.

    Moisturising : In summer your skin needs to moisturised very often. Hot sun rays takes away the moisture from your skin. You can use a water based and vitamin- E moisturiser for getting a beautiful skin in summer.

    Healthy diet : Try taking a lots of fruits and vegetables in summer. As skin is the mirror of your health, what you eat shows on your skin. Also try eating diet rich in calcium(dairy products) as calcium can be lost in sweating. Also take diet rich in vitamin E(nuts as almonds) for great skin. In summer season spicy and oily foods must be avoided.

    Make up: In summer go for mineral make up. It lasts long in sweating conditions. Also use lighter tones in summer. Wear lip balm having at least 15 SPF before getting out.

    Using the above tips for beautiful skin in summer season you can maintain the freshness of your skin in sunny season too. Don’t get panic and pay a little attention and care towards your skin. Drink a lot of water, avoid exposure to sun and follow the above summer beauty tips.

    SONAKSHI 🙂 thanku

  31. 1.Drink more water to keep my skin hydrated .
    2. add seasonal fruits and salads in daily diet to fulfill the water/minerals loss through sweat .
    3.never step out without sun screen with high SPF .
    4. Avoid oily and spicey food as the hot weather doesn’t allow our body to digest it properly .
    5. wash ur face twice or thrice as in summer sweating makes our skin pores compressed with dirt .
    6.most importantly always follow cleansing toneing and moisturising routine daily .
    if we follow these steps then sun cannot be a villan agianst our supple and glowing skin .
    Pray daily

  32. My mantra this summer to maintain skin suppleness and shine is to always apply sunscreen whenever I go out in scorching sunlight and also keep myself covered with cotton scarf. Drink water and juices as much possible. Apply Multani Mitti with gulabjal and neem face pack frequently. Eat Fresh fruits.

  33. Hiii
    My mantra for fresh n supple skin –
    1. Eat healthy(lots of fruits n veggies) and lots of water to maintain the glow of skin.
    2. Yoga works wonders for the skin. Do it regularly.
    3. Aloe vera gel(pure) is my miracle gel.. Makes skin soft,supple n also works on pigmentation.
    4. Sunscreen with high SPF is must.
    5. Once a week mask that I use is orange peel powder,turmeric,lime and rose water. Makes skin acne free n glowing.
    6. I use homemade oatmeal honey scrub which is awesome.
    7. Sleep well(my favourite in the list 😛
    8. Remove makeup properly every night.
    9. Avoid harsh chemicals on face and try to keep your skin care routine as natural as possible.
    That’s all from my side,,, hope u gals benefit from it.
    Thanks 🙂

  34. my myntra; drink 8-10 glasses of water daily, do yoga n apply sunscreen lotion before going out..

  35. Hi dearies…
    Tanya dis is really nyc of u to hv such contests n giveaways as all get to share their experiences n style n fitness mantras to d best n d rewards r too tempting…
    I luv my skin n its vry important to maintain d right amount of moisture in onz skin fr suppleness n shine… we need to put in a little effort evryday to maintain it…n trust me itz super easy once it becomes a part of ur daily regime…
    We sweat a lot in summers so d most important is to hv lots n lots of fluids in summers so dat d skin is nt dehydrated…. which include lots of water n other beverages like fresh coconut water..nimbu pani wit a spoonful of honey…n fresh juices..
    exercising regularly also contributes to a healthy skin …
    Plant aloe vera in ur house…n use its gel on ur face evry morning…its super cooling n nt just gives an instant glow to d skin but also eradicates a lot of skin problems like pigmentation n roughness of d skin…it is most natural way to get a glowing skin
    using home made packs it what i love to do…mix a spoonful of besan n honey..few drops of almond oil ..n a spoon of choker…apply it to ur face n rest fr 15 mins…remove it wit water while massaging ur face…itz a miracle pack…
    another fav is…using oatmeal honey n milk….fr exfoliating d skin n instant shine….
    getting a good amount of sleep is essential… .nothing cn compensate fr my beauty sleep
    The sun is too harsh in summers n does max damage to onz skin i always use a grt sunscreen while going out…my current fav is by boots…its a non sticky n light lotion…n works as a grt base fr my face..
    use minimal make up as it makes d skin luk cakey n patchy …a gud bb cream is enough fr a day luk
    i usually dont use any night cream as i let my skin breathe …
    indulge in lots of summer fruits ,veggies n salads as dey r a rich source of minerals n vitamins which r extremely essential fr maintaining d skin suppleness n glow….
    enjoy summers …dip in d pool ….sip on fresh bevregaes …tk care of ur skin…n dont let d sun do any damage to ur healthy n glowing skin..
    hope we all benefit frm each othrs mantras….
    luv dis super tempting giveaway…hope to win it…♡♡

  36. I will Mix honey, besan, malai, chandan and rose oil together and apply it on my face and neck. Then I will leave it to dry and then peel it off after some time. This will not only remove impurities but also make my skin shine and supple. This is my summer mantra.

  37. early morning drink aloevera + Amla juice.Regular excercise and pranayam ,say no to spicy and junk food .

  38. My mantras this summer to maintain my skin suppleness and shine are

    1) Cleasing of Skin Daily
    2) Scrubing of Skin atleast thrice a Day to improves blood circulation, lightens the skin making it soft, smooth and youthful.
    3) I w’ll ue good sunscreen atleast with SPF 30 (sun protection factor) before going out.

    4) By Adopting a balanced diet which shall includefresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, cereals and nuts.

    5) I shally try to have a sound sleep.

    6) I shall try do Daily excercise

    7) I shall tray only the skin friendly cosmetic id really necessary

  39. 1. CLEANSING A proper cleansing routine helps to get rid of pollution which gets settled on the skin during the day.
    2. Exfoliation Exfoliation is an essential step in having a clear complexion.
    3. Protect your skin Always use a good sunscreen with SPF 30 (sun protection factor) whenever you step outdoors.
    4. Pay attention to certain special area To reduce the dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, you can use juice of a raw potato or cucumber. You can keep slices of them over your eyes. Boiled tea bags can also be kept over the eyes. It helps in skin lightening, reducing wrinkles, tan, blemishes and dark spots.
    5. Old is not gold always Do not use cosmetics products, creams, and tools etc which are very old.
    6. Makeup removal Never forget to remove any traces of makeup from your face before going to bed.
    7. Exercise well Indulge in regular brisk exercises like walking, jogging, dancing, yoga, cycling and boxing.

  40. 1.Drink 2-3 ltrs of water a day

    2.Make the mixture of Nutmeg powder,Sandal wood powder,Almond powder, Milk powder( 1 teaspoon each) n pinch of Camphor powder n mix it with raw milk n add 1 teaspoon honey in it , make a thick paste apply it on whole face and wadh ur face after 1 hour

    3.Make the paste of Papaya,Tomato ,Cucumber n Aloevera add Multani mitti n turmeric powder in it apply this paste on ur face n wash ur face after 30 minutes.

  41. My mantra is
    1.Drinking lots of water
    2.Cream and Lotion high SPF
    3. when ever gng out of home using full sleeve dress top and cover my full head and face with scarf
    4. in my meal daily using Salad like fruit,kakdi,Dahi
    5. drinking Coconut Water and Fruit Juice 😀

  42. Regular cleansing and maintaining hygiene is a must for good skin care. Cleanse my skin twice a day with a mild, natural cleanser. Identify my skin type and select beauty products accordingly. I can add a few drops of essential oils like rose oil, olive oil or chamomile oil to the cleanser to stimulate its cleansing effects. If i don’t cleanse your skin regularly, it can lead to clogging of skin pores, resulting in pimples and acne. Avoid using beauty products that contain harsh chemicals as they can cause allergies. Always use natural, gentle skin care products.

  43. My mantra this summer to maintain my skin suppleness and shine is keep myself hydrated and drink lots of water and fresh fruit juices. Also wash my face at least thrice a day.don’t worry be happy, have a proper Sleep. Eat green vegetables and avoid oily food.Also apply Neem and rosewater pack on face to keep the skin glowing.

  44. my myntra is yoga, lots of healthy fluids like coconut water, lemon juice , be positive and happy .

  45. mantra this summer to maintain skin suppleness and shine?

    1) Moisturise, Cleanse and Tone your skin daily.
    2) Drink plenty of water and juices and coconut water
    3) Use Sun Block Cream (SPF 20) daily before you go out.
    4) Exercise daily and walking for 30 mins is the best
    5) Eat a balanced diet, include lots of green leafy vegetables.

  46. My mantra this summer to maintain skin suppleness and shine

    1) Moisturise, Cleanse and Tone your skin daily.
    2) Drink plenty of water and juices and coconut water
    3) Use Sun Block Cream (SPF 20) daily before you go out.
    4) Exercise daily and walking for 30 mins is the best
    5) Eat a balanced diet, include lots of green leafy vegetables.

  47. My mantra this summer to maintain my skin suppleness and shine is
    >To always remain happy and enjoy with my family & friends by going for Day outs for picnics,fishing,etc..
    >Drinks plenty of water to keep myself hydrated..
    >Eat lotz of seasonal fruits and vegetables like Watermelons,cucumbers,etc..
    >Exercise daily for an hour or meditate to maintain freshness and enthusiam..
    >Exfoliate my skin in a week or twice..
    >Always apply sunscreen whenever in exposure of sun..
    With all these measures,i feel good and this makes my skin look more shiny and beautiful..

  48. My mantra for getting a shiny and supple skin is giving myself a break out time from all stressed work..When i am happy,my skin feels happy and rejuvenated..Giving more time to dancing and sleeping for 10-12 hrs makes me happy and energetic. When i m doing it,i become happy and this makes my skin happy and shiny.And this shine is totally worth of it for me because i enjoy it to the fullest…

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