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Wass up girls?
With spring on the corner and the much awaited brighter days, here is a brand new Blog Giveaway to say hello to the month of Love. Come February and the world turns pink. There is suddenly something magical in the air. The balloons fly high, the roses bloom in full strength and the mind wanders in search of amazing gift ideas for the loved ones..aah that reminds me, if you are looking for cute Valentine gift ideas for your boyfriend, you can find here. And if you are looking for something to look really kissable throughout the year, here is your chance. Win yourself a hamper full of stunning lip colors. Be Ready for your Valentine with Elle 18 Rosy Lips hamper.
How to win the Giveaway:
Time to see the beautiful world in rose tinted glasses. Tell us your one super trick that makes your pout totally kissable and win yourself this stunning lip hamper from Elle 18.
Gratification: 4 winners to get a hamper of Elle 18 super kissable Lip Color pops.
How to enter the giveaway: 
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  2. Share this Giveaway on your Facebook Timeline. Spread the contest to your family and friends.
  3. Leave the answer below in the comments.

The Contest Giveaway opens today and will close on 14th February’14. Open to Indian residents, the winners will be informed via email and will be declared on this page aswell. For any query, you can mail me at and I will respond at the earliest. Have fun with these online giveawaysDo ensure you complete all the three steps mentioned above. All the Best.

P.S: I am really excited to listen to your answers. Please ensure the trick is doable and effective. The best tricks will be shared on the blog’s Facebook wall along with your names. So go ahead, reveal your secret!

Result Alert! The winners of the Elle 18 Rosy Lips hamper for Valentine’s day contest are Jeba, Shruti Lakshman, Riki Mishra and Anchal. Congratulations girls and keep it up.

  1. daily apply honey on my lips at night .It make my lips so softy and glossy…use elle !8 lip balm to make my pout glossy and perfect..

  2. My secret is to rub a pulp of fresh strawberry on lips and leave it for half to an hour untouched, so that the colour gets penetrated. There is no need washoff as it will not harm
    in any way. Now put a sheer gloss over it for the shine and you are ready to flaunt your kissable red lips.

  3. This contest is special for me coz i am super greedy for all the lips stuff(lipsticks,glosses or lip balms) 😛
    Now my tip- I pamper my lips a lot lot!!
    I make my own lips scrub using sugar,honey,olive oil and cinnamon powder.. But while scrubbing never be too harsh on lips. This scrub helps me a lot in maintaining healthy pink plump lips.. Brushing the lips every morning with soft brush using vaseline also helps a lot!
    Also,whenever at home i use olive oil or argon oil on lips instead of lip balms.. keeps my lips well hydrated and pink.
    Wish to win the yummy lippies hamper <3
    Thankss 🙂


  5. My lip care regime starts before bed time with first-
    scrubbing my lips with icing sugar (icing sugar because normal granulated sugar are harsh on your lips.)
    After exfoliation, I apply a paste of crushed rose petals and fresh milk cream and leave it overnight.
    I wake up with fresh pink and a fuller pout in the morning! Works all the time! 🙂

  6. Hi

    nice giveaway 🙂
    FB share link:

    love to win those Elle lippies 🙂

    for my lips, I usually apply a little desi ghees on lips at night before sleeping and rub it a little to get soft, uncracked lips in morning and I also apply mustard oil on naval which makes chapped lips softer and smoother and this is a well known home remedy. I never lick my lips and drink at least 8-10 glasses of water to stay hydrated. At times, I do apply some honey on my lips and rub a little and I try a lip mask, that is add lemon juice and add honey and paste of pomegranate seeds and mix it well and apply on lips for abt 10-15 minutes and wash it off. you would notice the reddish color coming on to the lips and for that rosy pink color, I make a little paste like I add few drops of gulab jal, 1/2 spoon of strawberry pulp, and few drops of olive oil and make a smooth paste and keep it in a container and apply little every morning to get that shining lovely rosy colors lips which become tempting shiny kissable lips. 🙂 🙂

  7. Wow interesting !!! Well i use a natural lip care regime which includes applying a paste of BROWN SUGAR + HONEY + OLIVE OIL which leaves my lips soft, moisturized and pink :):) And i also believe in drinking lods and lods of water.

  8. Hi,
    Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

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    To reduce darkness on lips I apply a bit of cucumber juice.To get soft and smooth lips simply soak some rose petals in milk for a little bit of time. Then use the petals to make a paste, adding a few drops of both glycerin and honey. Dab the paste on lips and wait fifteen minutes before gently rubbing it off using milk. This remedy can produce amazing results 🙂 🙂

  9. lovely giveaway .i am fond of lipstick,glosses as .my face uplift by just to apply lipstick so i am fond of try out new shades .
    my secret tip is
    Make a paste of rose petals and some cream. apply this paste on your lips to make them soft and pink.
    wish to win.
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  10. Thanks for giveaway.
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    my tip:- Squeeze a beetroot and extract the juice out of it. Apply the juice of beetroot daily on lips for pink lips.

  11. I apply malai on my lips before sleeping at night . it keeps them soft and protects the natural colour f lips 🙂

  12. I use the good old Vaseline over my lipsticks! Even though it tempts me to lick my lips, I avoid it since it becomes drier. First, I apply a lip liner of the same color to give definition to my lips. Then, I apply a matte lipstick and then vaseline over it! Also, red lipstick automatically makes it more kissable because of its bold color. Also, i make sure i drink lots of water and stay hydrated so that my lips dont get dry.

  13. Hi Tanya,

    Before I take a bath, I apply toothpaste to my lips. This reduces the darkness of my lips, giving it a refreshing pink color.
    I also follow this tip. Take few rose petals & grind it. Then, add a teaspoon of honey to it. Mix well and apply it on your lips and leave it for about 10-15 minutes. Then wipe it off with damp cotton. Doing this regularly, will make your pout totally kissable. 🙂
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  14. thank u so much 4 lovely giveaway .

  15. To Make My Lips Look Sweet & Healthy
    I Use To Apply Rose Water EveryDay
    & Ghee Before I Sleep
    So That My Lips Get Enough Moisture & Looks Red
    In Summer, I Use To Apply Rose Petals Powder With Rose Water To Get Enough Moisture.
    To Turn Brown Lips To Rose Color Lips I Apply Coriander Paste To Lips For 25 Min – 20 Min & Wash Lips With Rose Water. If We Continue Like This For Continuous 15 Days.
    BROWN Lips Turns Into ROSE Lips 🙂
    I Followed This Step & Had Awesome Result 🙂

    FB Shared Link :

  16. My tips for getting pretty and super kissable lips :

    1. I apply honey on my lips regularly every morning. It makes my lips soft and smooth.

    2. I never lick my lips and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

    3. I scrub my lips gently with icing sugar, honey and cinnamon powder to get pink and juicy lips.

    4. I never apply heat or rough foods on my lips.

    5. I apply rose water to my lips to keep my lips hydrated.

    6. Before going to bed, I apply olive oil to my lips which makes my lips soft and plump.

    7. To reduce darkness from my lips, I apply cucumber juice to my lips.

    8. Before going out, I apply a bold red lipstick to my lips and also define my lips with a lip-liner, which makes my lips totally kissable and attractive.

    Shared the giveaway on Facebook :

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

  17. Lips lack any oil glands and hence need added moisture to keep them soft and supple. My regime would be as follows
    1) for dry chapped lips apply a petroleum free nourishing lip butter(himalaya’s is pretty good)
    Exfoliation is a good option to slough away dead skin cells. For a DIY scrub mix confectioners suger(powdered sugar ) with olive oil or ghee to make a paste. Rub the mixture gently on lips and leave for 10-15 minutes. Wash off. Alternatively you could you the tongue cleaner part of your brush(the back) or a soft bristled baby brush along with a little petroleum jelly too.,
    2.always apply a lip balm preferably with spf to protect lips from uv rays and to keep them moisturised. (I use maybelline baby lips tinted lip balms for a hint of colour) always keep a lip balm handy as constant application may be needed…after eating or drinking and every 4 hours in general.
    3.lips add the much needed pop to your lips but they can be drying too. Make sure to layer your lips with a coat of lip balm followed by lining with a pencil and finally filling in with a lipstick. Use a brush for definition.(p.s. a tip I always use. After applying a lipstick pout and put your index finger in your mouth and slide it. It will remove any colour on the inside of your lips and prevent teeth staining. )
    4)kitchens are filled with lip conditioners! Smear on some honey or olive oil or ghee(i tried nutella! It was AHMAZING! )at night. Massage your lips to increase blood circulation (it boosts colour and plumps them up to! ) it could be the motion that you do to spread lipstick evenly… There are excercises out there!
    Well that’s what I do to keep my lips nourished and kissable :* 😉 Hope that helped! And hope I win! I could start using lipsticks now that I’m coming to age! (18 this year! YAY! )

  18. My pink and pretty lips secret is milk cream and sugar crush mixed easily and apply on lips in night. This formula work 100% make your lips soft, pink and kissable.
    one more tip prepare a black graps pulp and added honey. This is a also one of experiment to regenerate your lips skin, smoother , fresh or pink.
    done my steps.
    Thank you for wonderful giveaway.

  19. Hi All,

    I usually scrub my lips with SUGAR and HONEY mixture ( and also used to brush them them)to exfoliate.
    After that i apply lip balm or petroleum jelly immediately after exfoliating, at bedtime and throughout the day a lip balm with SPF to avoid sun damage.

    AND that one super trick i would suggest which makes your pout totally kissable is :

    >Keep them moisturized,
    >Relax your lip muscles (tension in your lips makes them look tight and less kiss-worthy),
    >Frame the shape of your lips(symmetry of lips matters than fullness),
    >Ans last but not the least SMILE seductively :-).

    Silva Jakulin

  20. My secret to super soft kissable lips is to apply a moisturizing lip balm every night before going to bed n gently scrubbing ur lips with ur toothbrush in the morning… MY GRANDMA’S SECRET : apply a little ghee in ur belly button everyday for soft lips 🙂

  21. Awesome contest..
    What I do to make My pout totally kissable.. I follow what My Grand Mom n Mom used to do.. Once a week I take fresh cream n Kesar n mix it nicely, n apply it on my lips , n let it dry N once it is dry, i remove it n apply fresh ghee on it.. From this I get my lips moisture d n also it give me kesar red color , which is totally kissable..
    Fingers crossed again for this..

  22. I will Apply almond oil on your lips before bedtime as this helps to lighten lips, thus reducing discoloration.
    In weekend days during sunday at least once every week to remove dead cells and dry skinfrom lips, and improve blood circulation.mix 5-6 drops of olive oil and 1 tsp sugar and use this for exfoliating your lips. Once you rinse off, apply healing lip butter or your favorite lip moisturizer.this will enhance your pout totally kissable 🙂

    FB NAME: Bhavani Sekar
    Shared link:

  23. here are some of the ways to get soft,glossy ,pink and kissable lips:
    1.massage your lips with soft bristled toothbrush for few minutes everyday.For
    massaging make a solution by mixing lemon juice with almond oil.
    2.scrub your lips with sugar mixed with olive oil.
    3.Apply the cream floating on the milk on your lip.
    4.Mix few drops of honey and one drop of rose water and apply it.
    5.Mix saffron with ghee and apply it on your lips.
    6.Apply butter at bed time.
    7.Use raw potato juice

    This all i do for my lips to make it pink and kissable.

  24. In order to make your pout kissable do the following:
    1. Remove any dead skin from your lips. For that before having a bath apply any petroleum jelly on your lips. After having a bath just brush your lips gently with a soft bristled tooth brush.
    2. Then apply a light base lipstick to make your lips soft.
    3. After that apply an deep red shade of lip colour and outline your lips with a red lip tint.
    4. Apply some lip gloss over it.
    Now you have a kissable pout ready in time for your valentine’s day. 😀

  25. Hi,
    The fact is that plump and pouty lips make you look prettiest and below are the ways i have tried which you can also try..
    We always apply lip balm daily only before we go out,however we have to apply three to four times a day, So that we protect lips from hot or cold weather.
    Also i always make a habit of applying lip balm before sleep to keep them moisturise.
    Before brushing take your toothbrush and very gently brush your lips. This will remove the dead skin,which also contributes to plump lips. Once done, apply a lip balm immediately.And make sure that you don’t over-do it.
    Easy way to exfloiate lips is by Rubbing sugar With olive oil or even warm water and scrub it in circular motion and stay for 10 mins.Then wash ur lips with warm water.
    Or mix a little honey with brown sugar. Rub on your lips, then scrub gently go over them with a toothbrush.
    This is the best natural ingredient to plump your lips.
    I believe many of us may not be aware of this excercise ,but this works awesome and i suggest this as the best trick i ever had seen
    when you are free, try to whistle atleast 5 times a day which will really help ur lips to plump.
    Also try getting your lips as if you are kissing someone and then get back to normal after 2-3 seconds. This helps to get the pout right as if in like ur lips will be shaped.
    The best and easy way to relax ur lips muscles is smiling,So keep smiling 🙂

    1. Hi,

      Friends using cinnamon powder or oil for lips may cause irritation to skin so try a little.Also pay more attention to the expiry date and the ingredients of the products u buy.
      Also while using lipstick beware that darker shades make your lips smaller whereas lighter shades make lips look plumper.
      Apply lip gloss in the center of lips so that it draws more attention to the mouth (since tats t fullest part of ur mouth)

      We usually diet a lot to maintain our figure such as zero,slim ,.etc.. the basic thing which we should maintain is drinking a lot n lot of water which is the best way to hydrate.

      The best way to make ur lips sexy is when its pink ,since all love lips to be soft n pink mainly.Apply glycerin to ur lips before bed with cotton balls which really helps retaining moisture and prevents drying to get rid of dark lips.

      Butter gives your lips that sheen and lush texture while honey adds to the plumpness of your lips. You can also use coconut juice, rose milk don’t tempt to drink them 😉 if so never mind i do t same 😛 .So save just two to three steps and apply it on t lips.Tender coconut water also makes magic on our lips,but use them once in a while.

      Thanks n regards,
      Jeba J

  26. Hello,

    This was the needed contest for Valentine’s day…
    My one super trick for Lovely red pout is I take the seeds of pomegranate and crushed it and mix it with the milk cream and apply it on my lips. Soon my lips will become redder and fuller and moisturised… This is natural n effective trick I use n I works awesome on me.
    Done all the steps..

  27. when we are talking about lips is vry soft n delicate part of our body .so it is necessary to take care of it. so i always use a good lip blam , i always carry it wid my bag. and in every night before going to bed i use cream (malai) of milk on my lips for natural care. And when i take bath then i always gently rub my lips wid cotton towel after then used good lip balm 🙂

  28. Who doesn’t love those pink, healthy lips? Totally kissable right? Almost everyone is born with pink lips (atleast mine were, I think!). But with the stress and the hormonal changes, it turns into a very unflattering shade, gets chappy and dry. Especially the upper lip, which gets a little darker. I am digressing 😉 So in my attempts to bring back the natural healthiness of my lips, I found 3 essential tips
    1. Exfoliation – The trusted toothbrush comes to the rescue here. Some people say, it’s a little harsh but I have found them to be not. Every morning, right before brushing, just wet your toothbrush and slowly circulate them on your lips. Wash and tada! All the dry skin gone.

    2. Moisturize – Yummy desi ghee. This is NOT meant to be eaten girls (just kidding). But do apply a generous dose on your lips right before you go to sleep and get up with soft healthy lips. Or if you are plain lazy, just keep an extra lip balm on your bedside table. Keeps your pout pretty while you sleep.

    3. Water – Drink loads and loads of water. Our skin cells benefit from increased water consumption, including our lips.

  29. Hi,

    Please find my Tips to make your pout kissable:

    > I scrub my lips in circulation motion with SUGAR and wild HONEY mixture to exfoliate and remove dead skin.
    > You can brush your lips gently after brushing your teeth . ( I do this daily)
    > Apply lip balm or petroleum jelly to keep the lips moisturized and to avoid them from cracking and going dry. Apply them lip balm at bed tome too.
    > During the day apply a lip balm with SPF to protect your lips from sun damage and darkening.
    > Avoid drinking Coffee/Tea as they might stain your lips and discolor them.
    > If at all if you are tempted to have Coffee/Tea , use a straw (I’m a coffee lover and follow this as i don’t want to discolor my lips)
    > If you have discolored lips, apply & massage them with beetroot juice/ coriander leaves juice often and wash with warm water.
    > When applying a lip stick, use lip liner and give your lips that perfect symmetrical shape ( if you don’t have them symmetrical). Also if you want to make them look bigger, shape it accordingly.
    > To get that instant natural plumped up lips, you can use Plump up lip balms/sticks.
    > You can use lip balms and sticks with good fragrance and taste. (I love Elle 18 pomegranate pie, it smells fumy and i had felt like eating it :-P)
    > Nevertheless always wear that natural ,beautiful SMILE of yours 🙂

    Silva Jakulin

  30. This is one tip I would recommend every one to depend on and i.e Mix olive oil and almond oil together and apply it to your lips daily. Within a week you will notice that your lips are no more dry and chapped.
    This tip has done wonders for me and is highly recommended. It would surely make ur put kissable! ♥♥ :*..!


  31. For those amazing soft lips,all you need to do is use sugar and honey. Sugar works as a great natural way to remove dead skin. You can alternate honey with lemon juice. This also works awesome. And if you want to have plump lips in an instant, just put a few drops of clove oil. You’l have beautiful plump lips in a jiffy. Now to make your lips even more kissable, just add a dash of Elle 18’s rusty shade lip bomb. This shade simply lightens up your whole look and makes you even more gorgeous! If you want a more glitzy look, top it up with a hint of Elle 18’s juicy berry lip balm.

  32. hey tanya
    i used deshi ghee every night on my belly button and in the morning i used baby lip balm and my lips are like born baby soft soft 🙂 , my grand mother tip for me that deshi ghee and drink lots of water in a day . this is the only tip i would like to share because i use it .

  33. nice giveaway!! 🙂

    My tricks for kissable lips:

    * Exfoliation using powdered sugar + vaseline
    * Applying boroline at night
    * Rubbing rose petals

    Hope to win!!

    (Liked Let’s Expresso on Facebook. Also shared this giveaway)

  34. shared 🙂
    Tip s – perfect pout and kissable lips how to make.
    Is too simple and quick idea.
    use ghee. and sugar crsh. its natural and regular used no side effects .
    # add ghee, honey, sugar crsh mixed in pan and heat.
    all mixed then fill in small box and take it freezer . Its a blam.

  35. 1. I practically exfoliate my lips everyday using a soft tooth brush and drink 7 litres of water each day.
    2.I also apply ghee on my naval every night.
    3.I apply beetroot slices on my lips for a natural colour occasionally.
    4.I rely on herbal lip balms as they don’t discolour lips.
    5.I stay away from excess intake of tea or coffee to avoid staining.
    6. I use a scrub made of lemon juice and sugar to get rid of dead cells on lips.
    7. I never bite or lick my lips.
    I follow these tips sincerely and regularly for lovely lips.

  36. Hi Tanya ,very cool contest..
    My best tip is just so natural and homemade that anyone can follow it and the best part is that there is nothing u gonna go and buy from market..These tips r told to me by mother and i personally used them and they worked Perfectly for me..
    The tip is to apply malai(cream of milk) on your lips overnight and another tip is to apply Desi Ghee on your belly button overnight and in the morning u can see the drastic change..There wont be any chapped lips and the lips will definitely be Kiss Ready..
    Hope Tanya u liked my tips and may i won the contest..Hoping to win..
    Fb Share Link

  37. Hi my name is shaikh naazmeen and my email address is my tip is you can apply coconut oil in your lips over night in the morning u will have a lovely lips I want this hamper because I want a new look I am a house wife and I want to do my makeover from your this magical hamper I want to become beautiful and loving for my husband and also for my self it can be possible because of your hamper it will be my pleasure to use your magical product

  38. Hi Friends!
    My best tips for lovable shiny,pink & kissable lips are as follow.I always prefer to use homemade products which are easily available at store or at home.These are effective & not harmful to anybody.So lets start……
    1.Always do lip exercise.
    2.Put on few drops of olive oil on lips and scrub well. It supplies its nutrients to the lips and makes the lip skin softer and tender. Do this olive treatment to lips and get naturally pinkish lips.
    3.Smash rose petals and blend with butter. Apply this rich paste on lips. Mildly Massage lips and get wondered of rosy lips after some days.
    4.Apply beetroot juice over your lips and get it turn like cherry red. This is the safest and effective home care for lips.
    5.Get soft and pinky lips by applying lemon juice. Gently roll the lemon juice on your lips. Lemon bleaches the skin therefore it ex foliates the lip skin.
    6.Powder sugar and use it as ex-foliate. This perhaps removes the dark layer of the lips and turns it to pink. Scrub sugar powder so softly on your lips. Add butter with sugar powder to form a paste and blend well.
    7.You can use Ghee/Honey/milk cream to get the softer lips.Its more effective at winter season.

  39. Hey hello
    to remove darkness from my lips I use sugar n lime which make my lips look glossy n if no I use ell 18 to make them kissable 🙂
    sorry couldn’t share the link but u can check by my name
    And maam others have given so many ideas I dont think I wl b able to win :p

  40. i am super excited for feb 14 not only for valentines day but also for the winner i am pretty sure Tanya will make a wise decision for picking out the winner!
    For keeping my lips soft, pink and healthy! 😉 😛 i always go for natural and homemade remedies…. some of them are :

    1. scrubbing coconut scrubs (not harsh)
    2. applying coconut oil on my lips for about 4 to 5 mins
    3. i also apply ghee its a natural product
    4. and also eating lots of tomatoes and drinking lots of water

    but i usually dont go through this tedious work of applying things when i have my ELLE 18 lip balm cum moisturizer… i have to do it when its finished until i get my next lot…. IT GETS OVER FAST 🙁 I USE IT ALOT! so i am quite greedy and desperate for this hamper! i hope TANYA makes a wise decision by choosing me! 😛 and yeah i guess that’s pretty much it and i hope everyone likes my tips and love for all hope the best ones win! 😀
    link for the giveaway! :

  41. Heya!
    I divide my lips routine in two ways! One is natural lip color and the using make up techniques to get a full pout. Well I rely on good old recipes
    1-Desi Ghee before bed specially in winters!
    2-Mustard oil and seasame oil on navel to ensure zero dryness of lips.
    3-I use honey and almond oil. They make the lips shine and give them natural color.
    4- the best is BEES WAX. It’s just awesome totally. Natural and so good. It makes ur lip drool worthy.

    Now the make up tricks-
    1-I use a lip plumper to make my lips look
    2-lipsticks in pop color attract lot of eyeballs
    3-best is use a red lipstick and use a sheer lip gloss on the center of ur lips! Matte lipstick and gloss make an irresistible combination. Try these tips to make ur lips kissable. And make me win this hamper. Plz

  42. As Valentines Day is nearing, I m using all the tricks of Naani at home.
    To make lips kiss able, I daily use lip balm whenever am out so that d sun do not harm my lips. Secondly twice-thrice a day I clean my lips with rose water to make then soft supple and rosy. Thirdly I twice a week scrub my lips gently wid a lip scrub made of fresh milk cream , honey and sugar and slightly exfoliate my lips using this scrub.
    Tan tan tan….

    Lips are now ready fr a pout n a kiss.. :-*:-*:-*

  43. hello,,,, thanks for the awsm giveaway,,,, i followed all d steps…
    fb share link-
    my trick to make my lips redy to pout is- SCRUBBING…
    Scrubbing lips is one of the best natural remedies for getting pink lips without spending on expensive cosmetics. At night, before SLEEPING, use a soft toothbrush to scrub your lips. This will not only help to remove the dry chapped skin from the lips but will also keep your lips soft…..
    hope u like my entry… wish to win…:)

  44. I totally love nurturing my lips. I feel that beautiful lips can add so much more glory to your face and I like pampering them. I try to avoid cheaper quality lip balms and lipsticks, so they don’t blacken my lips. Besides, I make my own naturally homemade lip balm and lipstick using non toxic crayons and ghee! It’s so flattering to wear lip color without damaging your lips. Before I go to bed, I use Boro Plus for my lips because it is made of nature and it keeps my lips from blackening and when I wake up, I have rosy lips. Also, my pout is kissable because I use this bubble gum flavored lip balm from the Body Shop and we all like bubble gum, don’t we? I love my lips and I make sure they’re always pretty enough to be kissed :3

  45. So first of all lips are the most delicate part It need just a little care to make it shine and beautiful 1. Always apply any lipbalm before gloss or lipstick 2.lipbalm …maybe nivea that is what I use should me applied so that your lips are not dry (: 3.before goin to sleep or when the occasion is over one should remove the lipstick! To make it pinky and juicy forever  I think a little care Does make a difference (Honey and milk -moisturinsing experts) Hopefully I win I love have cosmo! Take it as a hobby ♡

  46. for glossy and soft lips I do
    1.apply daily honey at night on my lips..It keeps my lips nourished and soft.
    2.sometime I use fresh malai on my lips for softness.
    3.Using a bit of coconut oil on lips is a great way to keep them hydrated and beautiful!

  47. I think lips looks and feels good when they are little moist, If you guys can develop some thing like that, which keeps lips moist by retaining moisture from surroundings , then that would be really nice product.


    1. Will try to find such product but one tip that surely works is applying mustard oil in naval each night before sleeping. Sure shot natural remedy for dry lips. You can try it and see the result yourself.

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