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Are we all back from the Diwali fever? Well, I am certainly not! The fun and spirit continues more in my mind and the surplus energy will hover till the New Year. Since this energy is in no ways going to subtle down, here I thought to bring forward another of my blog give-aways. This time it’s to keep the nails stylish and colorful. Winter’s almost here and with being clad top to toe, finger nails will only help to bring color and brightness around. And when there are ways to decorate with various patterns and styles, why not make ample use of them. From polka dots and bright flowers, from stripes to two tones…the choices are many and in abundance. LE cares and loves all of you, so here is a super kit to get those funky nails. This kit has been used by me to see the features but is new and good to use.

How to win the blog giveaway:

Just answer this simple question- “I take care of my nails by…

Based on the contest entries, 1 of you will be sent this Nail Art kit to shine through Winters.

How to enter the giveaway: Leave the answer below in the comments. The contest giveaway opens today and will close on 12th November’13. Open to Indian residents, the winner will be informed via email and will be declared on this page aswell. For any query, you can mail me at and I will respond at the earliest. Have fun with these online giveaways.

My way of taking care of my nails is simple yet effective. A nice manicure once a month and adequately moisturising my hands including nails everyday keeps them healthy and shining. In winters, I keep my moisturiser in my bag so the usage increases as per need. A moisturised hand any day looks cleaner and presentable. What are your tips and tricks?

The winner for the Blog Giveaway is Soumi Mukhopadhyay. Congratulations and shine through the winters with the nail art kit.
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  1. I am crazy about my nails!I just love them!
    I take care of my nails by a manicure and pedicure every week, without fail, I go through a routinely care for my nails everyday with almond oil and keep my hands and feet moisturized.I am a nail art fanatic but I make sure I keep my nails free from any nail paint for 3 days straight in a month.
    And I do all my nail arts in the morning after I have removed the previous nail art at night and let my lovely nails breathe for a while :).
    And I always use a base coat for my nail arts.

  2. My nails need extra care in winters..
    I keep in mind that while washing dishes I wear
    gloves.. coz it is the main reason my nails look rough..

    once a month I pamper my hands and nails with a manicure

    I always keep in mind that whenever I wash my hands I apply moisturiser Over the nails

    if I have applied nail paints then I massage my cuticles with olive oil

    I have done a manicure for diwali, here is the pic

  3. I take care of my nails by
    *moisturizing my hands including nails as when needed!
    *dipping my nails in gelatin solution twice a week so that its stronger enough for resistance against all that nail arts, removers, chemicals etc.Gelatin is very good for vulnerable nails.
    *manicure and pedicures once a month, and regular cleaning the inner depressions inside nails so that dirt and germs doesnt attack stomach!
    *using good branded nail polishes which do not contain chemical fowls!
    *trimming and shaping it whenever needed.
    Having a healthy diet !!! So that nails get a healthy shine!

  4. 🙂 I take care of my nails by using a good hand wash.
    🙂 This helps to keep my hands and my nails clean.
    🙂 I use a good moisturiser to moisturise my hands and my nails.
    🙂 I also make sure that I visit the spa for manicure to keep my hands presentable.
    🙂 I also add few drops of lemon in warm water and soak my hands for 10 minutes to remove the yellowishness in my nails.
    🙂 For nail health take biotin rich foods like tomatoes, eggs, almonds, yogurt.
    🙂 This helps to cure nail brittleness.
    🙂 Optimal protein intake is important in strengthening the nail plate.
    🙂 Your nail health depends on the overall quality of your diet.
    🙂 And finally, paint your nails as you wish.

  5. My nails are probably my only obsession. They give me a way and freedom to shape my wishes. So, I take a really really good care of them. I clean them while I study.Believe me its the best time to do so. Apart from it I file them with a Nail Filer twice a week to keep them well in shape. It hurts me a lot to cut them down to a proper shape and size but after all its the beauty that matters so, it’s worth it. I basically prefer simple top coat on mails rather than bold eye catchy colors.But changes are always welcome 😀

  6. I take care of my nails by :
    1. Never keeping it very long. I know that we all love long nails but when the nail breaks.. it pains alot! So I keep trimming my nails every 2 weeks

    2. I have a habit of moisturising my body and my nails. I Don’t use any specific creams but just a normal nivea lotion can do wonders to the nails and help it in keeping it healthy.

    3. Before applying any nail polish, I apply a clear coat of nail polish so that the nails dont get yellow due to the nail paint colour.

    4. Once in a week, I take leftover lemons and just rub it on my nails. Lemons prevent early breakage and keeps the nail strong.

    5. No matter what, I always use a nail buffer when I’m not wearing any polish.

    6. And the last but not the least! I eat healthy foods. Skip that coffee every once in a while and gorge on that salad!

    And yes I make excuses to wash the utensils :p

  7. I take care of my nails by :

    1. Having a nice manicure once a month.

    2. Use light hand-wash to wash hands regularly.

    3. Apply a proper moisturizer to the hands twice a day.

    4. Before applying any nail polish, I apply a clear coat of nail polish so that the nails do not get yellow due to the nail paint color.

    5. Once in a week, I take leftover lemons and just rub it on my nails. Lemons prevent early breakage and keeps the nail strong.

    6. I do not grow my nails too long to avoid breakage.

    7. I always use a nail buffer when I am not wearing any polish.

    8. I do not scratch any hard thing with my nails so that my nails do not become rough.

    9. I do not expose my nails to extreme heat because it may affect the texture of the nails.

    10. Finally, I eat healthy foods and drink lots of water to keep myself healthy and my nails in a good condition.

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

  8. I take care of my nails by following these simple but effective steps as under-

    1. Trim: Limit the damage by trimming back my nails to make them short and round the sides with a file.

    2. Moisturize: Dry nails lead to cracked nails. So I usually apply a little moisturizer to my cuticles and nails each night to keep them supple but strong. A good moisturizer includes protein like keratin and collagen; occlusives such as petrolatum, mineral oil or lanolin; and humectants like urea or lactic acid.

    3. Avoid chemicals: Cleaning products or even some dishwashing liquids can make my nails dry and brittle. As I can’t leave my home and dishes dirty, but I can experiment with less harsh products and limit my exposure.

    4. Consider gloves: As I often exposed to chemicals and my hands are regularly wet, a pair of plastic or latex gloves can be a big help. Sometimes I found plastic gloves uncomfortable,So in that case,I consider buying rubber gloves with a cotton lining.

    5. Limit remover: Using nail polish remover more than every two weeks can cause brittle nails. So I prefer to buy those that don’t contain acetone.

  9. My nails are my pride.It reflects my eleollow some elegancy.Beleive me friends it does not take much time to keep your nails clean and gorgous.I follow some basic habits to keep my nails look clean and beautiful.
    1)I always soak my nails in olive oil for five minutes once in a week.Then i wipe away the excess oil with cotton bolls.It nourishes my nails.
    2)I soak my nails in warm water .It softens my nails which help to cut my nails.
    3)Then i cut my nails with nail cutter by giving it a good shape.Then i file my nails using nail filer.
    4)Then i usually colour my nail with a transparent nail colour.
    5)Then i coat nails with a layer of base coat, 2 layers of colored polish, and a layer of top coat.
    6)Thats all,Its so easy .Just eat a lot of green salad and protein.And remember lemon juice are helpful for nails .It brigtens ,whitens and gives a natural glow.

  10. First thing which I love to do is that my nails always seems to be shiney and clean ..
    To make them shiney I always apply lotion or moisturizer after every wash, go for a manicure not in parlour but at home in order to keep away my nails from chemicals..

    Last but not the least I always massage my hands with OLIVE OIL as it makez my nails shiny and smoother. .

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