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Hello my Ladies

It’s been a rocking week with a trip to Bombay to learn video blogging. This will make it simpler to teach the tips and tricks of makeup and fashion. More power to you girls. Here I’m back with another Giveaway thanks to Elle 18. The brand has come up with funky cosmetics to make it easier on the go. The new lip and nail colours are totally smashing. The icing on the cake are the eyeliners- in glittering colours and hues. So go ahead, participate in this colourful giveaway and get colored this Diwali. For some of you, this may be the first one after getting married or after having the first kid or after getting the first house. The reasons are endless but the spirit brightens each year. This is my favourite festival and wish all of you a superb, safe and happy Diwali.

How to win the blog giveaway:

Just answer this simple question- “Your secret to create a stunning Diwali make up look in 5 minutes is…

Based on the contest entries, 2 of you will be sent Elle 18’s new range hamper to shine this Diwali.

How to enter the giveaway:

Leave the answer below in the comments. The contest giveaway opens today and will close on 29th October’13. Open to Indian residents, the winners will be informed via email and will be declared on this page aswell. For any query, you can mail me at and I will respond at the earliest. Have fun with these online giveaways.

Well, I have become a champion of getting ready in 5 minutes. Thanks to hectic work schedules, by default I get only 5 minutes to be tip top. A splash of sunscreen followed by a thick Kohl and eyeliner and a lip gloss gets me ready in no time. On good days, an eye shadow compliments the look. A quick hairdo in a high pony or leaving the hair half tied does my magic. In all 5 minutes and I m good to go…

The winners for the Elle 18 contest are Saloni and Kusum. Congratulations girls and radiate with the all new Elle 18 hamper.
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  1. Your secret to create a stunning Diwali make up look in 5 minutes is simple eyeliner and a touch of lipstick as these two features speaks all and makes me feel beautiful.”I think I speak for all women when I say we want to feel beautiful. Not just look beautiful, but feel it. Feel it from the inside out. Radiate it. Embrace it. And do it without caking on layers of makeup.

  2. My secret to create a stunning Diwali make up look in 5 minutes is as following- I apply BB cream to get that quick perfect look and highlight my eyes with the help of Upper lash liner ( now a days i am in love with blue liners ) and a good mascara which give me that needed look. And my favorite red lipstick that brighten my days anytime so this is what i can swear by.
    Love straight hairs which i can enjoy with almost all looks so open hairs or side sweep is my pick as a hairstyle. And Yaay !!
    i am good to go <3

  3. “My secret to create a stunning Diwali make up look in 5 minutes is…” a quick face wash,dabble on some BB cream followed by eyeliner and mascarra and then tinted lip balm/ lipstick and I’m ready to go. Though I do like to use a bronzer/ blush from time to time, depending on the ocassion. Also, never forget the body mist.

  4. For my quick fix Diwali look, here’s what i’d do…

    I’d start with Cleansing followed by Toning and completed by Moisturizing.
    Next is Concealer to even out the skin tone followed by a little Translucent powder.
    Finally never without the 3 make-up essentials Kajal, Mascara and Lipstick.

    For my hair, i’d pull it back into a high ponytail, finally wrapping it around the band in a loose yet stylishly high hair-bun.

    And i’m ready to rock.

  5. My festive look in 5 minutes would be a smokey brown look with medium coverage foundation or bb cream …peach blush and highlighter on cheeks. I would love to try Elle 18 Color Pop line and their lip colors….
    and lots n lots of smileee :))

  6. “My secret to create a stunning Diwali make up look in 5 minutes is…”
    A moisturizer on Face with BB cream Base ,
    Highlight my eyes with the help of Upper lash liner going these days ,
    Putting 3 make-up essentials Kajal, Mascara and Lipstick ,
    wrapping my hairs with a ghunghroo joora stick ,
    Makes a smile on my face ,
    that I am the One who adorn my beauty with a quick and simple lace.

  7. My secret to create a stunning Diwali make up look in 5 minutes is staying Elegant. So i start with true match skin foundation and compact. Applying kohl and winged style eye-liner makes my eyes look beautiful and to end my quick steps i finish it with a lip-gloss that gives me a confident yet elegant look to shine on during festivals. Thanks !

  8. My secret to create a stunning Diwali make up look in 5 minutes is…
    Applying Elle 18 glow compact after cleansing my face, then i will add some colors to my eyes by applying color pop liner in green(adding colors is needed to celebrate a sparkling Diwali :))then i will color my lips with Elle 18 lipstick in pink shade.
    This will be my look to celebrate a colorful and a sparkling Diwali with lots of happiness in heart 🙂 🙂

  9. This diwali is special for us as we are entering in our first own home And that’s a beautiful feeling so for a stunning diwali, my secret of 5 minutes look is all about going glamorous. I am wearing a rajasthani style Indian Traditional saree and polki accessories so i would love to have this desired look-

    skin- I will make my skin perfect with foundation and compact

    cheeks- a touch of blusher

    eyes- i create smokey eyes in half minute with help of my eye shadow and a Color pop liner Green shade for my eyes and a generous kohl line

    Lips – A quick touch of my neon pink shade magical wand to get a perfect glow of smile

    Sindoor to complete my look and traditions and i am ready to share the happiness of festival and to create those wonderful memories that we will heart for lifetime.

    May You and everyone have a fabulous Deepawali this year and May God be kind to every soul and grant their heartiest wishes.

  10. My secret to create a stunning Diwali make up look in 5 minutes is Just eyeliner and lipstick. they both talk a lot without saying a word,so main attraction is these sharp features of face. blinking eyes and pouching lips are enough to attain attention.

  11. using a bb cream or any tinted moisturiser on a cleansed face. kajal , mascara, and bright lip color is a must and many a times a subtle blush on the cheeks is really helpful to look good in just 5 minutes

  12. My secret to create a Diwali look in 5 minutes is:
    Apply a bb cream as a base for your makeup
    Then, apply a glittery foundation.
    Part your hair into two sections and take a part of your hair, braid it and tie it at the back as an egyptian braid. Tie it up with the help of a huge hair broach.
    Put on some kohl and use the same kohl as an eye liner and smudge it with your finger to create an instant smokey eye look.
    Apply some mascara on the eye lashes.
    Dab on some bold red lipstick and lip balm and you are good to go!
    Dont forget to apply the Lakme instant drying nail paint!!
    Tadaaaa!!!!! 5 minutes utilised to your best potential!! 🙂


  13. i always have to rush .. so i just have a 5 minute for looking gorgeous on the auspicious day of Diwali i start wid wash my face with a facewash then followed by a one step make up of lakme cc cream i think i can make my diwali more brighter by using some neon colors in my make up lets start wid eye make up a fluorecent green eye shadow with with orange strokes followed by a bright orange matt lipstick..
    a blush over my cheeks. and i m ready……
    diwali rocks..

  14. I think most of the people have similar products to create 5 minutes look..
    Also diwali is on head and I tried festive look using mostly lakme ..


    Firstly I applied cc cream which blends in a moment, then talcum powder instead of compact as it is quick to use..
    Then I pick the eye shadows of golden And bronze color as these are very festive colors..
    After i applied kajal on upper and lower eye lid and completed my look with a chapstick.

    HEY I LOVE SHARING MY LOOK WITH YOU.. ITS SIMPLE AND QUICK.. I shared on your page and here is the link >>>>>


  15. I think the link Is not working here.. dunno why.. but plz check that out on your Facebook page elle 18 post. THANK YOU

  16. My secret to create a stunning Diwali make up look in 5 minutes is…

    1. Lotus Herbals 50 SPF Sunscreen Lotion – 1 min
    2. A compact powder – 1 min
    3. Lakme eyeconic kajal – 2 min
    4. A waterproof mascara – 1/2 min
    5. A bright lipstick or a tinted lip balm – 1/2 min.

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

  17. My secret to create a Diwali look in 5 minutes is:
    -Exchange the black heels for a pair of gold heeled stiletto, it will makes the outfit pop and completely fresh for a festive season!
    -Switch the nude colored make-up to a bolder look.
    -Mix your metals, mix your jewel tones and be bold with your statement pieces– after all, fashion should be fun!
    -Make it exciting by wearing a sparkling necklace & a couple of bracelets !
    -Don’t forget to freshen your hair. Consider putting your hair up for a dressier look
    -Most important of all, a swipe of red lipstick or glittery eye-shadow effortlessly takes you into festive mode

  18. diwali look in 5 mins
    a stunning traditional indian outfit.
    step 1: mositurizer
    step 2: bb cream
    step 3: eyeiner, mascara, kohl
    step 4 : lipstick or/and Gloss
    I am ready to rock..

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