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Hello My Lovelies
I think I love all of you alot. After the super success of the Elle 18 lip balm and The Anne French Tender Care contest, here is another one for your super sparkling eyes. I love eye makeup, thats’ my favourite. My everyday routine is kohl coupled with a color eye liner and I’m good to go. I keep the rest of the face natural and apply a lip balm for some shine. My life depends on colorful liners to match my daily outfits. No doubt, black does the maximum trick but a navy blue or suave orange or deep brown just looks fabulous and instantly adds that glam factor. It’s quick and now with everyday perfection, life becomes easy and I get ready in 5 minutes flat. Well, none of us has more time than that in the mornings.
How to win:
Winter’s here and some of us are totally loving it. With everything black and grey around, won’t it be a super idea to add some bright colors to our eyes and get back to life ? Let us know your secret to a quick eye makeup and win your self the awesome Elle 18 hamper of colorful pop eyeliners to brightly shine through the winters. Well, we believe- Let your eyes do the talking.
Gratification: 4 lucky winners to get the all new Elle 18 hamper of bright pop shine eyeliners.

How to enter the giveaway: Leave the answer below in the comments. The contest giveaway opens today and will close on 3rd December’13. Open to Indian residents, the winners will be informed via email and will be declared on this page aswell. For any query, you can mail me at and I will respond at the earliest. Have fun with these online giveaways.

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The lucky winners are Sarita, Sharon Monis, Drishty and Naomi. Congratulations girls!
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  1. Hello
    Tanya mam
    My quick eye make ans is. apply elle 18 eye sparkel ( blue,green,grey) , use black eye line to define the eyes its called pop sparkel eye.
    And fully pop eye different color of elle 18 color pop to use upr and lower section of the and make poptastic eyes.. 🙂 🙂
    simple and trendy.
    My college style eye makeup secrets fix – up time 2 min 😉 .

  2. 1)Use concealer to cover under eye dark circles.
    2)Apply primer on eyelid and use bronze eye shadow or nude eye shadow which will give immediate glow to eyes.
    3)Then apply eyeliner,I use maybelline gel liner which last on my eyes for hours.
    4)Apply kajal and dab some eyeshadow on it using cotton bud to fix it in place for hours.
    5)Curl the lashes and apply mascara which has magic to boom eyes.
    Done with quick eyemakeup:)

  3. My secret eye makeup is smoky look “For a quick, smoky eye, apply your dramatic makeup by line your upper lash line, smudge the line with your finger, blink repeatedly, then blend. Keep blending and applying additional layers of pencil until you get the density of smoke you want or you run out of time. Then Elle 18 pop liner on upper lash, mascara then finally lip balm

  4. My quick Eye make up suggestion
    1 Prep your eyes with a Concealer to cover up under eye dark circles or bluish discolouration.
    2 Apply eyeshadow primer to your Lid.
    3 Follow with Eyeliner.
    4 Apply Eyeshadow. Blend into each other like a rainbow,Sweep colour across the lid up to your browbone.
    5 Brighten Eyes & Brow with a Highlighter.
    6 Curl Lashes
    7 Apply Mascara.

    Total time 7 minutes.
    Thank u ..Mam

  5. My quick eye makeup:

    1.Even out the skin tone with a foundation and just pat concealer under the eyes.
    2.I fill in my brows with a brow pencil
    3.I close my eyes and apply a metallic gold/copper eye shadow on my eye lids.
    4.Then to save time, I apply my chocolate brown lipstick on my eye lids and blend it with the copper one.
    5.For a quick eye makeup, I always prefer gel based eye liners since they dry out instantly. Hence, a thin line of eye liner since winged eye or graphic eyes would take off the attention from the smokey eyes.
    6.A plain coat of black Mascara to accentuate my lashes and then colored mascara on just the tips to make me more pretty and I’m all set! 🙂

    And to finally get rid of a few makeup smudges/ eye shadow where I dont need.
    I take a cello tape and just stick it over the regions where i need to remove the eye makeup. Fast and simple! 🙂

  6. My quick eye make up secret is :

    1. Apply bronze eye shadow to the upper eye lids that will give me smokey eyes.

    2. Apply Maybelline Gel Eyeliners that will define my eyes.

    3. Apply Colossal Kajal to my eyes.

    4. Apply some Elle 18 color pop to the upper and lower lids of my eyes.

    5. Curl the eye-lids and apply some mascara to the eyes that will enlarge my eyes.

    6. Use concealer to cover the dark circles below the eyes.

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

  7. Oh.. Thanks a lot di.. for back to back giveaways.. I really love taking part in your giveaways..Coz they are simple and intresting unlike those hectic rafflecopter ones. I juSt HATE them coz u don’t have anything to learn from it.

    So my winter mantra of eye makeup would be colourful. I will gonna use two different pop colour eye liners (blue and green are my favourites) and then apply on my eyes, one over other to create double winged eyeliner look.

    My eyes will talk without eye shadows and other products..

  8. I like to keep things simple yet stylish & chic. Winged eye liner not only adds beauty to the eyes but also widens them to a great extent, so different styles of the winged eyeliner is my Go-to.
    After priming my eyes for a smoothness, I create the winged eyeliner look, add loads for mascara to elongate my tiny lashes and then apply some kohl to my lower lash line and I am good to go!!!
    In order to conceal the dark circles from those late nights, I use my Studio finish concealer from MAC.

  9. My eye makeup by default is super quick because I hardly have time to get ready in the mornings. I strongly kohl the lower rim of my eyes and use the kohl to line the upper eye line above the lashes. The stoke of the kohl is thin to thick depending upon my mood and the outfit requirements. I alternate it with a liquid eyeliner to create catty eyes or winged eyes and sometimes use black as the base of the eyeliner and do an overline with a colored eyeliner. These are simple, quick and very doable tips for a quick eye makeup. I get compliments everyday for lining my eyes in different strokes. Hope you all practice this too to get a nice eye make up without spending much time on it.

  10. Tip is for popping eye to use different color of elle 18 eye sparkle or a color pop to draw simple to line like define the eyes its look so exotic different bcz this tip I learn in my Diva institute .

  11. My secret to quick eye make up is, after I am done with my face make up, I apply kajal to both my upper and lower lash line. After I am done with this, I apply three to four strokes of mascara to my upper lashes. Simple,now I am ready to go.

  12. OMG! love the giveaway ! I have a blue eyeliner on my to buy list since forever!!

    So here is my answer to a quick eye make up !
    My eye makeup depends on my mood , but I mostly do this.

    Start with fresh clean eyes. First I apply my favorite ELLE 18 silver spark Eye sparklers, slightly smudge it. After that I define my eyelids with black liquid eyeliner.I usually let it dry for a while( cause I am usually restless!) Then I apply Kajal on my waterline, only halfway ,darkly on the outer edges.
    Now my favorite part, mascara! I generously apply mascara and slightly curl my lashes with a lash curler ! Done !


  13. Since I leave for college very early in the morning this is my quick daily eye makeup routine to college:

    -Since I have Dark under eye circles, I just cannot do without a concealer.

    -To college I prefer neutral eye shadow, espeacially shades of light golden.

    -Followed by a black or blue eyeliner on the lash line, ‘coz black and blue compliments well with the neutral eye shadow.

    -On the waterline I apply a stroke of Elle 18 Kajal (Have been using it since long and have fallen in love with it, it’s reasonable, long lasting and does not smudge)

    -To finish it off apply oodles of Mascara.

    5 easy steps and Im ready to live another day with this simple yet pretty look 🙂

  14. Tip.
    1)- Using elle 18 eye sparkle on ur eye and smudge to use ur finger tip. then use dark pigment elle 18 eye sparkle to use in corner like a high lighter.
    for finishing use elle 18 eye pop blue …. .
    I make sure you like this.
    *finger cross *

  15. for me a quick eye make will take around 5 minutes….
    1. the first step is optional- using an eye and eye-shadow primer..
    2. then i apply coloured eyeliner using a brush slightly smudging it
    3. i follow it up with loads of mascara and a dash of kajal
    4. that s it

  16. my quick makeup secret is wash my face then apply sum moisturizer on my face after then apply facepowder all over the face and neck melt it wid hands then eyeliner n dark kajal for eyes ..for lips i just using lipliner after then a colour gloss..and lastly sum shadow on eyes with fingers matching with my dress ready to go the party …simply gorgeous…:)

  17. Base on Ocassion,like Night Party-event

    Dark green/purple glittering shade over upper lids of eyes. Sounds more appealing for night culture.

    Nothing much…simply… Let the eye talk 😉

  18. My quick eye make up tip to be followed always 😛 –
    Don’t default to black liner
    Tightline your top lash lines with brown
    Enhance your eyes with neutral shadows
    Skip the fake lashes and curl instead
    Use mascara sparingly
    and voila .. you are good to go 🙂

  19. What I suggest:
    Cover dark circles, Apply eyeshadow (for smokey look after applying eyeshadow give a shade with black),apply kajal & eyeliner, then apply Mascara & now just high light brows.not necessary but Curling Lashes define eyes. this is my eye sparkling make up…:)

  20. my quick eye make up is that i like smoky n colorful look . for smoky look i apply black n silver eye shadow combinations or i apply golden n black shades n for colorful combo i use orange n purple shades or tenuios teal shade bcoz they enhance my eyes . after applying this shades i apply elle 18 black outliner n make winged lines on my lids n use mascara n curl up my eye lashes n i use elle 18 kajal . this is my way of doing eye makeup

  21. My quick eye make up is applying only kajal. My favourites are black and brown. They work wonder on your face and make anyone feel super confident. You can also add a dash of gloss on your lips to make you look picture perfect.

  22. beautiful give way waooio…. crazy about makeup! !!!!!
    using light color elle 18 eye sparkle on the eyes they use highlighter elle 18 color pop. a great heavy line.
    then diffine eye with black elle 18 liner.
    finally use MNY MASCARA for a best curl result of eye lashes 🙂

  23. My Quick eye makeup – First I apply compact powder.Then I Apply kajal and elle 18 black eyeliner for office and for fun look its elle 18 green or blue sparklers. Along with this goes elle 18 color pop mostly pinks and lilac shades and I am all set to go. Love elle 18.

  24. I deal a very busy being a medical field i cnt use much make up..jst kajal and lip bam or gloss i cn apply,,in this life style light color elle 18 eye sparkle on the eyes it make my eye prominent and kajal help my eye from external party i usualy use mascara,kajal,liner ans make eyes lavishing and let the eye talk

  25. My daily eye make up secret is :
    1)I apply moisturizer around my eyes (cos there are no oil glands around the eyes)…
    2)Apply kajal extending it a little further towards ur temples to give shape to ur eyes…
    3)Dust or dab some baby powder around ur eyes for a softer look n to lock the kajal…
    4)Finally apply the eyeliner of ur choice…
    Simple n easy, yet makes ur eyes look fabulous 🙂

  26. hi t 4 tanya!!
    my secret of quick eye make up is;
    * after applying face creams n powder make sure your eye area is neat and der r no traces of kohl color
    * just apply elle 18 color pop black or any shimmer liner on the upper lid which suits your dress of the day
    * if found better also apply to the lower lids very thin layer
    * it is very easy to swipe a perfect line on your lids with elle 18 color pop 🙂
    * with elle 18 mascara curl the lashes n make yo eyes look bigger
    * proceed the line @ the end of the lids to give a fine look and thats it………. u will go awesome 🙂

  27. my quick eye makeup is very simple
    1.Just prep ur eyes with a conceler to cover up dark circles.
    2.apply any neutral or bronze eyeshadow which will match to all the outfits.
    3.then go for a pop up liner of black or brown shade.
    4.add a stoke of kajal into it. last mascara to give curl & smokey look.
    you will really pop up wid this just 5 simple steps.

  28. Hello

    I really love make-up like anything and that too eye make-up as it highlights the face beauty more….my quick eye make-up recipe is first clean the face with a face wash that dosent dry your skin after that apply Elle 18 glow compact on your face evenly, then apply Elle 18 kajal and Elle 18 pop liner (colour according to occasion and dressing) daily grey colour is common for liner and colour liners for matching dress colour, after this apply on your eyes Elle 18 eye sparkles evenly spread it on your eyes (colour based on occassion), grey sparkle will go evenly with every dress, then apply Elle 18 pop liner grey on the outer side of the eye lid to give a shape for the eye, now to highlight the eye more once again apply the kajal, it should be dark, for lips apply Elle 18 juicy lip balm it will go well and yes it is an quick way to do the make-up daily basis is what i do….

  29. My daily eye makeup secret includes applying compact powder on my face using light eyeshadow and then black eyeliner which suits almost every face and a kajal pencil.
    Mascara being optional.

  30. A base is very important for your makeup to stay, so always use a compact or loose powder. Also, Indian eyes look great with a lot of kohl…that is a must! Along with that I use either Lip gloss or lipstick and change the colours as per occasion…that’s my daily makeup routine 🙂

  31. My quick eye make up secret is :
    use a creamy concealer to soften and fade any shadows on the inner and outer corners of the under eye area and on top of the eyelid.
    Strong brows

    Fill in your eyebrows with a soft taupe brow pencil to frame the face and add balance to strong lips.
    Gently work the pencil throughout the brow, from the bridge of the nose outward. Use vertical strokes, following the same direction as the hair growth. You are trying to create a shadow between the hairs, not actual hair themselves.
    Use a brow brush to blend the pencil up and out of the brow… it should look soft and subtle, never harsh or forced.
    Finish with a coat of clear brow gel.
    Black mascara

    Apply two coats of shiny, black mascara from the lash roots to the tips. Apply liberally, but never messily. You don’t want your lashes to steal the focus away from your bright lips.

  32. Beautiful eyes make a girl look more beautiful. The basic thing behind having gorgeous eyes is to keep it simple with the use of kajal. A decent kajal makes a sleepy, tired, sad, happy any eyes look beautiful.

  33. TIP –

  34. Hello,
    Eye Makeup define your natural look. first wash your whole face with cleanser before you begin.Apply Primer to your eyelids, Its optional.after that apply concealer to dark under eye circles & the area where eye meets nose.then apply Eyeshadow ie medium color eyelid,Pick pink,light brown for this area even uses three color plan also ie Medium .Light,Dark color.then blend the colors if you applied more than one of eyeshadow use your fingers or fluffy.Then apply eyeliner you can use liquid or pencil eye liner then curl your lashes first grip your upper eyelashes then apply Mascara you can apply little or lot.its my daily routine of my eye makeup 🙂

  35. My quick eye makeup look is to use light and dark blue eye shadow. Light shadow on the inner corner and dark outside…
    With a navy blue eye liner over the lid.
    This look is simple, quick and beautiful and can be worn in day as well as night party.

  36. For quick eye makeup… i apply brown eye shadow and then apply colorful eye liner. I finish it off with a thick layer of kajal on my waterline. 😀 I love applying kajal as it enhances my eyes and colorful eye liner adds a color to my whole neutral look. I finish off by applying concealer to hide dark circle. yes, i apply concealer in the end. 😀

  37. My everyday eye makeup routine is pretty simple n non taxing..
    1.Start with a little primer on the lids
    2.Eye liner with a slight winged end at the outer end
    3.Kohl halfway through from outer end to midway on the inner line
    4.Waterproof mascara is a must!
    Steps 2n3 make ur eyes look bigger n better defined! Like every expresso eyes should be ;D

    Now if it’s for an occasion-
    Add eye shadow after the primer
    while remaining steps are same.. Everything should be bolder n darker like a statement itself!
    Eyes are the doorway to your soul! Dress them glam them! Make them fab!
    Ohh and most important.. MAKE SURE EYEBROWS ARE PLUCKED AND CLEAN ALWAYS!! that could be a major turnoff..
    Be confident n keep rocking 😀

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