April Giveaway: Designer Outfit worth Rs 22,000/-

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Welcome Everyone to the Blog Giveaway.

I am back with another Designer Outfit Giveaway. This time we are giving away the below designer outfit worth Rs 22,000/-. Masumi Mewawalla, the famous designer from Bombay is the brain behind this classy outfit. The patiala jumpsuit is all that you need for a summer wedding, cocktail or a lavish family get-together. The fabric, the pattern, the color combination and the fall- it surely will flatter every woman.

Shine like a pearl in the hues of green and yellow and have everyone drool over you.

 blog giveaway


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2. Share a fashion tip that always works for you.

The idea behind collecting fashion tips is to help each other in looking and feeling confident and more fashionable. My tip will help you and yours will help me.

One lucky winner gets the gorgeous outfit.


The Giveaway opens today and closes on 25th April’16. Open to Indian residents, the winner will be announced here on 26th April. Keep watching this space. It’s always a pleasure to host such fabulous blog giveaways for all of you.

I can’t wait to see your fashion tips. As always, thanks for reading and participating. A very special Thankyou to Masumi Mewawalla for hosting this giveaway.

Love to the core & Good luck

Tanya Virmani

P.S: A fashion tip that always works for me is wearing black top to toe. A black t shirt with black lowers always makes me look tall and somehow thin. And it looks chic too.

Winner: Sonal Agrawal

  1. One summer fashion tip that always works for me is paring my simple t-shirts with floral or plain or animal print scarfs/stoles. For girls who are front heavy, like I am, I find it super comfortable.

    Also, I prefer attaching any old piece of jewelry and loop the whole piece to make it sort of an infinity jeweled scarf or put small pearls along the corners. I sort of design my own scarfs by stitching together old duppattas or stuff like that.

    This tip works in winters as well. I usually club a heavy scarf like a muffler with my coat or a jacket. My scarfs have saved me in my beach trips as well, once I used a scarf as a sarong as I was quite uncomfortable at the beach, and then It became my style.
    (NOte – M not a two piece bikini types but ya a normal swimsuit also sometimes make u go blush blush.. n ya they helped me in my girly days as well.. :-P)

    @Tanya – cool haircut gal.. 🙂

  2. Beig flabby my aim is to draw away people’s attention from my body so I always wear smokey eye make up with bright shade which suits my skin tone. Eyes gleaming with confidence and beautiful smile will win you many hearts. 🙂

  3. The most exciting fashion tip has been told to me by my mother which trust me , has done wonders to me – personally and professionally…making an impact/impression on others that leave them awestruck :*

    Her fashion tip is very simple and feasible to follow :- Wear a dress that flatters your body, complements your skin tone, and one which reflects your personality..do not follow the trend blindly but create your own Spice up your smile, exude confidence and be the kind of person to whom people would like to talk. Smile and always be friendly.

  4. Fashion Trick -> Invest in silk or satin pillowcases to keep your hair from breaking during the night. (They also keep your skin looking smoother than rough cotton cases!)

    Fashion Tip -> Watches Are Timeless. They are classic and can represent your personality. And if you invest in a good one, it could last you a lifetime.

  5. One fashion tip that always works for me is to keep it simple. Most of the time we tend to overdo on accessories or makeup but the key to a great looking ‘You’ is to be understated and always be on lower side when doing makeup or accessorizing. Mix and match also works like a magic wand in transforming ‘You’

  6. My Fashion Tip is choose your outfits according to your body shape and winged eyes, red lips with beautiful smile on your face is sufficient to grab attention….be confident..stay fab…..as always

  7. My Fashion tip is to choose your outfits according to your body shape,
    Winged Eyes and Red Lips with beautiful smile is sufficient to grab attention..
    Be confident and stay fab

  8. A fashion tip rather formula that i always follow is –

    1 BASIC (dark jeans/ pencil skirt/ knee length monochrome dress)


    1 INTEREST PIECE (color/pattern/texture/shine)


    1 COMPLETE PIECE (Jacket/Cardigan/ Belt)


    accessories (watch, jewellery, clutch, shoe/sandal)

  9. Little Black Dress is definitely sexy but i truly think that “Little White Dress” is underrated…hai na??

    Fashion Tip – Accessorize it with a simple beaded pearl necklace and the bracelet that add a little swag to white outfit giving a classier look. Adore it with the white flat sandals to make a easy bubbly carefree persona 🙂

    Style Tip – Select a solid/opaque white dress and to ensure that nothing draws the eye to the wrong place; use skin colored slips, underpants and braziers.

  10. Hi Tanya

    Fashion is Passion for me I live with fashion. My Fashion tip : I always try those outfit which suit my wheatish complextion as well as my moderate personality & average height. As my out fit is not mere out fit for me but it tells more about me when we meet the world.

    thanks sweetie for having such a dazzling giveaway.

  11. My fashion tip is to wear well fitted clothes always. Don’t follow the trends blindly. Wear the silhouetee that suits your body type. Since I am on the heavier side of the weighing scale, I prefer wearing a single color from head to toe and enhancing it with some dainty accessories or pretty motifs. And make sure your outfit sits perfectly on your shoulders even if it’s meant to be loosely fitted. Wear the dresses that accentuate your curves and hide your flaws. I personally bet on flared tops, tunics or kurtis with fitted full length denims/trousers and pants/churidaar/palazzo for indo western or ethnic look. And wear layers if you’re busty, they add that Zing to ur outfit.

  12. Accessorizing is what actually gives an outfit a personal touch. The way you accessorize is an important part of your styleMost of garments are probably in neutral colors, so you can combine them with accesories which comes in wild colors .

  13. My fashion tip for this summer season that works for me is a nice flowy printed maxi dress. I team it up with a nice complementing scarf and a watch and hairs tied to a nice messy bun. I like to keep it simple yet fashionable in summers and woila i am ready to rock the world!!

  14. Being simple can be Better !
    It’s nice to keep your outfit simple. It offers you the chance to let your personality shine through, whether it’s through your amazing cocktail ring that suddenly stands out or the smile on your face that’s no longer overshadowed by an overdone outfit.
    Secret to be remembered: You’re the one who wears the clothes – they should never wear you.

  15. My fashion tip for this summer season is to wear a trendy crop top with hig waist jeggings. That looks classy and also suits my body structure and not to forget to wear an amazing silver watch with this outfit.

  16. Pair loose clothing with tighter fitting clothing. Balance keeps you from looking like a sausage or shlumpy. Simple yet effective tip to command fashionably 🙂

  17. Pair loose clothing with tighter fitting clothing. Eg – Loose top – tight jeggings !
    Balance keeps you from looking like a sausage or shlumpy. Simple yet effective tip to command fashionably

  18. Best Fashion Tip is to *DON’T FORGET TO ACCESSORIZE*
    Fashion accessories are definitely the topping of the cake!
    A pair of shoes or a printed scarf or a bful handbag or chic belt…they can instantly transform any plain outfit….helping to crate a lasting impression on minds of others reflecting a confident modern woman. I always consider accessories as the best closet pieces for creating multiple looks for less – great for adding interest and personality to my style!

  19. Fashion tip – Make Clothes Work For You iN An Impressive Way… Accent your features in the right way!

    For example, wearing V neck will make your torso look longer, and wearing nude pups will do miracles for the length of your legs. Embrace your shape and learn to love all its imperfections.

  20. Hi Tanya,
    Since I am a bit on the heavier side I prefer wearing something like a Saree or a beautiful Anarkali suit that makes me look slimmer. This creates a perfect ethnic look. Since I have a fair skin tone I prefer Colors like black, wine, red & white that can do wonders. When I am confused about my footwear I always select my favorite pair of nude pumps. I believe that beauty lies in simplicity & my confidence & smile is a cherry on the cake. For a western look I have experimented a lot & concluded that ball gown dresses suit my body the best. When confused about accessories I always go for Jhumkis/ Chaandbaalis for ethnic wear & Big hoop earrings for a western look. Wish to win the beautiful outfit. I am madly in love with it.

  21. Fashion tipp, um let me think. I’ve like a whole load of them. But the most coolest I’ve foind is If you have a jeans which is loose from the thighs and calves, fold the bottoms twice.
    wear it with flats or high heels, looks crazy good.
    Also makes for a good looking outfit, something different.
    Generally known as boyfriend jeans, make your normal jeans that kind with the folds.
    Rock it with a tank and a scarf. Ah. Summers.

  22. Wearing killer heels always works for me. Whatever the outfit, you can always elevate it with high heels. It adds confidence, charm and an x factor to the personality.

  23. Mixing and matching is a great way to enhance any outfit. Look at the outfit in the giveaway. It is a fusion of modern and ethnic. The patiala jumpsuit is a classic example of fusion wear. So raw, so appealing. This is a great fashion tip to bring your edgy side forward. Mix an ethnic skirt with a modern white shirt and see how people drool over you. Go crazy in fusions.

  24. HiTanya ! My name is Akanksha Sharma and I’m the founder and curator at indspireme.in, a website where I interview passionate young Indians who are doing something that they love. I came across your website by accident, and I really like it. So much so that as a style and fashion enthusiast, I decided to enter this giveaway 😀 One fashion tip from me would be: do not hesitate to embrace colour into your wardrobe. Many of us, since young, have been conditioned into not standing out too much and this makes us hesitant to experiment with the colour palette of our outfits. I encourage everyone out there, be it men and women to express their personalities, the changing seasons, their moods and everything else- with pops of colour. 🙂

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