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My girls. Welcome to a brand new week with newer hopes, aspirations and commitments. Life is so crazy that everyday has its own surprises and shocks. But in-between all this, our love for makeup and beauty doesn’t take a hit. The more depressed we are, the more colourful we go. That’s the girl power. We can go down to the depths and bounce back with equal spirits. To keep in continuation for our beauty thirst, I thought of having another colorful giveaway.
Let’s all welcome Santa in Style. In these top to toe covered days, how about our fingers doing the talk? Lovely nails and snowy dues just look so magical. So here is a giveaway just for that.

How to win the Blog Giveaway:

Share your winter quick fix for healthy nails. The tip should be doable and easy to implement at home.

Gratification: 4 lucky winners to get the super colorful nail paint hamper from Elle 18.
How to enter the giveaway: Leave the answer below in the comments. The contest giveaway opens today and will close on 20th December’13. Open to Indian residents, the winners will be informed via email and will be declared on this page aswell. For any query, you can mail me at and I will respond at the earliest. Have fun with these online giveaways.

P.S: Do like Let’s Expresso on Facebook here. (If you haven’t already). Get your family and friends to like too. My quick fix for healthy nails is good moisturising. Adequately apply moisturiser on hands and nails and see the effect yourself. The hands look neat and healthy. Dry hands always look pale. Carry a moisturiser in your bag and apply it at frequent intervals. Apart from this, file you nails regularly to avoid them from chipping or breaking. Let me know your tips…

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The lucky winners are S.Silva Jakulin ,Veena Vinyas, Aneri Sanghavi and Rujuta Parulekar. Congratulations girls. Keep rocking!
  1. I Apply lotion to my nails after waking up in the morning and before bed and sleep with gloves. And yes, especially moisturise my cuticles

    I prefer shorter nails in the winter. So I chip them off and file it since dryness leads to breakage of nails.

    I make sure I take shorter baths in the winters because I dont want to overexpose my nails to water.

    I avoid dark nails paints to avoid staining of nails. I make sure there is a clear coat!

    Last but not the least. I drink lots of water!

  2. My tips to maintain healthy nails during winter :

    1. I apply adequate creams and lotions to the nails, every time I wash my hand. If I am wearing nail polish, I just massage the cream into the cuticles to help stimulate healthy nail growth.

    2. I use lotions that contain urea—a humectant that helps hold moisture in the skin.

    3. At night, I regularly rub on cuticle oil (in a pinch, olive oil also works) on my nails.

    4. And once a week, I have an intensive treatment of my nails. It involves soaking nails in lukewarm water for no more than 10 minutes, then coating them with cuticle oil and slipping on cotton gloves for at least an hour.

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

  3. Get a simple manicure at home
    Heat 2 liter water then adding 2 big spoon vinegar, 1 big spoon shampoo (any brand) and 1 small spoon baking soda.
    your hand and feet soak into the water. In 15 mints
    then dry with towel using moisturer on nail tips as well as full hand and feet .
    Then apply nail paint you got a beautiful nails ever.
    plz plz this to win me ….
    I wanna be use this beautiful colorpop on my nail in this christmas 🙂
    ****finger cross****
    hope to win 🙂


  5. In winters nails starts to crack. And I AM one of its victim..
    It gives me a feeling to cry because I love my nails or should I ask who don’t?

    Every time when winters start my nails starts to crack so this time I was sure that I’ll not let this thing happen as I’ve to attend so many weddings and I don’t want my nails to look ugly over my beautiful dresses..

    1. I AM eating healthy food Which Is full of protein. So 1 egg daily..
    2. keep nails away from harsh chemicals like soaps and detergents, they make them weak
    3. Wear gloves while cleaning house
    4. This time I AM away from dark nail paints and poor brands and from all nail polish abuse.
    5. I am only wearing strengthening clear nail paint, easily available.
    6. Every Night I massage my nails with olive oil/cuticle oil. If one don’t have any massage with clarified butter(ghee)
    7. Moisturised nails breaks less so drink water to keep body hydrated
    8. Keep nails away from very hot or very cold water/liquids.
    9. Wear gloveS everytime you go out as harsh winds could be very harsh to your nails.

    Trust me I AM doing all this from 15 days and till now m away from those cracks and yellow nails. I AM flaunting my beautiful nails…

  6. With the winters setting in, all the moisture from our skin take an exit. Thus it is necessary to retain the moisture.
    – While moisturizing your hands, make sure you appy some moisturizer on your nail area as well.
    – Spare some time and massage your cuticles preferrably with vaseline.
    – Drink plent of water to hydrate your body and have a protein rich diet.
    – Avoid using acetone free nail pollish remover cause it will dry up your nails and make them brittle.
    – Maintain and file your nails short during this season.

  7. Few tips which I follow to keep My nails n hands look good n beautiful :-
    -apply moisturiser regularly after washing hands day time n before goin to bed to keep them nourished.
    -massage cuticles with Vaseline or oil atleast thrice a week before goin to bed to keep them healthy .
    -eat protein rich diet lik eggs,green vegetables ,chicken n drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water to keep urself hydrated.
    -file my nails regularly to keep it healthy n keeping it short to avoid breakage.
    -wear gloves a must thing to do in harsh winters as dry cold air badly effects nails.

  8. In This winter Season we are facing Chapped Lips, dry Skin and Cracked nails :/

    So Follow this Easy steps to protect healthy and strong nails during winter:

    1)Wear Gloves to keep your nails face.

    2)keep your nails short & trim.

    3)Apply a top Coat of protective polish.

    4)Please stay Away from hot water in winter

    5)Soften your nails by olive oil over your nails into your cuticles. Leave it on overnight to soothe and fortify nails.

  9. I dip my nais in gelatin solution so that it doesnt break soon!!!! try all kind of nail arts ,but every time before reapplying nail polish,i clean it nicely and remove every traces of left over,moisturize with almond oil pull cuticles back & give my pinky Rosy nails 1day to inhale!!!!

  10. Hi Tanya,

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway. I would like to share winter quick fix for my healthy nails with you.

    • I Drink plenty of water and eats foods that are naturally hydrating such as watermelon and cucumber to keep my nails healthy and shiny bright during winter.
    • I Soak my nails with warm water and wipe them with cotton to remove all the dust from the nails

    • When I do housework i wear gloves its protect my nails from chemicals, dirt and dust

    • To keep my nails healthy I moisturized them by applying petroleum Vaseline gel to keep them soft and flexible

    • I file my nails daily to keep them healthy and to stay away from breakage

    • I apply nail polish and remover of the trusted and reliable brand

    Hope you like my style

    My Email Id –

  11. Tanya my quick fix for my healthy nails are

    • I protect my nails like i wear gloves outdoor as well as indoor when I do cleaning, washing etc

    • Regular Massage with the oil into the nails and cuticles that keep my nail strong and healthy

    • When I paint my nail I apply base coat

    • Healthy diet is a must for your nails to keep them strong and healthy. I always make certain that I intake plenty of calcium, zinc, magnesium and vitamins A, B and C in my diet.

    • I take care while filling my nails because incorrect filling can do harm for my nails

    • I mosturised my nails by applying Vaseline. I also slip my hands into a pair of cotton gloves and sleep with them on. In the morning I find my nails nourished.

    Thank you

  12. Hi

    Nice giveaway and love to win this as I am crazy for nail paints 🙂

    I first shape up my nails and file them properly and I daily apply moisturizers on and massage them 🙂 At night I aplly mustard oil on my hands and nails and massage my hands like both rub both hands together which not only strengthens my nails but also makes them stronger 🙂

    Meenakshi Kapur

  13. First, make sure that you are applying a base coat while applying darker colors. And yes I do moisturise my nails and hands. Leave your nails free without applying any colors for a week before applying next color to avoid yellowish stain on nails. File your nails. Apply good quality nail paints. Use trusted brands like Elle 18 🙂

  14. Hi dear Tanya,

    its been really an unusual question for the giveaway n i wud happily like to share my view point 🙂
    The foremost quick fix for healthy nails during all seasons is not to bite your fingernails. Bcoz for sensitive nail skin, it may cause bacterial or fungus infection easily.
    And the exclusive WINTER QUICK FIX FOR NAILS is actually what I have followed from one of my mom’s habit to apply Vaseline on hands before starting bathing and then gently rubbing the nails with finger tips so that the warmth lets the moisture penetrate into nails very easily n effectively. and honestly, it works wonders & doesn’t get nails brittle 🙂

    I make a constant effort to wash hands with lukewarm water n avoid hot water. While going to bed in night, i apply a thick layer of moisturizer on my hands generously n put my hands in small polythene bags to soften the skin.

    One more effective point to be followed is to leave ur nails unpainted randomly for few days to regain natural shine of nails and always using gud quality mild nailpaint remover 🙂

  15. I live in Mumbai, and the winters here are usually not harsh. But I’ve noticed my nails become brittle in the winter, and if I’ve grown them out (which I probably have), my normally healthy nails tear at the slightest impact. So I’ve taken to warming olive oil at night and massaging not just the tips of my fingers, but my entire hands. I’ve heard of cuticle creams, but could never shrug off my laziness to actually go hunt for them. Standard petroleum jelly (Vaseline or whichever brand you prefer) suits me just fine. If you live someplace cold, you can always take extra care of your nails by leaving on a coat of strengthening nail paint at all times and wear gloves. Dipping your nails in warm water for 10-15 minutes helps, too. And there’s always the usual tag-on tips : (1)Eat healthy. (2)Drink plenty of water. (3)Get adequate sleep.

  16. Hi dear Tanya,
    lovely giveaway and love to win this…<3
    My winter quick fix for my healthy nails is…

    Keep a bottle of lotion by each sink in your home and in your desk at work. If hands are very dry, use cream instead of lotion because the former has a higher oil-to-water ratio. Wearing rubber gloves while washing dishes can prevent hands from getting dried out due to excess contact with hot water, too. To really rehab the skin on hands, use very thick hand cream right before bed and then slip on white cotton gloves — the enclosed space will help the moisturizer absorb into the skin.

    FB Name: tanisha tani

    Email ID:

  17. Again, dry and cold winter air – and washing hands more often in hot water – can take their toll on your nails. Once a week, rub cuticle oil into and around nails to keep them hydrated. Also get into the habit of rubbing moisturiser into your cuticles and nails after you wash your hands. Keep a tube of moisturiser next to the kitchen or bathroom sink as a reminder.

    FB Name: tanisha tani

    finger cross
    hope to win…:)

    Email ID:

  18. tips
    1.If you break a nail off, file it as soon as you can, using the proper file and filing one direction only. You should keep a nail file in your handbag at all times. Do not saw back and forth on your nails. This weakens them immensely. Use as few strokes as possible to smooth the nail. Use the buffer on the free edge the check for any snags.
    2.Add sugar to oil or lotion, which may be provided in the bathroom, and massage into hands and cuticles before bed. Rinse and apply your moisturizer.
    3.”I eat yogurt every morning and the calcium helps keep my nails strong and grow faster.”
    4.To keep my nails strong, I paint the inside tip of my nail with a clear polish once every five days. That seems to keep them healthy

  19. Hi Tanya,
    I regularly massage my nails with a mix of sugar,lemon juice and olive oil. I combine a teaspoon of each and rub it into my nails and cuticles.Then wash it off with warm water.After that apply a mild lotion. That’s my home remedy to perfect nails so that I can show off during mid night mass on Christmas eve 🙂

  20. Well I start by buffing my nails with a 7 step nail buffer to smooth out ridges and have smooth even shiny nails. I dip my hands in a warm water bath and use a gentle exfoliating scrub next, I massage in a hand and nail lotion. (Currently I’m on lotus herbals cocoa glow) I dab on natural aloe gel on my nails(smother it on ). Gloves day I give myself a manicure (remember the base coat and top coat!) Finish it up with cutical oil.Thats my typical routine for healthy nails. I have a noanail paint week once a month when I only nourish n moisturize my nails. (No nail paint obviously! )

  21. My winter quick fix for healthy nails is :-
    Step 1: Soften Up
    Get yourself an intensely hydrating hand lotion, such as Olive Oil… massage over your nails and into your cuticles.
    Step 2: Shorten and Shield
    Keep them trim and apply a coat of protective polish to protect them harsh weather
    Step 3: Wear Gloves
    To keep your nails safe from hot water and harsh dish detergent.

    Simple yet very effective procedure…dnt forget to drink carrot juice to make your nails healthy & strong 🙂

  22. During Winter we are always surrounded by hot, dry air indoors and the freezing temperatures outdoors. Such extremes can decrease the moisture level in nails leaving them dehydrated.

    My winter quick fix for healthy nails is

    • Washing dishes is just the worst activity for nails so I wear gloves when i do the work whether its cleaning, washing etc.

    • When reaching for that hand cream, I make sure to slather some extra lotion onto nails too. Than massage the cream into the cuticles to help stimulate healthy nail growth.

    • I always make certain to maintain my cuticles moisturized by applying Vaseline. It helps to stop from cracked, dry cuticles.

    • For strong hydration I soak nails in lukewarm water for just about ten minutes, then coat nails in cuticle oil and slip on cotton gloves for at least an hour. This will keep your nail soft and smooth as well.

    Winter months are rough for my skin, hair and nails but when I follow these tips I will be able to brave the evil / cruel winter months looking fabulous.

  23. Hey Tanya

    My winter quick fix for my healthy nails

    1. To keep my nails healthy and good i use a good cuticle oil..

    2. I never share my nail file and after using the file I always keep it clean.

    3. I paint the inside tip of my nail with a clear polish once in a week that keeps them healthy

    4. Yogurt is good for my nails so I eat Yogurt every morning because the calcium in it helps to keep my nails strong and grow faster.

    5. I massage my nail beds. (Not the cuticle, but the actual nail.) It add to the blood flow to my nails, which motivate nail growth and keeps them healthier. For every day maintenance,

    6. I moisturize my Nails and drink lots of water which is good for my nails.

    7. I always keep my nails trimmed, push back my cuticles and always apply a clear coat and never bite them.

    8. To keep my nails moisturized I soak my hands weekly in olive oil.

  24. Tanya

    We must give our nails some winter warming love. So read my quick fix for my healthy nails

    • The most excellent nail care suggestion from my side is during winter we must cover our hands and reduce the exposure of the nail and cuticle to the cold.

    • I always make certain to dry my hands when they have been washed or wet as this can also sap the hand of moisture.

    • Olive Oil is enormous for my nails during winter because its has advantage of rehydration which help the cuticle when used repeatedly which cure and nourishes dry cuticles and support strong nail growth.

    • I keep my nail moisturized I put intensely hydrating hand lotion, such as Olive Oil and Aloe Ultra Moisturizer and slather it on often (like clockwork after washing your hands), massaging over your nails and into your cuticles.

    • Cutting cuticles. Cuticles act as the nail’s defensive barrier, guarding against bacteria and infection. Snipping them away opens up the risk of infection and the possibility that skin may grow back uneven

    • I apply a clear top coat to my nails then rub cuticle oil into the nails and cuticles.

  25. Hi Tanya,

    A quick fix for nails during winter is soaking them in lukewarm water for not more than 10 minutes, then coating them with cuticle oil and slipping on cotton gloves for at least an hour. Its simple and can do it at home as you said. Hope to win the awesome giveaway!


  26. Hey Tanya

    Protecting nails during winter it’s very difficult one must not ignored nail, it’s very important

    Here are a my few tips to maintain healthy nails this winter.

    • I keep my hand and feet moisturised all day long and i make certain to rub lotion into my toe and fingernails. I apply a moisturiser every time while i wash my hands or feet.

    • Toe nails are more protected during the winters because one tends to keep them covered in socks and shoes. I use light gloves to protect my hands as well when i go out.

    • When I work with water over a long stretch of time i use rubber gloves to make certain my finger nails stay protected and I intake a lot of protein in my food.

    • I take care of my cuticle since the sensitive skin around my nail bed can begin to peel and split when your hands are thirsting for moisture. I keep a cuticle oil, cream, or balm nearby to keep hangnails at bay.

  27. Tanya

    My quick fix for my healthy nails are

    • I massage with oil my nails and cuticles. I do it daily and i see lot of difference in the strength of my nails compared to previous nails.

    • I maintain a healthy nails by having a well-balanced diet. I intake lot of protein as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. And drink lots of water as its good for my nails.

    • When filing my nails I do it very carefully

    • When I am doing my work at home I wear gloves. While travelling out also I wear gloves

    • I always apply nail polish and remover of reliable company

  28. Winter quick fix for healthy nails are

    1. I follow a healthy diet that will help for my nails.

    2. When applying lotion to my hands i make sure to rub some into and around my nails.

    3. I trim or file my nails.

    4. I Gently tap my nails on a hard surface such as a table. This help to strengthen them.

    5. I use as little nail polish remover as possible and never use a polish remover with acetone in it.

    6. I use an anti-nail biting cream or polish on my fingernails so that when i bite my nails it tastes bad to get out of the habit after that I will stop using the cream.

    7. I soak my nails in a week with warm water and a moisturizing soap after that I clean them using a soft nail brush.

  29. Tanya

    Winter quick fix for healthy nails.

    1. Soaking my nail with warm water and then I wipe them with cotton to get rid of all the dust from the nails

    2. Lotion is a must for my nails

    3. Working at house I wear gloves

    4. Balanced Diet I intake plus I drink lot of water to keep my nail healthy

    5. I moisturized my nails by applying Vaseline

    6. I file my nails daily and carefully

  30. Tanya my winter quick fix for healthy nails are

    1. To keep nail strong and healthy i keep my nails clean

    2. I shape my nail with a nail file and use correct method to file it

    3. At my house I wear gloves and work

    4. I don’t bite my nails I help them to grow

    5. I apply clear polish that contains nutrients that help to promote my nail growth and keeping them healthy

    6. Good circulation helps my nails to grow faster and stronger so i do Gardening, typing, playing tennis etc

    7. I include lot of protein and vitamin in my diet like eggs, milk and nuts to keep them healthy

  31. Tanya

    For me Winter quick fix for healthy nails are

    • I dip my nails in gelatin solution 2 times in a week so that its stronger enough to fight against all that nail arts, removers, chemicals etc. Gelatin is very good for my weak nails.

    • I am using good branded nail polishes which do not have chemical fowls!

    • I also moisturized my nails with vaseline

    • I do trimming and shaping when ever it is needed

    • I also having a healthy diet so that nails get a healthy shine

    Thank you

  32. Hi ,

    My quick fix for healthy nails is:

    1.Cold winter air and washing hands more often in hot water can take their toll on your nails.Once in a week, rub cuticle oil into and around nails to keep them hydrated.

    2.Keep a tube of moisturiser next to the kitchen or bathroom sink as a reminder.
    Apply moisturizer to your nails and cuticles every day. Creams with urea, phospholipids, or lactic acid can help prevent cracking.

    3.Brushing on a nail hardener will help to toughen and protect weak spots.

    4.File your nails in one direction and round the tip slightly, rather than filing to a point.

    5.Eat a balanced diet and take vitamins containing biotin.

    6.Winter temperatures can seriously dry and deteriorate your nails, so make sure to wear gloves when you go out

  33. Hi Tanya,

    Following are the tips that i follow to keep my nails healthy

    1) By having the correct diet to avoid my nails from breakouts and dryness
    2) Drinking lots of water to keep the skin/nails hydrated
    3) Using the right moisturizer through out the day for hand and nails as and when i feel its dry.
    4) I soak my nails in a mixture of warm water, sea salt and half lemon juice to make them stronger (for atleast 15 mins – i do this once in 10 days)
    5) Massaging my nails with olive oil or tea tree oil(best) every night before going to bed.
    6) Take time and do Pedicure and Manicure atleast once a month.
    7) During Pedicure and Manicure I’ll make sure that the cuticles are not removed.
    8) File my nails and keep them in shape always
    9) Use trusted nail polish brands, as cheap ones can stain your nails and turn them yellow gradually.
    10) While washing vessels i’ll make sure that my nails are not hampered by the scrubber and i also take breaks while washing – to give my nails break from soaking

    Silva Jakulin

  34. Hello Tanya,
    Here is My quick fix for healthy nails is:
    – I drink lots of water to keep myself hydrated n also to keep my nails strong, n away from breaking
    – I use Pure coconut oil on hands n nails before going to bed , to keep them moisturised…
    – I usually drink milk n carrot juice a lot, Carrot juice is rich in calcium and phosphorus and helps strengthen your nails… N also carrot is good for eyes too..
    – N i dont let my nails grow too long , as they can become brittle n break, so I shape my nails using a filer.. N i always keep them clean n moisturised..
    – A well balanced diet keep me Healthy n also helps to keep my nails healthy too..

    Hope this is helpful for all…
    Thanks for the giveaway,

  35. hello,
    Thanks for the giveaway,

    The steps I follow for My nails are.
    1. I Trim nails frequently. N I dont let them grow too long.
    2. I Don’t chew or bite your nails.. I cut them using nail cutter.
    3. I use my body lotion only on my nails to keep them moisturised.
    4. I drink lots of water to keep myself hydrated.

    Thank you,

  36. Hey Tanya

    My quick winter steps for my healthy nails are.

    1. I eat balanced foods and drink lots of water to keep my nails healthy

    2. I put Vaseline on my nails to keep them moisturized

    3. Wear gloves while working and going outside

    4. I file my nails to stay away from dust and dirt particles

  37. Hey Tanya

    My quick winter tips for my healthy nails are

    • Wear gloves while I am inside my house and outside also

    • Eat lots of protein & vitamin foods I also drink lots of water

    • I apply olive oil to keep my nails moisturized

    • I use only branded nailpolish and remover

  38. The basics that I follow are to apply vaseline on cuticles every night and to keep nails trimmed. Use good quality nail paint and keep nails free of paint for intervals whenever possible.

  39. Tanya

    My quick fix for healthy nails for this winter is

    1. I wear gloves while washing clothes, Gardening, dishes etc and wear gloves also while going outside and even while sleeping

    2. I always remember to use SPF before going outdoors.

    3. When applying a cream I make sure to massage some into my cuticles and nails to keep them from becoming brittle and splitting.

    4. I take a massage of olive oil on my nails. After taking a massage of olive oil, I put gloves and wait for 20 minutes i feel softness in my hands and healthy nails.

    5. I take care during filing my nails since incorrect filing can damage my nails. I also make sure that nails are completely dry before attempting to file. I file from outside corner to center in smooth strokes to avoid splitting and avoid using a metal file. For optimum results nails should be trimmed with clippers prior to filing; do not try to file long nails all the way to the desired length, file only to smooth off the area that has been clipped.

    6. I apply good nail polish and remover to my nails which doesn’t contain any chemicals in it

    7. I dip my hands in warm milk the calcium in the milk works to strengthen my nails

    8. I intake foods that have proteins and vitamins in it

    9. Drink Plenty of water its good to keep my nails healthy

  40. Quick winter tips of mine are

    • In winter i keep my nails, cuticles and fingertips moisturized so I use a cuticle cream or oil daily since I have dry skin and nails I make sure that i massage this treatment deep into the nails for maximum effect

    • I fight with winter dryness by wearing cotton gloves over just-moisturized nails while i sleep

    • I keep my nails slightly shorter and more rounded in winter so they won’t break as easily

    • To keep my nails strong and hard i apply two coats of strengthener alone or over color polish and when I am applying color to my nails i use a base coat to protect my nails and make the polish last longer since ordinary polish removers are extremely harsh on nails and make winter nail problems even worse

    • I always use a polish remover that has NO ODOR

    • In winter nail growth tends to slow down so to help speed nail growth i keep my fingers moving to boost circulation and apply a growth treatment twice daily. Massage into nails and cuticles til dry for best results

    • Important defensive is to wear gloves Not only will gloves make my nails look their best by keeping out the cold, drying air, they also act as a barrier to prevent dust, chemicals and other materials from harming their look or texture

  41. Even though it is cold outside, I try to bathe in lukewarm water so that my skin does not get damaged.

    Once a week, I apply Pond’s cold cream on my hands and wear gloves before going to sleep

    Every Sunday, I soak my nails in olive oil for 10 minutes to help them get the lost moisture.

    I apply a hand cream every time I wash my hands

    I try to avoid applying nail polish completely during the winter and if I do end up applying for some reason, I avoid the ones that contain lead and always apply a base coat to avoid yellow nails.

    I always opt for a moisturizing nail remover.

    During winters, nails tend to break faster, so I avoid growing them. I trim and buff them once in every 15 days

    I avoid cutting my cuticles, instead I push them gently and moisturize them

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway Tanya 🙂

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