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AAh, it’s the month of pampering and perhaps the last one till summers arrive. The flowers are bright, the temperatures bearable and there is something in the air, I don’t mean virus :). Since it’s raining Giveaways in February, here is the 2nd one in the row. And it can’t go better than this.

While we all love our knights in shining armours, we are independent enough to treat ourselves this Valentine. 3 girls to win this fabulous Lakme Salon gift card and get services of their choice. So this Valentines Day 2015, win yourself a Lakme Salon gift card.

These gift cards are available online on  e-commerce portals. Lakme Salon Gift Cards have 12 months validity from the day of purchase at no additional fees. You can even treat your loved ones to a gift you know they’ll like! Buy as a gift for a birthday, graduation, holiday, wedding, or Valentine’s Day. Super for all the beautiful ladies in your life. And incase you still think your boyfriend needs to be given a reminder for The D-Day, share with him this list of Valentine gifts for Girlfriends.

blog giveaways

To ENTER the Blog Giveaway, just answer the following question:

“Why do you deserve this gift card?”


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3 lucky winners to get a hand on this Lakme Gift card worth Rs 2000 each, just like me!

The Contest Giveaway opens today and will close on 14th’Feb 15. Open to Indian residents, the winners will be informed via email and will be declared on this page aswell.  For any query, you can mail me at and I will respond at the earliest. Have fun with these blog giveawaysAll the Best.

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Coming back to you my lovelies!  Are you still searching for a gift for your boyfriend? Here is a list of  What to get your boyfriend for Valentines day 2015? Also check our guide of Valentine Gift ideas for him. Make it special for him.

*The winners are Sarita, Rajvinder and Lovely S.

  1. I’m at an age where little pleasures matter a lot. Post retirement, life has become mundane and sometimes very lonely. This gift card can bring in 2 hours of pampering and joy. And i can add grace and some fun to my age.

  2. I deserved to win this card bcoz I wanna look good on this valentine day bcoz I have planned a secret party for my hubby and want to look best in front of him .though love doesn’t relies on beauty but good things attracts more so if I look good , it will bring us more closer . happy valentines day to u too

  3. Why do I deserve this gift hamper, actually every women out there deserves it, like every other women out there, I also tend to put my family and friends before me..we ignore ourselves and our needs and happiness way too much..I can’t remember the last time , I bought something for myself or splurged on myself or pampered myself… With all you ladies out there giving me Inspiration to do so , I think it’s time I look after myself and start loving myself.. This hamper would be the push / start I need to being this new journey of believing in this beautiful somebody called “ME”

  4. Thanks Tanya , for this wonderful giveaway this Valentine . Done all Steps

    Fb name- Simar chugh
    Twitter- @shineysimar
    Instagram- simar_chugh
    Fb shared link –
    Mail id-

    I never get that alone time to relax or pamper myself . I want to change my personality too. So Lakme hangover haul is right station for me,which also enhance my confidence of women hood. So I wanna fly high into the sky & eliminate (stress) infinity by pampering my normal skin with Lavish Lakme Salon It gets very difficult to trust any spa when it comes to my skin but for Lakme Salon I awlways say yess

  5. Being busy in hectic office to home life, couldn’t get time to pamper myself. This card can help me to takeout time for myself and get a new change out of the regular look i m carrying all time with which i feel bored.

  6. Unless you’re blessed with amazing skin genetically, you have to put in an effort to get flawless, radiant skin. And while all those lotions and facials help, there’s no substitute to a healthy glow that comes naturally when you’re taking care of your body & mind. Which is why I’m tackling the difficult, yet more effective ways is to give pampering to my skin so I want to win this as next month is my brother wedding . I want to look best in My brother wedding .

  7. I deserved to win this card bcoz I wanna look good on this valentine day bcoz I have planned a secret party for my hubby and want to look best in front of him .though love doesn’t relies on beauty but good things attracts more so if I look good , it will bring us more closer . happy valentines day to u too

  8. Hi Tanya.

    I want to win this salon voucher because I have never been to parlour for my hair ever. My hair is frizzy, rough,dry n wavy. I hate my hair. Can’t do any style with it just a ponytail….

  9. wooooowww lovely giveaway very different one..thanks a lot..wud love to in this card bcoz as i work really hard at office..want to look good and rejuvenated this valentine with and all…

  10. At first thank you Let’s Expresso @Tanya di for this fab giveaway.This is what called a perfect giveaway for a perfect month 🙂
    I deserve this gift card because of a few happening reasons-
    1)Valentines Day is special to me not only its a retreat to me from some one special,but it becomes all the more special to me because its my Mum-dad’s anniversary..yippee..Ever since I was a kid I heard its Valentines on the 14th Feb..Mich before I could realize what this day is meant for,I always took this day as an event of celebration in my family…
    2)As said the Lakme gift card is valid for an year,I need it because its my birthday too the next month and I need to stand apart from others on “My Day”….Every girl wants to be pampered,look happening at least on her birthday.So a gift to me too :p
    Valentines Day has always held a place in my life…I would be more happier if I won and gift this to my Mother.Its her’s day more than mine,and I want her too go back to the twenties (20’s) when she got married on the 14th’Feb.This would be my gift to them this year if I won.Every girl out there can understand my sentiments attached to this day 🙂
    Very desperate for this one.Need to win anyhow….fingers crossed…
    Thank you 🙂

  11. awww lovely giveaway dear very different…wud love to win this as i work very hard in the office..want look good and rejuvenated this valentine….Lakme is my All time Fav Salon…Thanks a lotttttt dear…

  12. done with all the steps dear..thanks a lot for such an amazing giveaway to pamper ourselves..wud love to win this card bcoz…we get everything rejuvenated from top to bottom…facials to spa..manicure..pedicure..lovely hairstyles…what not…we can get the bestest look..aww lovely one..wud love to win this as an perfect valentine gift to me
    shared on FB

  13. Coming to the question why i deserve this because its every girl’s right to look beautiful, i am also the same. Moreover, after six years of marriage, wanna give him a surprise may be a shocking surprise. He is not expecting this, wish to get a make over done with lakme voucher
    Twitter link-
    Fb link-

  14. i want to win this for my wife on valentine day occasion. let me pamper a little and all credit goes to you dear. let make my wife a little happy

  15. Hey Tanya, thanks for organizing yet another super awesome giveaway for all us Let’s Expresso fans!
    Who wouldn’t want to win a Lakme Salon Gift Card! After-all, pampering myself and getting ready for a dream date would become so easy with it considering the vast range of services they provide right from hair cuts, hair coloring, straightening and rebonding to mani-pedis, nail arts, different types of clean-ups and facials and so many more things which I am yet to discover! Also I have been dying to try out their much talked about “Butt Facial” and makeup services! Being pampered at Lakme Salon would make us feel like princesses which each one of us women rightly deserve!
    Following you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram since quite a few months now and subscribed through email as well.
    Sharing the details of the same below so that tracking entries becomes easier for you.. 🙂
    Facebook Share Link:
    FB Name: Saachi Garg
    Twitter ID: @saachigarg
    Instagram ID: @saachigarg
    Email used to subscribe:
    Fingers crossed!
    Saachi Garg

  16. Hey thanks for the lovely giveaway 🙂

    I deserve this Lakme Salon Gift Card as its time I pamper myself as I am prepping up for my upcoming CA exams. I am pretty sure that the pampering from Lakme salon will leave me refreshed and rejuvenated so that I can happily and in a nice stress free manner give my exams 😀

    Hope to win 🙂 fingers crossed

    All steps done 🙂

  17. I deserve this gift card because i am in LOVE with both lakme salon and valentines day. Being beautiful on this day makes me happy so i think i deserve to be happy on this valentines day 🙂 <3

  18. I am a Montessori teacher and I teach 3 to 4 years old children. It’s the most fun job ever. But at times it really gets stressful. As I am a mom of a five year old too. Coming back home and doing the same job of teaching my son the same things makes me feel like I am on duty 24/7. I joined the teaching profession inspite of being an engineer and that too in my sons school only for my son so I could give him more time at home but it gets really tough at times as everyday in the morning I have to get him ready too to take him along with me to school and after coming back from school too I have to give him a bath, feed him etc. I just get exhausted! I am also doing my Montessori course online simultaneously. As I am already working as a teacher. Being a working mom, I am on my toes all the time. I have to also come home and do the usual household chores and also study at the same time. Multitasking becomes really very tough for a woman like me. Life becomes really very stressful and feels like there is just no time for me. This Lakme Salon Gift Card will come in like a dream come true. I feel I truly deserve it as I never get that alone time to relax or pamper myself which I so long for all the time.

  19. i deserve to win this as its been so long i didnt got to time to go to a saloon to be relaxed as my father-in-law is in hospital since last two months. so dnt get time at all for myself so badly need a break to relax as i still need energy to take good care of my father-in-law.. doing my best to make him healthy….

  20. Its been an year since our wedding. Am doctor by profession and since marriage have been so busy with my job and pstients that i hardly got time to rejuvinate myself and groom myself.Valentines day is here again and i wanna surprise my hubby with ths so badly needed makeover and enjoy it to the fullest.

  21. Thank for Awesome Giveaway every women out there deserves it, like every other women out there, I also tend to put my family and friends before me..we ignore ourselves and our needs and happiness way too much..I can’t remember the last time , I bought something for myself or splurged on myself or pampered myself… With all you ladies out there giving me Inspiration to do so , I think it’s time I look after myself and start loving myself.I deserved to win this card bcoz I wanna look good on this valentine day bcoz I have planned a secret party for my hubby and want to look best in front of him .though love doesn’t relies on beauty but good things attracts more so if I look good , it will bring us more closer . happy valentines day to u too.

  22. I want to win lakme gift voucher everyone want this. Lakme service is best saloon . My cut facial waxing done in lakme . My birdal done in lakme. So lakme is best

  23. As I have delivered a baby few months back u can understand because of hormonal changes my skin look dull. Which to look glamorous again. This product will full fil my that demand

  24. I deserve this gift-card because its been really long that I have pampered myself at salon. Tremendous office work pressure and unavoidable family problems have taken a toll on me… has started reflecting on my skin. Even at 29, I’m at verge of loosing the shine and sheen which i have been known for.

    Surely, this little gift would push me and help me to take the first step to enter the zone of “Let me be- myself”

  25. No girl needs a reason to pamper herself, she just finds one !
    I am no other either 😉

    First valentine post marriage is around the corner, while he’ll be busy in making me feel special…I dnt want to leave any scope…wants to match up rather go beyond his expectation….look like a princess and make him feel proud that he has actually got a princess 😉

    Just want to look b’ful that he doesn’t look away from me even for a Milli-second …yeah, I confess…I am truly in love <3

  26. Thanks for the lovely giveaway. I deserve this Lakme GIFT- CARD to pamper myself and relieve myself of all the stress. Also, my new year resolution is to pamper myself by visiting the salon and go out for shopping more often. Lakme is the best place to feel like a princess and their services are just so awesome. I would love win this and celebrate my body. I want to pamper tresses and my skin to experience the heavenly bliss.
    Twitter @GarimaGulyani
    Instagram – @garishma95
    Subscribed email –
    Fb share link –

  27. Hi Team:) First of all wish you a Very happy special and memorable Valentines Day.

    Here is my entry for the contest

    So this 2015 s Valentines Day is going to be bit special as I am in love for the first time since my birth till now …and we both have our weekoffs on that day …so there s no point that my family will allow me to go out on that particular weekend as parents now a days are very much alert in these matters and to unfold the surprise we just told our families and our engagement is due ..but still they won’t allow us to be expressive in a way that we roam and spend time here and there …now they have become more strict 😛 …so coming back to Valentines day which is falling on 14th what I have decided is I will be going to office in eyes of my families and he will of course be out of his area in any which way he wanted …but here is a catch ..I will ask one of his friend to accompany him and will pretend that I am not coming to see him …in meantime I will be collecting a collage that I already made which has our first movie date tickets , our first pictures , his childhood pics that I sneaked from aunty few days back ,his love notes and mine too…with this collage I have also created a box in which I have kept all the beautiful memories in writing so that he could read them and feel how much I love him, after this I am going to go to his favourite restaurant and will buy a specially designed cake with a wrist watch of Rado and then I am going to burst into his place and surprise him…and later on as arrangements are already fixed we are going to have musical night dinner with dance in cyber hub Gurgaon..and here is something about dance I am a non dancer and just from day before yesterday joined dancing classes to surprise him …hope all these not only brings smile on his face however makes this day one of the most treasured ones for us too ….and after doing all these I do need to pamper my self and that’s possible with our own lakme saloon s experience that I would die to take…hence this is the reason I deserve this gift card ..

    lots of love to all the lovlies out there …Happy Valentines day guys enjoy ..

    Already fan of your on twitter via Rajvinder_kr

    Already following you on face book via Raj Binder

    Fan of yours on Instagram via Kaurrajvi

    Shared this post on Facebook and tagged my friends

    Already subscribed to mail via

  28. I am a housewife and as such do not get much time to do any kind of indulgence therapy thanks to running after my little daughter throughout the day! As a result,my skin is extremely dry and my hair is the queen of frizz and feels like wire to touch. I wish to give my hubby a valentine’s day surprise this year by making an effort,to keep the spark alive in our marriage.Living in a megapolis makes it almost impossible to take time out for each other and on top of that,looking like an ogre doesn’t help either! So I deserve this gift card because I deserve another shot at love,another shot at the feeling of adrenaline rush when one first sees deep into the eyes of one’s soulmate! Thanks a lot!

  29. I am a housewife,living in a megapolis,running after my daughter throughout the day,devoid of all energy to spend on making myself more presentable. As a result, my skin is extremely dry,my hair is wiry and looks like a zombieground! My husband is my sweetheart and my soulmate and it has been a long time since I have made any special effort for him-which is what I plan to do this valentine’s day! I wish to take another shot at keeping that spark of first love alive,that adrenaline rush of first meeting, that weak-in-the-knees feeling of first date and that is why I deserve this gift card since it will play yeoman’s role in bringing 2 adrift souls together! What can be more noble and divine that that?

  30. Hello dear… another awsm giveaway by u…
    done by all the rules…
    following u on all the platforms…
    twitter- @princess_anshu

    subscribed to u-

    shared on fb-

    nw coming to the ques-
    I deserve to win dis bcoz i luv myself nd m my fav.. i luv to pamper myself..
    its valentine’s week.. so i need to look special.. ns wats better way than lakme salon to improve my looks.. M a regular user of lakme salon nd i luv the way they treat thr customers..
    so i wanna win dis so dat i cn experience that luxury treatment once again..

    thanks.. wish to win..:)

  31. hi tanya, i dont have instagram is it a mandate entry or we can skip it?? will i be eligible if i skip it?

  32. Hi Tanya
    Thanks for such anice Giveaway Lakme salon vouchers are to die for ! I really love all of dere services .Well i am working women nad i dont get much of a chance to pamper myself thanks for my corportae life (my career ) I Dont get tym to take my foo at tyms .Also constantly sitting in front of Laptop has taken toll on my skin n eyes . I really wana detox n pamper myself I so badly want these gift cards as i have many Family functions n marriages coming up and i wana shine and look radiant . Odd working hours , pollution n stress have taken toll on my skin n i think i really deserve pampering to rejuvenate myself by indulging in beauty services From lakme salon.
    Shared on twitter n face book both
    Sugandha (

  33. I want to win this gift card because my neglected hair are bitterly crying for nourishment under professional care. Its not about my makeover for better looks, but I am really feeling sorry for present condition of my hair, so if I get lucky to win, I will get my hair treated at Lakme Salon and will promise to self to take real care of them always.

  34. I wish to win this for my mumma. She is a housewife. She has been working day in and out restlessly and tirelessly for me, my bro and papa for years. She hardly gets time to pamper herself.
    We shifted last year to our new house and since then she has been working tirelessly to convert it into our home and make it a heaven to live in. She definitely needs a pampering session.
    Thankyou for this amazing giveaway.
    I wish I win it for my mom.
    Done with all steps.
    Facebook: Bhavya Nerchehal
    Twitter: @NerchehalBhavya
    Instagram: bhavya.nerchehal
    Sharing it on FB too.
    Subscribed already.

  35. ANother lovely giveaway 🙂

    Answering the question- why I deserve this card is cause I have been working from too long, now stressed and tired and guess some pampering would do a lot good to me 🙂

    My insta handle- ektakhetan
    twitter handle- @numerounity

  36. Heyyy wow its a great giveaway I must say. …..not only me…..every girl out there will shoutout loud with me as everyone so damn need to be pampered…..sooo now why I deserve. ..actualy I am a teacher by profession…so I never get much tym for me…..n I dnt have anyone to pamper me 🙁 *sorbes*
    Soooooo it will be like bestestestestest gift for me as VALENTINE is on its way… this lakme voucher be like my valentine. …n will give me what I want…….love youuuu for such a giveaway maahnn

  37. I deserve this gift card coz of 3 reasons –

    1. Need a fantastic hairstyle from a professional who can fade away my geeky look.
    2. No valentine – who can sponsor/ gift me this — so have to earn myself.
    3. For point no. 2 -> Need to work on my looks to catch some attention from opp. sex .

    And, I am sure You’ll agree with these real reason .
    Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  38. I love my wife so much. She deserves a gift from me this valentine as it’s been ages since i last gifted her anything, I just want to see that lovely smile on her face, which Lakme Salon Gift Card is surely gonna bring. :]

  39. I deserve this not to look beautiful myself but to give a treat to my best friend. She used to be a tomboy but now she started doing little makeup and girly things.

    I want to tell people that it is not necessary to give gifts to bf/gf on valentine but also to your best buddies. So I will gift it to her for a fantastic haircut and a mani or pedi. She would feel very happy as she just started liking all these things.


  40. I deserve this Lakme Salon Card for Myself :-

    Coz I am turning 50 (yes, completing half century) next month.
    Great celebration is demanded & looking graceful that too at my best is the only request made by my spouse.
    Getting this card would act as a cherry on cake….damn excited about the same.
    Relaxing and glowing facial massage that truly reflects my age with elegance & beauty ^_^

  41. Hi….Thnx for hosting this super giveaway…. 🙂
    Have followed all the above steps.
    fb name: neha mishra
    instagram name: neha01237
    twitter: @neha01237
    fb share link:
    subscribed to ur blog via

    The answer: I deserve to win this gift card as i’ve been thinking for a long time now to change my look and what better way than to get a hair makeover done by Lakme… 😀

  42. I have a family of beautiful women who are worthy of all things beautiful. They are beautiful because they all have a kind and fabulous heart with love and forgiveness for everyone. If I win this card, I will share with all of them and let each one of them have some pampering whether small or big and spread some happiness in their lives which they truly deserve.

  43. Its d day i wud like to gift my mom, my bhabhi whose is d frst valentines day after marriage..!! She is really excited i wanna make her feel d best..!!
    Lakme ofcorse is helping me in makin feel the 2 most important ladies of my life the best on d ocaasion..!! I wud really b thankfull if i won as lakme services are really the best of the world n getin the gift cards is like on the cloud nine..!!
    All the steps have been performed

    Twitter sahibjeet kaur
    Instagram sahibGt

  44. I jus got married on feb 2 2015, since then my schedules are busy visiting relatives, friend’s house, outings with family and there s no time to give attention to my look. To add on to, that rite now in honeymoon and will be back home fully tanned. So i strongly feel i desperately deserve this gift card to regenuevate my look. 🙂

  45. I just got married on 2 Feb 2015.Since then my days are busy with visiting relatives n friends houses,outings with family and there was no time to take care of my looks. To add on to that rite now in honeymoon n will be back home fully tanned :(. So i desperately deserve this gift card to regenuevate my look :).

  46. Thanks for hosting a giveaway filled with “PRETTINESS”
    Done with all the steps-
    Fb id- Vishakha Vishakha
    Twitter id- drama_atpeak
    Instagram id- Vishakhasingh2309
    FB share link
    Email id used for subscription-

    Now comes the most important part of the giveaway!The Answer to the question!! Woop !!
    I wont write those obvious and kinda fake reasons about birthday, anniversary, this and that !!
    I deserve this card, Because apart from being a “quite-pretty” girl,I am a marketing professional too and in my kind of life where the work schedule is very restless-very hectic I don’t find much time for MYSELF(Which I should get like every other person). And I feel that Every girl deserves to experience beauty and wellness on a “New Level”..ESPECIALLY IF ITS COMING STRAIGHTLY FROM THE “LAKME SALON”
    And I think if I get this card, I’ll definitely manage some time for my grooming activities as I’ll get a reason to spare some time AS I WOULD LIKE TO USE IT VERY SOON(The urge of using gifts).
    So to beat the blues and to pamper myself with a HIGHLY REPUTED and RENOWNED SALON I wish to win this card.


  47. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..!! Perfect gift for such a perfect occasion..!! Who doesn’t want to win this amazing card and avail the luxurious services of Lakme Salon. Well, I don’t have any reason to state that why I deserve to win this Salon Gift card except that my super dry and super irritating hair desperately need a hair cut and except that I so desperately want to flaunt it in front of my friend that see, I won this Lakme Salon Gift Card. But I have infinite reasons to state that why my mummy the great deserves to win this card. She keeps herself so much busy in her daily life that she hardly get any spare time for herself. A little bit pampering will rejuvinate her and give her the much needed “ME” time. It will be a little gift from my side to my all time favourite Valentine: My Mummy!!

    Facebook Name: Saraswati Thakur
    Facebook Share Link:
    Twitter Handle: @saras_thakur
    Instagram Id: saraswati_thakur
    Email Id from which I have subscribed:

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