Bake your favourite cake at home with Tupperware Silicone Queen Mold

Tupperware Silicone Queen Mold review

Happy New Year or Happy Birthday, cakes are what celebrations are made of and thanks to all cookery reality shows, baking at home is the new in-thing. My neighbour’s daughter in class 7th is the recent example of the up-coming generation that loves to bake and cook their own tarts and muffins. Keeping up with the trend, here is a new find that will help you bake your favourite cake at home. Tupperware Silicone Queen Mold will make all dreamy cakes possible from the comfort of your home.

Tupperware Silicone Queen Mold

Tupperware Silicone Queen Mold review
Tupperware Silicone Queen Mold
Tupperware Silicone Queen Mold review
Convenient shallow round pie dish.
Tupperware Silicone Queen Mold price
Makes you favourite cakes and jellies.

The Queen form is a convenient shallow round pie dish which is perfect for baking and freezing different dishes. The attractive fluted design helps in giving an extra finish to the dishes. The flexible silicone mold can easily withstand temperatures from -25 degree C to 220 degree C. The shape of the mold is perfect for baking traditional cakes, pies and flans. You can even bake your favourite pizza or quiche in the microwave or a conventional oven. The shallow round fluted Queen form makes it easy to turn out the cooked cakes. The nonstick finish and silicone flexibility makes cleaning an easy task. What more, you can even make jellied fruit deserts and ice creams in this easy to use container.

What all you can make:

  • Cakes – Upside down pineapple, pear, apple cakes
  • Tarts – Chocolate, lemon, mango
  • The Queen mold can be refrigerated – the shape is perfect for preparing jellied fruit desserts.
  • Prepare ice cream, ice-cream cakes or sorbets in the freezer
  • Quiche and frittatas can be made
  • Bake dishes- lasagna, baked veggies, moussaka
Tupperware Silicone Queen Mold review
Cook your heart out!

Price: Rs 1990/-

Available with all Tupperware representatives.

Tupperware Silicone Queen Mold is a multi purpose container that can help you cook a variety of dishes at home. The flexible silicone can withstand a wide variety of temperature, thereby sturdy for baked as well as frozen dishes. Apt for ovens, microwaves and freezers, this one product holds ground for multiple dishes. This shall surely be your kid’s favourite weapon for all favourite delights from cakes to pizzas to tarts to jellies. Now you can make everyday special by baking and serving a delight with Tupperware’s Silicone Queen Mold. Got to go, my pizza’s ready!

*Love sent by Tupperware.

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