Tea Trunk Mulled Spiced Tea for Chai Swag

Tea Trunk spiced tea review
For all you tea lovers, Tea Trunk is like a hug in a mug…

Gossiping with ma on a lazy Sunday morning… spending me time admiring the rain in the balcony… pajama party with all time favourite cousins, Chai Swag never disappoints. And when it is Tea Trunk’s ‘Mulled Spiced Tea’, it becomes all the more inviting and enjoyable.

Tea Trunk Mulled Spiced Tea review
For all you tea lovers, Tea Trunk is like a hug in a mug…

The tea is made with the finest quality tea leaves and other ingredients which include orange peel, apple bits, star anise, vanilla and cherry bits. There is not a speck of tea dust. Just tea leaves and whole spices that give a rich, flavoursome and blissful experience.

Assam black tea Tea Trunk Mulled Spiced Tea
Happy blissful winter mornings!

The taste is divine. It is Assam black tea infused with a lot of Christmas spices. You’ll find a lot of cloves and a prominent flavour of cinnamon. It can be said that Mulled Spiced Tea by Tea Trunk is Christmas in a mug. You could add a pinch of it in your regular tea and it’ll add a rich flavour.

chai time with Tea Trunk Mulled Spiced Tea
Mornings look better with chai!!

Remember the joy of eating Christmas plum cakes? This is something similar. In fact it is a great accompaniment with carrot cakes, plum cakes and even plain butter sponge cakes. Don’t be surprised if your kitchen fills with its mystical aroma and tempts you to have one extra cup.

Tea Trunk Mulled Spiced Tea Packaging

You’ll fall in love with the tea even before tasting it. The square tin box is designed with love and is covered with epic cute doodles by Alicia Souza. It is a very ‘feel good’ kind of packaging. The tea comes sealed in a foil packet.

Tea Trunk Mulled Spiced Tea review
Richly aromatic, Tea Trunk’s Mulled Spiced Tea is an enjoyable experience.

The box also has a gift tag, which reminds me to tell you that this is a great gifting option as well. Get some handmade chocolates, this tea and a good book. Pretty gift wrapping paper highlighted by prettier bows and ribbons, and it becomes the perfect gift.

Tea Trunk Mulled Spiced Tea online
Such cute packaging, it’ll make a perfect gift for your chai lover friend.

Tea Trunk Mulled Spiced Tea Price

It is priced at Rs 500/- for 100 grams.

Since it is a gourmet product, the price is high. But quality wise it is very impressive. Have a sip and find out yourself.


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