New Find: Aryavrat Organic Agro & Dairy products for health conscious people

Aryavrat Organic Agro & Dairy products
Thank you Aryavrat Organic for sending health and taste together.

Organic is the buzz word and why not? With everything contaminated to the core, organic brands bring a ray of hope. The other day I was talking about how organic brands are revolutionising our eating habits. Our lifestyles have become healthier and we’ve become informed about our choices. If given a choice, I’ll pick an organic product that ensures goodness of the soil and the heart that sowed it. Adding to my list is Aryavrat Organic, a brand for Organic Agro & Dairy products.

Aryavrat Organic Agro & Dairy products for health conscious people

I’m a sustainability promoter. I believe in the repercussions of our actions. I make informed choices now and try my best to add sustainable habits in my daily living. One of the steps include eating organic food products. Here’s more about my new find Aryavrat Organic.

Aryavrat Organic has been launched by young businessman Mr. Bajrang Saharan to cater specially to the Delhi NCR region.

The brand has a plethora of products like Organic Aata, Desi Ghee, Pulses, Besan, Milk, Kacchi Ghani, and coconut oil. You and I will love the products as they are chemical-free and unadulterated. Furthermore, these products are grown in the farms of
Rajasthan by trained farmers who maintain the premium quality standards.

Aryavrat Organic Agro & Dairy products
Oh, the ghee is lovely and the mustard oil makes some of the great tadkas…
Aryavrat Organic Agro & Dairy products
One of the best gurs I have had…
Aryavrat Organic Agro & Dairy products
Makes the yummiest rotis…

High point: You get farm-fresh food products at your doorstep.

We get two kinds of products: agricultural and dairy products.

Brilliant: ARYAVRAT Organic does not have mediating agencies and directly delivers to us, the people of the Delhi NCR region. 

Available at – 160 Islampur Sohna Road, Near Rajeev Chowk Gurgaon,
Haryana- 200829, Ph: 9555947606

Click here to order online .

I’m loving the desi ghee, organic gur and mustard oil. The taste of the chapatis made from their organic atta is amazing. I get the taste and the health packed together. I insist you try Aryavrat Organic products too. Health, taste, freshness, responsibility- it’s all in one.

Have a good day!

Tanya, your friendly neighbourhood advisor

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