Lunch at The Vault Café with #GIRF2017 by Dineout

#GIRF2017 by dineout
Sunny weather, lively patio and a Virgin Mary. Cheers to life.

Who doesn’t like going out for a great meal with friends and family? We all do! And when you get great deals on your favourite restaurant or a café that you’ve wanted to go for quite some time, it is like the cherry on the cake.

So here’s presenting amidst drum roll and a round of applause, India’s 1st and Largest Restaurant Festival – The Great Indian Restaurant Festival by Dineout. The festival entitles you to avail FLAT 50% OFF at top 1000+ restaurants across the country. The festival is on from February 1st to February 10th 2017.

FLAT 50% OFF at top 1000+ restaurants across the country.
Pita bread with hummus, my favourite.
Pita bread with hummus, my favourite.
dineout girf 2017
Mid week merry making.
Vault Cafe CP
Let’s get inside.

Dineout is the one stop solution to find the best restaurants and great deals on restaurants in your city. From trending cafés to pubs and fine dining restaurants there is something for everyone.

I had heard so much about The Vault Café and when I found out that it was listed among some of the other top restaurants I knew I had to go and enjoy a hearty meal. Flat 50% off on food – half the price, double the fun…. Meeting friends for gossip session and add to that the fun of discount, what else do you need in life.

Mid week hang out sessions are most welcomed. CP is the heart of Delhi and so convenient to reach. My friend dropped in from one end of Delhi while I made my way from the other and we met at The Vault Café.

Friendly staff on the go...
Friendly staff on the go…
Virgin Mary on the rocks!
#GIRF2017 by dineout
Sunny weather, lively patio and a Virgin Mary. Cheers to life.
great Indian Restaurant Festival
The lovely terrace to enjoy the sun and the hustle bustle of CP.

Is it just me, or you all think that food tastes all the more delicious when availing a discount? But the food was the highlight of the afternoon. Add to that the therapy of friendship and picture perfect ambiance! Couldn’t ask for more….

Talking you through the details of the festival, so that like me you can also enjoy to the fullest. You get amazing deals every day across 8 cities in which Dineout offers its services.

  • Flat 50% discount on Food
  • Flat 50% discount on Buffets
  • Special deals at amazing prices
  • Flat 50% discount on alcohol

Also, avail additional 20% cashback powered by PhonePe. Furthermore, get 50% off your ride upto Rs 100 on Uber.

You can find out more about these offers and find out the list of restaurants on their website, or download the app.

Find out more at –

Good food and offers, hello hello.
Great Indian Restaurant Festival
Same bite, half the cost.
girf 2017
Grab a deal like I did.
The smile when you get a huge discount.

Perks of the job – I get to meet friends and hang out at interesting places. And with #GIRF2017 my catching up session was all the more enjoyable.

Make the most of this amazing offer. The weather is perfect for a lunch outing with friends, so choose your favourite from the list. Or you could treat bae to a romantic fun filled dinner date. We won’t tell them about the discount, it’s our secret!

With over a 1000 restaurants listed, you’ll be spoilt for choices. Enjoy a happy hearty meal at your favourite restaurant and don’t forget the workout session next morning.

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