How Mamagoto & Honor 5X kicked my senses

mamagoto review

Looking for fun Asian eating? Looking for a taste that has that authenticity but still suits the Indian taste bud? Come to Mamagoto! Well, I am a regular because Mamagoto kicks my taste buds everytime I visit. And yesterday was one such day. Me and a friend hogged over food and their quick service. And when two girls come together for a lunch, they will not eat without clicking their food from every angle. C’mon how can we digest without posting a picture or two on Instagram or Facebook. There, my Honor 5X came handy. The food mode is perfect for bright pictures that require no filter. One click and then a bite. A good camera makes the process so much simpler.


Mamagoto review on my plate


Let me tell you about some of the best vegetarian options available. These are Chef recommended so you know you can’t go wrong. These are must try veg options at Mamagoto.

mamagoto review
The new introduced Taco menu at Mamagoto.
mamagoto review
Thai Water Chestnut spring rolls. So crispy, you go crunch crunch at every bite.
honor 5x review
Summer coolers for 44 degrees. Watermelon beach and cucumber mix. Cucumber mix is my favourite.
honor 5x review
Tigers crawling the wall.
  • Cool chillers: Cucumber Mint Mix and Watermelon Beach
  • Appetiser: Water Chestnut Spring Rolls and Korean Tofu Tacos. The tacos were our experiments from the new menu. Totally worth it.
  • Salad: Snow peas & green bean salad
  • Main Course: Mix vegetables & Tofu with Schezwan sauce and Hakka noodles.


honor 5x review
Snow peas and grean bean salad.
honor 5x review
Pounded ground nut for a healthy Thai salad.
mamagoto review
Korean Tofu Tacos with a difference.
mamagoto review
Hakka noodles with mix veg & tofu Schezwan sauce.


Some quick Must knows about Mamagoto:-

  • Mamagoto means ‘to play with food’ in Japanese.
  • You can find taste smacking fusion food here.
  • The choices include Thai, Chinese, Indonesian, Burmese, Malaysian and the new Taco menu.
  • The taco menu is a must try on your next visit. These tacos are prepared with a difference. And what’s the difference? Please visit to find out 🙂
  • The design of the restaurant is fun with tigers crawling the walls. I mean the wall art. This is brand’s call to save the tigers.
  • Their ninjas are eager and quick to serve. Smiling faces adds to the warmth.
  • English music is a bit loud but it kind of minimises the next table conversation. It’s not a quiet restaurant. Music, food and chatter, together kick your senses out.
  • Average meal for two costs Rs 1900 + taxes. It can include cool chillers, an appetiser and a main course.
  • My favourite destinations are Khan Market and Select City Walk. But there are many outlets in the city such as Mall of India Noida, DLF Promenade Vasant Kunj and Sector 29 Gurgaon. There is one opening in CP soon.
  • Thai food is a must have. The coconut flavour and  ground nuts bump your mind.

If you are a Mamagoto fan, how about exchanging the mutual love in comments below?

Thanks Honor 5X for being my photo buddy everytime.

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