Dabur Honey Fruit Spread = Daily Health

Dabur Honey Fruit Spread

If bread jam is your morning staple then you will be super happy to read this post. If not, then you have a reason to make it so. Dabur Honey Fruit Spread is jam dipped in honey. Mind you, it is yummy and runny…it runs through your bread like that first love through your mind. Finger licking delicious! Go ahead, read this post and find health in your hands…

Dabur Honey Fruit Spread is my daily doze of morning goodness. I just spread it over my bread or chapati or parantha (whatever I can lay my hand on ) and gulp down taste and health at one go. This is instant help for women (like us) who are always running in the morning to make ends meet. The three in one Dabur Honey Fruit Spread is jam + honey + fruits packed together in a jar of happiness. Mothers would love this for their kids who are always running away from anything healthy. Give this jam instead of pickle in your kid’s lunch box or spread it over a bread piece and serve it with a glass of milk for a full health doze.

Dabur Honey Fruit Spread review
Dabur Honey Fruit Spread in 4 healthy flavours.
Dabur Honey Fruit Spread goodness
Berries jam & Kiwi jam
Dabur Honey Fruit Spread price
Strawberry jam & Plum jam
Dabur Honey Fruit Spread benefits
Daily source of health!
The elixir inside!
The elixir inside!

Honey just got yummier and fruitier with Dabur Honey Fruit Spread.

The best part- there are 4 variants of Dabur Honey Fruit Spread to choose from: Kiwi Jam, Berries Jam, Plum Jam and Strawberry Jam. Pick a fruit that you love the most and you’re sorted. Morning be jammy, literally!


Rs 270 for 370 gm

Rs 130 for 170 gm

You can buy it online from here.


What’s the goodness inside?

Dabur brings its Science based Ayurveda expertise in this concoction of honey and fruits. Honey boosts strength, immunity and good health because of its nutritious and wholesome composition. The spread contains pure honey along with real fruit bits. The spreads are rich in fruits, minerals and anti-oxidants. With zero sugar & colours, this becomes wholesome health and wellbeing.

This healthy & delicious spread is perfect for hunger pangs in children and health conscious adults. You can easily get your health in your control and move on from artificially sweetened jams to these deliciously nutritious Honey Spreads. When mornings give a full width healthy start, the days looks brighter and happier. Try and get hooked for yourself.

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*This post is done in collaboration with Dabur Honey. The opinions are totally mine. My favourite is Strawberry. When it drips through my slice of white bread ( I can’t eat any other type of bread) onto my plate, a short love affair begins every morning!

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