#BontheOriginal- The Mysterious Package!

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This is not ordinary. This is not common. This is certainly not regular. How do you feel when a surprise package lands at your doorstep? Surprised? Intrigued? A little apprehensive? Well I was all of these! But then that’s life with some risks and excitement!Food blog

The gorgeous looking box will be unveiled soon on the blog. Till then, be with me on Facebook and Twitter to solve this mystery and know more about its contents. I can cheat and give away a little info. Bon 6 is Chocolaty 2.0 with Auto-Charge to remain powered 24/7. The crystal-coated body and super surround sound is sure to grab attention from anywhere and everywhere. Have I given away too much?

Life is full of surprises. And this one is a mysterious surprise, making it extra special. From the minute the box landed to the final unveiling, there is excitement at every phase.

Be with me to know more about this box. #BontheOriginal

The UNBOXING #NewBritanniaBourbon

The All New Britannia Bourbon is here!

Britannia Bourbon
New Britannia Bourbon Unboxed!
Britannia Bourbon
Making Teatime always special!
Oh the choco & the crunchiness!

Tea Time has always been special for me. A nice hot cup of tea served with my favourite biscuits is enough to lift the mood, energise the mind and relax. It feels great to be one of the few to unbox the New Britannia Bourbon. One my favourite biscuits since school days, this unboxing and unveiling has been close to the heart.

The taste as always makes me nostalgic. The crispiness, the choco flavour, the sugar granules and the superlative taste- a perfect answer to hungry Teatime. I’m in love with my childhood cookie again. Time to get my friends for an afternoon tea. Well, you’re invited too!

What’s your experience with Bourbon? Are you in love with this biscuit just like me? What’s your favourite tea time memory? Share with me in the comments below.

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