Jordan on your plate: 5 Must Try Arabic Foods

5 must try Arabic foods in Jordan
5 must try Arabic foods in Jordan.

One of the reasons to travel to Jordan is food. There is enough & more for vegetarians and non vegetarians. Well, Ok, you non-vegetarians win hands down. But for people like us who love tofus and salads and soups, Jordan is a paradise. I still get dreams of a bowl full of hummus and falafel. India has alot of it now but the variations available in Jordan are to die for. I shall do a separate veg food guide but till then enjoy what Jordan has to offer from the heart. The 5 Must try Arabic foods in Jordan include both veg and non veg options.

The people of Jordan love non vegetarian food, thus, there is a huge variety available. The traditional dishes are flavourful and so delicious. The typical everyday food in Jordan includes lamb meat, rice, salad and yogurt. And ofcourse, cooked with a lot of love.


Here are the 5 must try Arabic Foods in Jordan.


  • Mansaf

Mansaf is an integral part of the culture of Jordan. This is Jordan’s national dish. A sumptuous dish prepared with lamb cooked in a delicious sauce. The sauce is made of fermented dried yogurt (jameel). The dish is usually served with rice.

5 must try Arabic foods in Jordan
Mansaf is a typical Jordan Bedouin Dish made with lamb meat, rice and yogurt.

It is served on all special occasions like wedding, to honor the guests, Eid etc. Since yogurt and meat are easily available, the dish has seamlessly blended with Jordanian culture.

Each region adds a special touch to the dish and the flavor varies making it so special.

  • Maqluba

Another delicious recipe, Maqluba is the national dish of both Jordan and Palestine. A wholesome dish made by placing rice, meat and vegetables in a pot. Wondering what’s so special, well the pot is flipped upside down and then the dish is served.

5 non veg food options in Jordan
Maqlubah : The upside down dish is prepared with fried vegetables- potatoes, cauliflower, aubergine, rice & chicken.

The beautiful presentation adds to the charm of the dish. It is usually served with yogurt or simple Arab salad, made of diced cucumber, tomatoes, onion, lemon juice and mixed with tahina sauce.

  • Masakhan

Food and culture are interwoven. One is incomplete without the other. Your trip to Jordan is incomplete if you don’t relish the popular Masakhan.

best non veg to eat in Jordan
Masakhan: chicken cooked with olive oil and sumac, served with Arabic bread.

The main ingredients of the dish are chicken, onions, saffron and sumac. Sumac is a flowering plant used in a lot of Jordanian and Palestinian dishes. Masakhan is served over Taboon bread and is garnished with fried pine nuts. Traditionally Masakhan is eaten with hands and can be served with soup.

  • Mahshi

Mahshi is a very popular dish in Jordan. The good thing is that you get both vegetarian and non vegetarian varieties for this one.

The main ingredient is zucchini which is hollowed and filled with delicious stuffing. Usually it is stuffed with minced meat cooked with traditional Arabic spices, but for vegetarians it can be stuffed with chickpeas.

5 must try Arabic foods in Jordan
Mahshi: Prepared with or without meat. Made with zuccini, aubergine, green pepper, potatoes and Arabic spices. Served with rice.

It is served with rice and is loved by locals as well as tourists alike. The great blend of vegetables and meat with a burst of spices makes this an irresistible dish.

  • Warak Enab

A yummy and rather unusual Middle Eastern recipe, Warak Enab is something you should not miss gorging upon. It is one of the most loved dishes not only in Jordan, but all over Middle East.

5 must try Arabic foods in Jordan
Waraq Enab or Dawali: Rice and spices are rolled inside a wine leaf or grape leaf. Served with love.

Arabian grape leaves are simmered in a concoction of olive oil and lemon juice. Next step is to fill them with a stuffing and roll them. The stuffing is a mixture of flavourful rice, green onions and tomatoes. This is a veg option.

When in Jordan, do as Jordanians. Relish these delicacies and make the most of your vacation. If you have tried any of these 5 must try Arabic foods in Jordan, share your experience in the comments section below. When two foodies talk, they leave food trails.

And before you leave, don’t forget to check out my 5 reasons to visit Jordan. This is your guide for the next vacation.

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  1. Hi, It is so nice to see how you put the most famous dishes in Jordan with a precise description of each one. Just a small comment on the Masakhan: it is actually pronounced “Mousakhan” and Saffron is not an ingredient in this dish. Mousakhan is usually served with yogurt. Mousakhan is a dish that is entirely based on pure extra virgin olive oil.

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