5 Free Wi-Fi cafes in Noida with Plush food

Free Wi-Fi cafes in Noida
Happiness is chocolate shake. Source – QuesaLoungeFacebook

A book, headphones and Wi-Fi, life is sorted. Cafés and chai points always remind us of those awesome college days. From discussing love matters to making future plans, gossiping about the world to crying over getting debarred, the cafés must have been a silent spectator to many such stories. And if the café has free Wi-Fi, it becomes all the more interesting.

So here is our list of 5 Free Wi-Fi cafes in Noida with plush food.

  1. Kaffiia – Sector 18

Craving for fresh pizzas and delicious risottos? Head to Kaffiia and dig into heavenly Italian goodies. Bruschetta, pasta, pizza and what not, Kaffiia has a great choice.


Free Wi-Fi cafes in Noida
Succulent barbeque chicken pizzaaaa!
Source – KaffiiaaFacebook


The interiors would leave you mesmerized. They are effortlessly cool and chic. The prompt service and cordial staff makes your experience happier. And of course make use of the free Wi-Fi.


Free Wi-Fi cafes in Noida with awesome food
Meeting friends for coffee or a post meeting outing with office buddies, Kaffiiaa is the place to be.
Source – KaffiiaaFacebook


Must try – Nachos with Cheese, Pesto Chicken, Lebanese Platter, Garden Fresh Lasagne, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Garlic Butter Prawns, Tiramisu, Lava Cake etc.

  1. Chaayos

Chaayos is emerging to be one of the most famous hangout joints among youngsters. It offers a selection of hot teas, homemade iced teas, quick bites and shakes. There are various outlets of Chaayos in Noida – Sector 62, DLF Mall of India, Sector 127, and Sector 38.


Chaayos free wifi Noida
Nimbu chai and pakode on a rainy evening!
Source – ChaayosFacebook


The ecstatic ambiance and refreshing chai will leave you asking for more. It is a great place to catch up with an old friend, spend some time with yourself or laugh out loud with your gang of cousins. Wi-Fi is available so you can upload your selfies and Instagram pictures and boast about a good time!


 Chaayos review
Some tea and cake is always a good idea.
Source – ChaayosFacebook


Must try – Desi Chai, Kulhad Chai, Pahadi Chai, Jasmine Tea, Chatpata Kabab Wrap, Honestyle Aloo, 2 Minutes, Bun Maska, Hot chocolate, Cold Coffee etc.

  1. Burbee’s Café & Diner – Sector 18

Burbee’s Café & Diner offers American and Italian cuisines. It is also famous for its delicious coffee. It has salads, pizzas, pastas, hot dog bagels, sandwiches and yummy desserts.


Burbees noida review
Source – BurbeesFacebook


The interiors of Burbee’s Café & Diner are vivacious & bright and give an instant mood upliftment therapy. The walls are decorated with bright and innovative sketches that make it look very urbane.


Free Wi-Fi cafes in Noida
Such happy vibes…


The food quality is great, service is impeccable and they have free Wi-Fi – a super package deal.

Must try – Fish n Chips, Burbee’s Sampler, Lasagne Rolls, Cold Coffee Hazelnut, Oreo fudge and brownie shake, London Cheesecake, Classic Tiramisu etc.

  1. Tawak – Sector 63

Confused about which cuisine to choose? Make your choice at Tawak which offers North Indian, Chinese, Mughlai and Thai delicacies. Soups, salads, dim sums, kebabs, biryani, seafood, noodles, Thai green curry, Rogan Josh…the list is never ending.


Tawak Noida review
The beautiful decor of Tawak adds to the dining experience. Source – TawakFacebook


The outdoor terrace seating at Tawak will certainly add to your dining experience. And not to forget the free Wi-Fi! The food is delicious and service is effective.


Tawak noida free wifi
Tawak Terrace Seating!
Source – TawakFacebook
  1. Quesa Lounge – Sector 18

Quesa Lounge is popular for its Italian and fusion cuisine and delightful cakes. There is a wide variety to choose from – refreshing salads, delectable burgers and sandwiches, fresh pizzas and much more.


Quesa Lounge noida review
Vintage vibes on point…Source – Quesa Lounge Facebook


Free Wi-Fi cafes in Noida
Happiness is chocolate shake.
Source – Quesa Lounge Facebook


The service is great and staff is courteous. Free Wi-Fi makes it a super cool place to relax! Must try – Butter Chicken Pasta, Fish Fingers, Potato Wedges, Cheese Fondue, Kit Kat Shake.

If you have a favourite cafe in noida where you hangout with friends or take some time off, share it with us in the comments section below.

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