10 Must Know Popular utensils in English

10 Must Know Popular utensils in English

Kitchen is indeed the heart of every home. When you are in the kitchen, you need three basic things to cook: fresh ingredients, some basic skills and a lot of utensils. In this article we will cover 10 utensils and their names in English along with their usage. Improve your English by learning these names and do use them while talking about your kitchen next.

1. Spatula

It is a kitchen utensil with a broad, flat and blunt blade. It is used for lifting food out of pans. It is also used for mixing and spreading ingredients. It is a very useful and convenient kitchen tool for turning meat and vegetables & chapatis/paranthas, dosas on a tawa/ skillet. It is very useful for stir -frying in an open pan. It is used to rotate the items in your main dish.


2. Colander

A colander is a kitchen utensil used to strain foods such as pasta or rice or to rinse vegetables. In Hindi we call it as “channi”. The perforated nature of the colander helps liquid to drain through while well retaining the solids inside. It is sometimes also called a pasta strainer. It is popularly known as a kitchen sieve.

Colander- very handy in kitchen.

3. Ladle

It is a long- handled spoon with a deep cup- shaped bowl used especially for serving soup or sauce.

Source: Recipe.timesofindia.com

4. Tongs

Tongs make a popular kitchen tool. We use a pair of tongs to grip and lift objects instead of holding them directly with hands. Usually used to move items from hot surfaces, such as barbecues, or to select small or grouped items, such as sugar cubes or salad portions. People also use tongs to flip chapatis over direct flame.

Source: Recipe.timesofindia.com

5. Whisk

A whisk is a cooking utensil for whipping eggs or cream. It can be used to blend ingredients smoothly and to incorporate air into a mixture. Most whisks consist of a long, narrow handle with a series of wire loops joined at the end. A whisk is used with a lot of dairy products.

Source: BBC Good Food

6. Potato Ricer

A potato ricer is a kitchen tool which is used to process potatoes. It can be used to process other food items too by forcing them through a sheet of small holes, which are typically about the diameter of a grain of rice.

A potato ricer in use. Source: Wikipedia

7. Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and pestle are kitchen tools used since ancient times to prepare chutneys and fine pastes. One can crush and grind ingredients into a fine paste or powder using mortar and pestle. The mortar is a bowl, typically made of hardwood, ceramic, metal or hard stone, such as granite. People famously use it to grind ginger, garlic and other such pastes.

Source: Recipe.timesofindia.com

8. Wok

In Hindi it is called Kadhai. It is the main utensil in which food is cooked in Indian kitchens. We practically cook everything in a wok.

Source: Recipe.timesofindia.com

9. Stainless steel pots

It is commonly known as patila in Hindi. They are very useful in boiling milk, rice, pasta, noodles etc. They come in various sizes for different needs.

Source: Recipe.timesofindia.com

10) Rolling pin and board

A favourite of Indian kitchen, we use these together to make rotis, chapatis etc. They are generally used to widen any base which is made out of flour.

Source: Recipe.timesofindia.com

These were the top 10 popular utensils and their names in English. Try and remember the names and use them in your daily conversations as well. See you soon with more such unique articles. Take care.

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