Wenger’s CP- Symbol of Delhi’s Love for Food

wengers cp A Block
The unmatched appeal of Wenger’s in CP. Source- livemint.com

Wenger’s is one of the oldest and the most famous bakeries and confectionaries of Delhi. It is located in A Block, Connaught Place, heart of the city and is a favorite of many.

Although Wenger’s is an age old name, but it has maintained a legacy and always lived up to it. You’ll never have to compromise on quality. Wenger’s is a brand name in itself and is known for its delightful array of pastries and cakes. Add to that the delicious range of munchies which include savory treats, cookies, chocolates etc. The seasonal specialty chocolate dipped strawberries are a must have. There is something for everyone – tarts, quiche, baguette, patties, pizzas, sandwiches, pastries, puddings, cakes, chocolates etc. Mouth Watering!

Wenger’s is a Symbol of Delhi’s love for food.

Sweet tooth cravings get an all new high at Wenger’s. There is an unmatched old world charm and feel good ambiance of Wenger’s that instantly uplifts your mood.

wengers cp A Block
The unmatched appeal of Wenger’s in CP. (Pic Source- livemint.com)

Cakes are soft and spongy, cookies are filled with love and pastries have the freshness of new found love. Wenger’s is a love affair that you don’t want to forget about.

There is no seating at Wenger’s, you can either stand and eat outside or get the yummy stuff packed and eat it on the move. It is a great idea to get a birthday cake from Wenger’s. But prior bookings are highly recommended. You never know when the goodies are sold out. They makes eggless cakes on orders. So you can order on phone in advance and have your delicious eggless cake picked up.

Incase you want to sit with friends and have a good time over food and more than a dozen types of chai, visit Cha Bar at N Block Outer Circle, CP for a relaxed and sumptuous experience. The Oxford Book Store inside is another treat. Must try: Bun Maska with Masala Chai.

Some of the most popular items at Wenger’s are –

Chocolate tart

Chocolate éclair

Swiss Roll


Chocolate Shake

Chocolate Brownie

Shami Kebab

Chicken Patty

Vegetable Puff

Lemon tart

New York Cheesecake

When in CP, a visit to Wenger’s for a quick bite or getting the goodies packed is a good idea. The close proximity to A block exit of Rajiv Chowk metro station is an added advantage.

You can also drop in at Wenger’s Deli which is nearby for more yummy treats.

cp in pictures
The quintessential Keventers bottle for milk shakes and coffee.
(Pic Source- Streetbite.in)

Don’t forget to grab a quick snack from Wengers’s on your next trip to CP. Just behind it as you turn left towards the inner circle, there is Keventers, known for cold coffee and milk shakes. Renamed as Shake Square, try this place for bottled goodness of chocolate, coffee, strawberry, Kiwi, Oreo and many other shakes. The shakes are to die for.  Where? A-17, Inner Circle, CP. If you have grown up in CP or have done your college from here, the Keventer’s milk shake bottle is the proof of your existence.

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