Fabulous Find- SPAWAKE Whitening Triple Care Serum

skin lightening cream

If you are looking for a skin lightening serum that makes your face totally lovable, you are at the right place.

Today, I’ll talk about my recent Fabulous Find- The SPAWAKE Whitening Triple Care Serum. Who doesn’t love some care mixed with the goodness of Vitamin C and B3 to keep the skin supple and fresh all day long? And when it comes to daily goodness, all of us crave for a naturally glowing skin rather than oozing cosmetics day in and day out. Let the skin breathe; let the radiance say its own story. I’m very excited to share about this find and hope this is the product that can help a whole lot of you, my lovelies!

skin lightening cream
SPAWAKE Whitening Triple Care Serum

  • The Spawake Whitening Triple Care serum is fresh & light weight gel serum from Japan, which makes it totally worthwhile. The city throws in alot of grease; the lightweight serum is the antidote. It’s so light that the skin instantly absorbs it. Just few circular movements and you’re done.
  • The serum works throughout the year, which means you can use the same product in summers as well as winters. For extra dry skin, use a good quantity, that’s it.
  • It works like a skin lightening & hydrating formula. Vitamin C, B3 and Algae extract work together to reduce melanin production and prevent melanin accumulation.
  • Feel a smooth, soft & radiant skin with each usage. The serum is alcohol free and gentle on the skin. It’s like using nothing at all. The light fragrance just lingers on!
  • The pump nozzle makes it very convenient to use. The bottle looks nice and is easy to carry around in your bag or in any cosmetic kit.
  • The serum is dermatologically tested and works well on all skin types. It hydrates the environmentally damaged skin.
  • Compliment the serum with a sunscreen while stepping outside for full protection.
  • This skin lightening serum can be applied at night.

skin lightening cream
How to Use the Spawake Whitening Triple Care Serum?

Just take 3-4 pumps in your hand and massage it in circulation motion till it gets absorbed. The Algae Extract protect against the damaging effects of UV rays. Vitamin C & B3 prevent the appearance of dark spots and skin darkening.

Price & Availability

Rs 399/- for 45 ml. Available in retail shops in Delhi / NCR and online at Spawake-shop.com, NewU & Myntra.

skin lightening cream
My Pack of Skin Goodness!
skin lightening cream
This is a no filter look with just the serum, a little compact and some lipstick and eyeliner. It feels so good with this light weight serum. It is easy on the skin, moisturises and doesn’t give that greasy feel. Totally recommend it.

I have been using the serum from last week and since then it’s the only product that goes on my skin. Morning – Evening, this is what I look up to! Ya of-course, if there is a party then a hell lot of things get complimented. But since life is a party everyday, this one product is good enough to take me through the day. And I don’t mind getting a shade lighter with it’s triple care formula. At the end of the day, nothing is better than seeing your skin glow naturally.

So if you’ve been looking for a skin lightening serum, try this and see the results for yourself. 

Love always!


  1. HI I AM using this product from tommrow actually i forgot the use of serum at night should i leave serum for whole night or wash it out.

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