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A few drops of Body Lotion is the easiest way to pamper body and mind. The relaxing feeling and the creamy touch is a sure shot way to put a pause to the ever running life. 5 minutes of Lotion time is my time, do not come in-between.

Here’s presenting to you the latest find- Kaya White Protect Body Lotion.

Price: Rs 490/- for 200 ml.

Usage: Twice a day or as required.

Consistency: Light and easily absorbed by the skin.

Fragrance: Nice & mild.

Availability: Across all Kaya Skin Clinics. Available online through e-commerce blog India

Kaya White Protect Body Lotion Benefits:

  • The 3 in 1 formula gives Even skin tone, Hydration and Sun protection.
  • The Body Lotion addresses the issue of uneven skin tone. Niacinamide, present inside is a potent skin lightening agent. It helps to reduce hyper pigmentation and dark spots.
  • Kaya’s White Protect Body Lotion contains Imperata Cylindrica Extract, which is a botanical extract that acts as a hydrating agent and prevents water loss.
  • The lotion is equipped with SPF 14 to prevent sun damage. It offers a comprehensive UVA – UVB Protection and thereby preserves your natural radiance.
  • The body lotion is light, non-sticky and easily absorbed by the body.

Get your daily dose of moisture with this White Protect Body Lotion. Rejuvenate and pamper your skin every morning and night. Moisture routine is a must. It’s a feel good factor. Well moisturised hands, arms, legs, feet not only look healthy but clean and attractive too. Nail paints look gorgeous on well moisturised hands and feet. It’s like adding an extra shine to the nail color.

P.S: Add moisturising to your daily routine. In the morning post shower and at night before retreating to bed. Pick a body lotion as per your skin type and needs. Heat, pollution, smoke, AC further dries the skin. Have a small handy bottle of body lotion always in your bag or at your desk at work. It’s a definite part of Handbag Essentials.

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